Finally, a Cat Runs for U.S. Senate

By Max

UPDATE, March 8 – Cats Working has been contacted by Hank’s Campaign Manager and Hank HAS AGREED TO AN INTERVIEW. So stay tuned…

I am not making this up. A 9-year-old Maine Coon from Springfield, Va., named Hank is running as an independent, challenging former Virginia governors Tim Kaine (D) and George Allen (R) for the U.S. Senate seat being vacated by Jim Webb (D).

If cats had the vote, Hank would win in a litterslide.

Here’s what Hank says about his decision to run on a platform of jobs growth and economic prosperity…

“In this time of austerity, of threats to families’ livelihoods and to our civil liberties, it is essential that we choose the right leader. Our situation is too dire to risk placing this important job in the wrong paws, and that is why I have decided to run for U.S. Senate for the great Commonwealth of Virginia. If I had to sum up my feelings for Virginia’s future, I would have to say: Meow.”

No Beltway double-speak, no insulting “macaca” malarkey. Just an honest cat with humble roots who wants to help everyone get a fair shake. Because we all know, when people have good jobs, we get cat food without fillers and byproducts — and more toys and treats.

It appears Hank’s campaign has already gotten under somebody’s fur. A Super Pac called Canines for a Feline-Free Tomorrow is running this attack ad full of baseless innuendo about Hank’s character…

But Hank hasn’t stooped to mud-slinging (probably because of all the unsavory licking needed later) and is keeping his message positive. Here’s his latest ad…

We heartily endorse Hank for Senate and will follow his campaign closely and keep you informed.


5 Responses to Finally, a Cat Runs for U.S. Senate

  1. Oldcat says:

    Not legal.

    Senators must be 30 years old.

  2. adele says:

    How exciting, a catidate in your very own state. I must say, Hank looks good in a tie, and I believe I’ve heard that Maine Coon cats are known for their intelligence as well as their size.

    I trust Hank will be releasing some position papers, and I know that you’ll be right on top of all reporting, Max. I just hope you get an interview with him.

  3. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Oldcat! On Hank’s website, I believe it says a cat’s 9 years = 52 people years, so he’s comfortably within the age limits. Just what we need – a mature cat with street smarts AND experience as a pet so he can see all sides of the issues.

    Adele, Karen sent Hank the link to my blog post, so I hope he will respond to my request. We are ready to help him harness the power of the blogosphere!

  4. Oldcat says:

    So that means his term will end in about a year, after 6 ‘cat’ years pass?

  5. catsworking says:

    I suspect Hank will serve his term in human years because he could easily make it to cat age 15 or 16 with proper diet and exercise.

    Oldcat, I’m kind of surprised that you don’t seem to be embracing Hank’s candidacy. You’re not a closet dog-lover are you?

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