Limbaugh Saves Face by Betraying Listeners

By Adele

Attention, dittoheads: Rush says he only wants to entertain you! His attack talk? It’s comedy. The guy’s just trying to be funny!

After 5 sponsors began pulling ads from his radio show, the great El Rushbo went all Limpaw and started back-tracking after calling women “feminazis” and Sandra Fluke in particular a “slut,” a “prostitute,” “round-heeled,” and “promiscuous.”

Fluke’s unpardonable sin was to testify in favor of affordable contraception before Nancy Pelosi and other members of Congress. Rush tried to inflame his listeners by falsely claiming that Fluke wants the government to pay her to have sex, and demanded she post videos of her sex life online to give taxpayers something for their money.

With prodding, Republican House Speaker John Boehner finally mumbled that Rush had been “inappropriate.” The White House called Rush’s words “reprehensible.”

Rush’s response was to pile it on thicker.

After Obama phoned Fluke in support, saying her parents should be proud she’d spoken out, Rush said Fluke’s parents should be “embarrassed” that their daughter is having so much sex, and should “disconnect their phone” and “go into hiding.”

But as always, when conservative men with rock-solid moral superiority see the money slipping away (sponsors Sleep Number, The Sleep Train, Quicken Loans, Legal Zoom, and Citrix started pulling ads, and others are considering it) Rush issued a hubris-laden apology to Fluke — and utterly dismissed the malicious, incendiary intent of his broadcasts that his listeners LOVE (bold mine)…

For over 20 years, I have illustrated the absurd with absurdity, three hours a day, five days a week.”

“My choice of words was not the best, and in the attempt to be humorous, I created a national stir. I sincerely apologize to Ms. Fluke for the insulting word choices.”

“Illustrating the absurd with absurdity” is what Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, and Cats Working do. It’s called “satire.” When Rush’s worshippers are hanging on his every word and quoting him, I don’t believe they realize he’s doing schtick.

According to Rush, he isn’t their spokesman. He admits he’ll say anything for the money. Yank the money, he crumbles.

I just hope Rush has really done it this time — sealed the deal for Republicans to lose the female vote. The best way to punish Rush’s mouth is to keep Obama in the White House.


20 Responses to Limbaugh Saves Face by Betraying Listeners

  1. annie pelfrey says:

    i confess to being a DITTOHEAD! hearing the full segment, i did not find it offensive (and think that girl is a fricking idiot)
    i AM disappointed that his sponsors caved in (knowing his agenda) and therefore, so did he.

  2. Jessica says:

    Why is she an idiot?

  3. catsworking says:

    Annie, it is gratifying to know we have at least one reader from “the other side” and appreciate your willingness to entertain the cat’s-eye perspective on things.

    On the other hand, we can’t remember one time when Karen has let us listen to Rush Limbaugh (yes, we occasionally tune in because our ears are open to all perspectives — even dogs’), when we haven’t ended up with our mouths on the floor and feeling like we needed to lick ourselves from head to toe.

    Karen here… During my reproductive years, I spent many thousands on birth control (not because I was having SO MUCH sex, but because it was SO EXPENSIVE — drug companies knew they had us by the wallet), and if any president had advocated contraception being covered by health insurance (which virtually every working schlub WHO HAS IT PAYS for, at least partially), I could have been Sandra Fluke.

    In fact, when I was well into menopause, my OB/GYN found a cyst on my ovary and put me BACK on the Pill for a month or two. Does that make me a slut?

    Why is it that Republicans think young women should solely bear the burden of this expense or remain celebate? And don’t come back with the “sex outside of marriage is wrong” baloney, as if Republicans NEVER have sex unless it’s with their spouse. I think we’ve already established the basic hypocrisy of most conservative thinking.

    Instead of being outraged by Sandra Fluke, why aren’t you outraged that your beloved Rushbo threw you under the bus, professing that he’s just saying this stuff ALL IN FUN? He doesn’t want you to believe him. He’s just trying to ENTERTAIN you! And I bet you’ve been thinking he’s been serious all along.

    BTW, the count is now up to 7 sponsors lost. I hope they make it a clean sweep and the guy becomes poison to any station stupid enough to give him air time.

    And why is it that dittoheads are so willing to forgive Rush’s days of popping Oxycontin for kicks, but a woman who takes the Pill for the legitimate reason of avoiding pregnancy is demonized?

  4. MorganLF says:

    annie, whats wrong with you?

    Not only is Limbaugh a no education havin’, self loathing, closeted, woman hating troll….it was he who was detained with a suitcase full of Viagra while returning from a trip to the Dominican Republic, The drug was in someone else’s name, no nothing wrong with that, right?

    It is fairly well known many older white males chicken hawk young boys in the DR…Just sayin’ four wives no kids? Does anyone else read beard? So his attitude towards woman is reflected in his actions, he can’t contain his contempt.

    Further in 2003 he copped to prescription drug abuse and doctor shopping via his maid and money laundering to cover the trail, so he is also a drug trafficker, and HE has the temerity to point a finger?

    That fat fuck makes obscene money, lives like a Rajah, and is cloaked in hypocrisy! He avoided service because he has ass-hole problems (pilodinal cyst) and has no higher education- flunking out of college after two semesters, and his qualifications to offer opinions from his bully pulpit are????

    So Rush-to-the-buffet-fatso, who pays for Viagra? Who pays for vasectomies? Why is that covered by insurance?

    As for the Catholic church ranting on about being forced to provide medical insurance for birth control and a host of other reproductive health services its deems contrary to their faith, here is what I propose: Stop taking our government money and then you can decide all the policy you want in your child molesting fiefdoms.

    Yeah that’s right the church should pay taxes on its VAST empire, but until they stop taking freebies out of our pockets then they are beholden to make these basic services available to their employees who are first and foremost citizens of the United States of America.

    Does anyone realize this is 2012? All the civilized nations of the world are laughing at the utter buffoonery of making social issues a protocol for governing.

    Santorum is a dangerous scary fiend and Limbaugh should be shot and pissed on and not necessarily in that order

  5. adele says:

    I know it’s not original with me, but I couldn’t help being amused that among the first two of Rush’s sponsors to bail were mattress companies.

    Otherwise,there’s not much to laugh at here. Apparently, the most vocal of the Repubs feel that they’ll be successful by tapping into some woman-hating zeitgeist. I can’t believe that this will assure victory in 2012, but then I couldn’t believe that this country would elect George W. Bush twice (okay, maybe once, but why didn’t the mistake of 2000 teach the electorate a lesson?)

  6. catsworking says:

    There was a mostly-female (I think) protest in Richmond at the state capitol on Saturday over all the recent outrages against women. The police showed up in riot gear and arrested 31 people (incl. some men), even though the protesters were peaceful. Bob McDonnell must have gotten a good chuckle out of that.

    I say, let the Republicans keep it up. Aside from their minority of brainwashed Stepford wives, they’re sending reasonable women into the streets in outrage. If they think this is going to help them keep their majority in Congress, regain the Senate, and win the White House, they’re as deluded as they appear to be.

    PS: Morgan, I think you’re probably right about Limbaugh. Too much smoke there. AND it’s time for ALL religions to lose their tax exemptions, except on direct charitable efforts. Republicans think churches have a role to play in government, then they can start by paying their fair share.

  7. catsworking says:

    CEO of former Limbaugh sponsor, Carbonite, weighs in. When he meets with Rush, let’s hope he displays a nice portrait of his daughters and pounds the bastard into the floor:

    Limbaugh and his listeners must feel so proud that he subjected his sponsors to an avalanche customer indignation, making them feel ashamed to be associated with him, and driving them away.

    Way to go, conservatives! Who needs liberals?

    PS: AOL today announced it’s pulling ads from Limbaugh’s show. I think that brings total sponsor withdrawals to 8 so far.

  8. Zappa's mom says:

    Im waiting for dittohead Annie’s response…….


  9. catsworking says:

    ZM, I hope we haven’t scared Annie off, because that would be just sending her back into the arms of Rush. I’ve got my fingers crossed that the American public has finally had enough of that corrosive buffoon. If he backs down and tones down the trash talk, he’ll turn off his rabid fans. But if he doesn’t — Romney will have Rushbo to thank for helping him lose.

    I didn’t realize that Romney’s company, Bain Capital, owns Clear Channel, which gives Rush his air time. I’m sure Romney will be answering for that at some point.

    Leonard Pitts just wrote a brilliant column about the Republican mindset, inspired by some Indiana state legislator who believes the Girl Scouts are a tool of Planned Parenthood, promote homosexuality, and seek the destruction of American values. To quote just one paragraph by Pitts:

    “Thus does social conservatism skid through the last barriers of basic intellect, simple decency and common sense, hurtling breakneck off the deep end. Next stop: utter incoherence.”,0,6762820.column

    It’s a good read.

    PS: 2 more Limbaugh sponsors pulled out today: Tax Resolution and Sears.

  10. Nina says:

    I’m soooooo sick of the political BS regarding birth control, “personhood”, etc, that has gone on lately. I think women should start a nationwide sex strike.The politicians and others like them will only have their right hand or each other to screw, then maybe they would STFU.

  11. annie pelfrey says:

    dittohead here-BRING IT!
    by the way, i’ll be voting for Ron Paul tomorrow.
    i also think i’m more opened -minded than most left wingers.
    and NO politician should be yammering about abortion, birth control.
    every mandate on insurance companies (who are slimeballs themselves) mean higher premiums on all of us.
    4 years ago, my insurance would not cover an emergency visit. silly me thought i had signed up for basic catastrophic coverage. when i contacted va ins bureau on emergency being mandated, answer was “it depends”. another useless govt entity. i dropped my insurance because it was way too expensive. i never intended for it to cover piddling stuff.
    back to that “fricking idiot”- she attends a Jesuit college, and is nothing but an activist…
    go ahead, i can handle all the backlash you all can dish out!

  12. catsworking says:

    Annie, I’m so glad you came back. In spite of that weak spot you’ve got for Rush, you sound perfectly sane. 😉

    BTW, I think I (Karen) will be voting for Ron Paul today. Virginia has a Republican primary today and only Romney and Paul are on the ballot. The Repubs dropped their crazy idea to have all voters sign a loyalty oath, so why not show up and stick it to Romney? If Ron Paul hadn’t thrown his lot to the Republicans, I might even favor him over Obama as a 3rd party candidate.

    But back to the subject. Bill O’Reilly has jumped in, whining that he doesn’t want to “pay for women to have sex.”

    Such deliberate distortions make the Republicans sound like idiots. Equating the Pill to having sex, a throw-back to ’60s thinking, just proves how culturally out of touch these guys are.

    Rush, O’Reilly, all the millionaire whiners, talk like all women are mooches, get all their healthcare for free, and this is just one more expense. Reversing the logic, why should women have to pay for men’s Viagra? THAT’S a pill invented solely for men TO HAVE MORE SEX. As Morgan said, vasectomies are covered by insurance, so why not abortion?

    Women PAY for insurance just like anybody else. There’s no reason why some of that premium shouldn’t go toward something useful for them, and far cheaper for EVERYONE than giving birth — birth control.

    Once again, Republicans fail to consider the bigger picture.

    As for Sandra Fluke’s mental abilities, I have no idea. She’s in college. She comes across intelligent in interviews, not like the ignorant, promicuous slut the right-wingers have painted her to be.

    I attended a Baptist college (Univ. of Richmond, back in the day — I don’t know if it’s still affiliated now). So what? It was closest, they accepted me at the last minute, it wasn’t too expensive (then). I also worked briefly for a Baptist missionary organization. Back in the ’70s, Baptists were running Richmond — including the most popular grocery store chain. But I don’t have a Baptist bone in my body.

    Annie, I value your opinions, so I’m glad you have a thick skin about this. A few years ago, a drive-by reader once told me he hoped I die and my cats eat my eyeballs. You just have to let some things roll off.

  13. catsworking says:

    Limbaugh’s up to 32 advertisers lost, including John Deere, GEICO, Capital One, Goodwill Industries, Allstate Insurance, Netflix, and others.

    He’s been blustering that he’s got $$millions more in ad bucks waiting in the wings, just dying to advertise on his show, but it hardly seems likely.

  14. annie pelfrey says:

    yes, his show today was conspiciously absent of commercials…

  15. Zappa's mom says:

    come to think of it,that “cats eating your eyeballs” fat fuck looks looks like a Rush-esque limp dick woman hater


  16. catsworking says:

    Annie, the absence of ads could only mean more time for Rush to run his mouth. That must have been a treat.

    I actually caught a few minutes of Limbaugh yesterday while driving Cole to the vet. He was blathering about Obama claiming that sanctions on Iran are working, whereas the Dems screamed that Bush’s sanctions on Iraq didn’t, that women and children were dying, etc. But Dems think such things NEVER happens with Obama sanctions.

    Total and utter rubbish, as usual. I know it’s comforting for him to think Dems have their heads buried in the sand, too, but that beach ain’t big enough of ALL of us. Somebody needs to be on the lookout for the next high tide.

    Here’s my question for brilliant El Rushbo: If Bush’s Iraq sanctions were so effing effective, why did Bush and Cheney go ahead and bomb the shit out of, and then occupy, Iraq?

    I just read that JC Penney has also pulled out, bringing the sponsor withdrawals to 33. Got to give Rush credit, he’s pissed off some really big names.

    ZM, I think the closet Rush occupies is a very spacious walk-in. One day, maybe soon, boys and/or men he’s boinked are going to start a male choir, helpng Rush fully consummate his betrayal of EVERYONE who ever admired him.

  17. MorganLF says:

    Spot on! I maintain there are a host of Rush-touched boys out there. Unfortunately he knows to channel his peccadillos through third world cultures that pander to his inclinations.

    There is a thesis out there about ” straight” men who service other men. It is basically an accepted condition of a very depressed economy and is quite accepted in places like Costa Rica and the Dominican Republic.

    I’d be very interested to see how many times Mr. Lickbum , has chartered flights to Costa Rica.

    Why does he need a private Gulfstream? This cat cannot travel much as Bourdain so why a 56 million dollar private jet?

    We are so fucked when a deviant bully has the income to afford such a luxe life, and families are losing homes.

    Gee call me a socialist, but a bit of redistribution here not only makes sense, it’s the CHRISTIAN thing to do.

  18. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I just finished reading a book called Full Service by Scotty Bowers, who claims to prefer women, but obligingly “did” just about every male star in Hollywood before AIDS became a problem, and arranged thousands of trysts for the stars with straight guys who were in it for the money. Apparently, a lot of the old queens got off purely on GIVING BJs.

    Last time I checked, Rush was up to 43 sponsors lost. But he’s gaining at least 2 new ones, both dating websites — and we all know THOSE are certainly bastions of honesty and integrity.

  19. adele says:

    Karen, how was Full Service? I heard about it before it came out, wanted to get it, then read some reviews that made me think I’d wait before making the investment.

  20. catsworking says:

    Adele, I read it because I wanted to see what he said about Tracy and Hepburn, and it was that they were BOTH homosexual and the studio cooked up their romance ti hide it. He claimed he fixed Hepburn up with over 150 women.

    Now, I will agree that Kate was kind of dykish, but that means her interviews, TV specials, books, friendship with Tracy’s daughter Susie, EVERYTHING she did in his memory after he died was ALL lies to cover up her lesbianism. I just can’t believe that. Plus, not one woman I’m aware of has ever come forward.

    Bowers writes about all the usual suspects – Clifton Webb, Cary Grant, Randolph Scott, Laurence Olivier, Errol Flynn, Rock Hudson. Claims he slept with Vivien Leigh a lot, and that Elsa Lanchester had a thing for gay men who’d never been with a woman because she enjoyed trying to “turn” them. Describes one time when Charles Laughton made a sandwich, had a guy poop in a bucket, then spread it on the bread and ate it. Tyrone Power liked to have men pee and woman poop on him.

    After a while, it got kind of tedious.

    I read it fast over the weekend and have already forgotten most of it. Just about the only guys I noticed he missed were the gangsters: Bogart, Cagney, Robinson.

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