Happy Birthday to Me!

By Max

My first birthday. You haven’t seen a lot of me lately because I’ve been busy growing up, so let me fill you in…

I got the one thing I wanted most for my birthday — a new feather for Da Bird. I chewed the old one down to a nubbin and it stopped making that swishy sound that turns even Cole into a relentless predator.

Here’s my old Da Bird and my latest attempt at origami.

I’d love to show you my incredible gymnastic feats with Da Bird, but Karen can’t operate the camera and spot me at once.

So here I am resting with my birthday present.

This happens to be a BIG week for Cats Working birthdays, with Adele’s on April 11 and Cole’s on April 15.

It seems since I arrived, Adele has developed a severe case of kitty-perch envy. So for her birthday she got a perch of her own (a few days early). When Karen dragged it in, Adele understood immediately it was for her and claimed possession like a maniac.

Adele was so berserko, you'd think the perch was made of 'nip.

But Cole had to butt in and be a buzz-kill. I’ve grown to realize that growing up in the joint left Cole pretty socially dysfunctional. It makes me thankful I got sprung as a kitten.

Cole’s either brave or crazy. You couldn’t PAY me to go there.

Cole and I get along OK. In fact, he’s a protective big brother, except when he gets carried away impersonating Mitt Romney and bites my neck.

Cole even lets me hang out with him on his special zebra pillow.

Adele accepted Cole’s rude intrusion with surprising grace, and even let him test-drive the perch for a while.

But she kept an eye on Cole to prevent any possible sabotage.

So now we all have our own hangouts and things are already feeling a bit calmer around here.

I bet you’re wondering what’s on TV. Lawrence Welk!

Remember one of my first kitten pictures, when Karen snapped me sacked out in that bed in her office? Well, here’s how I fill it out today.

Karen knitted these cat blankies when she was a TEENAGER, and they're still cozy!

These days, I usually spend mornings helping Karen out around the office. Adele likes to pay a visit after lunch, so I split to the man cave until dinnertime.

Karen says I’m too furry to make a good paperweight.

Every house with cats should have beams like ours.

The ultimate kitty perch.

And in the evening after dinner, I like to watch a little tube with Karen. Here I am with Cole’s Teddy, watching a program about Titanic.

It SANK? And wasted perfectly good RATS? Are you KIDDING ME?!

That’s about it. I wanted to show you how old I am like a typical little kid, but it won’t work with a paw until I’m a few years older.

OK, I can’t count with this thing, so show me again which finger I use to give somebody “the claw.”

PS: Cats Working sends a big “Happy Birthday” to Ariane Bourdain, who turns 5 years old today. Who knew we’d have the same birthday?


8 Responses to Happy Birthday to Me!

  1. adele says:

    Happy Birthday, Max, Adele and Cole. April is now a very busy month at Cats Working!

    You’ve grown up to be a fine looking cat, and Alice and Dorothy are quite envious that each of you has his or her own perch.

    I hope in you second year, you and and Adele figure out some way to bond.

    I’m just back from Tucson, so I’ve been out of touch. Tell Karen I owe her an email about Mad Men–a humdinger of an episode last night.

  2. Imabear says:

    Wishing all of you a very Happy Birthday! Congrats on the presents – you cleaned up!

  3. Marilyn Ritter says:

    A very Happy Birthday to all of you. You got some great gifts!
    from The Cats of Lakeview Point and marilyn

  4. catsworking says:

    Thanks for the birthday wishes, everybody! I’ve been having a blast today playing with my new feathers. Sure, Adele scored a perch, but I already had one, and it’s TALLER.

    Adele, Karen hasn’t watched last night’s MM yet. If the stupid VCR didn’t mess up, she’ll be watching it tonight.

  5. kittiequeen says:

    happy birthday Max/Domino!!!! From your other mother . Love and hugs to all.

  6. catsworking says:

    Hey, kittiequeen! Thank you! In spite of all the excitement with Da Bird on my B-day, don’t feel a day over One today.

  7. Zappa and Zappa's mom says:

    Dear Max
    Happy belated birthday!! I love all the pictures(and Happy Birthday to your feline siblings!)
    I have had another-and last-laptop meltdown. I am thinking its time for the Mac desktop Ive had my eye on.What does Karen think? I know all of you guys are quite tech savvy,but I am also looking for as much Human input as possible.Im being told that I will really like it,and shut up already and just buy it. More effin’money.


  8. catsworking says:

    ZM, once you go Mac and leave Windows’ myriad, cryptic, infuriating problems behind, you will never look back. Yes, anything Apple costs roughly 3X what you’d pay for something else, but you get what you pay for.

    Karen gave herself an iPad2 for Christmas after playing around a little with a friend’s Acer Android tablet that was pokey and periodically shut itself off for no reason. Tablets themselves are still trying to figure out what they’re really good for, but the iPad has performed what it does flawlessly and FAST.

    With Macs, you don’t have never-ending security headaches. On a PC, if you don’t update Windows and your security software every 2 seconds so the malware don’t get you, you’ll eventually have a hardware failure. You can’t win. That Microsoft products became the worldwide standard is just testament to man’s stupidity.

    If you can afford it, we recommend Mac hands down.

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