GOP, Face It: You’re Stuck with Romney

By Cole

As if Republicans can’t give us enough examples of their refusal to face reality, now we’ve got Rick Santorum. This man has a loser stench that he alone seems unable to smell, and he still will not admit that Mitt Romney sewed up the nomination this week with a clean 3-primary sweep.

Voters have finally noticed the tide, and not even Santorum at his most sanctimonious has the power to turn it.

No, he’d rather subject himself to the humiliation of the upcoming Pennsylvania primary. This is the state that most recently flung him out of the Senate with an 18-point loss.

And now he thinks those same voters would MUCH rather see him in the White House? And this guy’s kids are home-schooled — to be the next generation of village idiots, one must assume.

Even nutty Newt Gingrich has had the good grace to fold up his campaign and fade away.

It’s sad that the best person the GOP could find to pit against Obama is a creepy guy who probably sleeps in a bed with a lid on it. But it’s time for them to face it.

I won’t go so far as to say yet that they’re probably handing Obama a second term, but I think we can see where this is heading.

Conservative craziness seems to finally be hitting the wall.

The most constructive thing Republicans could do until they hold their pep rally to make Romney’s nomination official would be to stop spewing their mostly-fact-free vitriol, stop blowing money on moot campaigning, and give everyone’s ears a break.

Then in the fall, we can shake Romney’s Etch-a-Sketch to forget what a total phony he is, and let the real campaign begin.


4 Responses to GOP, Face It: You’re Stuck with Romney

  1. Imabear says:

    I would really like to believe that the GOP will actually see how much the right-wing crazies are costing them and start ignoring this faction instead of letting them run things. Of course, I’d like to believe in Santa too.

  2. catsworking says:

    The GOP is committing a slow and painful suicide by letting the tail wag the dog. I think the national backlash against their darling, Rush Limbaugh, was a nice little wakeup call. Last I read, he’d lost 150 advertisers.

    And all the recent outrageous assaults on women’s rights to contraception and other healthcare have got women up in arms. So they’ve pissed off 50% of voters (except for the ones who drink the GOP Kool-Aid and betray their own gender).

    And then there’s Occupy Wall Street types, who loathe the greed and selfishness the GOP embraces.

    Republicans don’t need Democrats to squash them. They’re doing a good job of it themselves.

  3. MorganLF says:

    Romney can’t win, he’s a zero with a very guarded personal life. A no access guy with grand ambitions who happens to be rich and telegenic. Let’s not forget he’s a member of a cult, hence the secrecy. I read his wife’s parents were not allowed to attend the Mormon(cult) wedding ceremony.

    Face it he guarantees another Democratic victory. The election comes down to voting for a Black man or a kook that follows a “religion” that craps I the face face of the Judeo-Christian ethic, and follows the teaching of a nut who’s basic tennet of faith was to legitimatize a bunch of men who wanted to bang any chick they fancied and call it godly, cause it produces inbred weird kids. Who don’t swear, drink or smoke, as if that cancels out 78 year old prophets from demanding the services of 13 year olds, with their parents consent!

    Republicans can’t you get your shit together? It s the party of stooped hi jacked by douche bags vying to prove how godly they are. Not how educated on constitutional law, not how schooled in foreign affairs.

    Me? I want my President to be the smartest guy in the room, not the one who has 7 kids and quotes liberally from the bible to a secular nation.

    Yes secular. Separation of church and state have these right wing fools never heard of it?

  4. catsworking says:

    Morgan, welcome back. I agree with you that his Mormom upbringing has probably given Romney a streak of secretiveness a mile wide. Not to mention the the fact that he buys in to a faith that seems so obviously tailor-made to serve one man’s (Joseph Smith’s) own earthly vices, mostly at the expense of women.

    Kathleen Parker wrote a good column about why women “just aren’t into” Romney.

    Bottom line: the guy’s creepy and, in trying to fit in with “normal” people, he just comes off creepier.

    But I will give him this. I think Romney might have made a better Barnabas Collins than Johnny Depp in the upcoming Dark Shadows remake.

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