Virginia is for (Gun) Lovers

By Cole

After turning a deaf ear to families still suffering from the massacre at Virginia Tech, where a homicidal maniac named Cho killed 32 students and teachers before pumping himself full of lead — not to mention ignoring this week’s mass shooting in Chardon, Ohio, by a crazy armed teenager — Virginia governor Bob McDonnell repealed the law that limited people’s handgun purchases to one a month.

Poor souls were limited to just 12 guns a year. It simply isn’t enough when…

  • You’re planning to play Russian Roulette at your next party, or
  • You have inquisitive kids always looking for fun things to bring to school for Show and Tell, or
  • You love hunting, but are such a bad shot you need an arsenal to make things even between you and the animals, or
  • You love the bad-ass look the bulge of a piece gives you, or
  • There’s a bank or 7-Eleven you’ve been itching to knock over, or
  • You know someone who needs killing…

So Virginia is happy to help you arm yourself to the teeth.

A Richmond Times-Dispatch poll found that 66% of citizens want to keep the limit. But Virginia voters don’t matter now. McDonnell’s got bigger fish to blow away. He wants the hearts and minds of the neocon nutso fringe in his pocket as a bargaining chip for the Republican VP nomination.

McDonnell spouted the usual gibberish about the 2nd Amendment, and said the law was originally passed in the 1990s because East Coast gun-running used to be a problem.

Well, duh. Maybe gun-running is less prevalent today because THERE WAS A FREAKING LAW!

With typical Republican disregard for consequences, McDonnell’s marching us right back to the good old days where every crazy and criminal can own the armory of their dreams.


6 Responses to Virginia is for (Gun) Lovers

  1. Anne Linde says:

    We have family in Richmond and they are aghast!

  2. Noel McWormald says:

    Classic overreach. The hubris of the man and his Republican thugs in the General Assembly!

    When they completely bust the unions in VA (less PAC money for Democrats), overturn a woman’s right not just to abortion, but to contraceptives (the party of “small government” my ass), and make it harder for people to vote (w/ ID laws to keep Democrats from voting), I imagine McDonnell and those Nazi governors in Wisconsin and Ohio will all do a celebratory dance because they will have turned all three swing states red… red with the blood that they’ll have on their hands the next time a pair of snipers decide to start shooting at people out of the back of their car in some Northern Virginia mall parking lot… using all the guns they purchased legally in Virginia… McDonnell is ripe for a recall just like his Republican governor friends.

  3. Bacardi1 says:

    Amen all! While I’m almost ashamed to live in Virginia, I can proudly say that at least I didn’t vote for this moron of the people.

  4. catsworking says:

    Noel, you remind us of the classic “let everybody have as many guns as they want” situation. The so-called “DC Snipers,” who mowed down 10 people and wounded 3 more in DC, Virginia, and Maryland. They drove around for weeks, terrorizing EVERYBODY by shooting people totally at random in public places.

    Yeah, let’s make guns more available so guys like that can have them (well, these particular guys can’t. One has been executed, and the other, who was a minor at the time, is doing life in a Va. prison). In fact, there’s a big gun and knife show in Richmond this weekend. Time to stock up!!

    Bacardi, for the record, Karen didn’t vote for that moron, either.

  5. Zappa's mom says:

    One member of Congress has been shot by a nutcase….maybe it’s time to hunt for bigger prey…senator,or perhaps a govenor?


  6. catsworking says:

    You know, ZM, I’m really surprised that more senators and congressmen haven’t found themselves looking down a gun barrel, considering their approval rating is down around the single digits. With the volume of crazies running around this country, you’d think some of them would have taken it into their own hands to “make government smaller.”

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