A Bourdain Catch-Up Marathon

By Karen

I’ve got a pile of Bourdainia stacked up, so let’s sift through and see what’s worth sharing…

Travel Channel just announced No Reservations Season 8 (yes, 8 – TC apparently forgot they tried to fob S7 off on us as two distinctly separate events) begins on Ariane’s 5th birthday, April 9.

Destinations include:

  • Austin, TX
  • Baja, Mexico
  • Burgundy region of France
  • Croatian coast
  • Emilia–Romagna region of Northern Italy
  • Finland
  • Rio De Janeiro
  • Kansas City, MO
  • Lisbon
  • Penang, Malaysia
  • Sydney

France, Italy, and Portugal, great, but I’m most looking forward to Finland. Tony told somebody recently he’s trying to overcome his distaste for orderly countries.

The rest, meh.

In the meantime, TC has given Tony’s usual 9 p.m. Monday slot to new episodes of Bizarre Foods, which must have Andrew Zimmern feeling “King of TC” is almost within his grasp.

On April 10, Bourdain will be TCM’s guest programmer, watching and discussing with host Robert Osborne such classics as The Searchers and Eyes Without a Face. This link also has his Oscar picks. I think he was swinging from way out in left field to claim Midnight in Paris is elitist. I saw it twice, don’t recall Djuna Barnes being mentioned, and STILL don’t know who it is.

This goes back to the NR Christmas special, but Broward Palm Beach New Times got a nice little video of Tony griping about the Travel Channel — complete with a foul cat simile.

Speaking of cats, he did it again in the San Francisco Layover episode, in the Hotel Fairmont tiki bar: “If you have no love in your heart for this place, you are a sick, twisted, lonely fuck with too many cats.”

In case you missed that one, Eater.com posted the best one-liners.

Rachael Ray talked about Bourdain with A.V. Club. It’s in the middle of the page, including, “Everybody has a right to their opinion, and quite frankly, there probably isn’t too much Tony has said about me over the years that wasn’t true… if you were Tony.”

Paula Deen should take notes.

Speaking of dear Paula, I wonder if Tony will be appearing on Fox any time soon after they used her announcement of Type 2 diabetes (and $$$ deal to shill for a drug company), along with some misinformation from TMZ, as an excuse to take a few big dumps on Bourdain.

One was titled, “Anthony Bourdain is a Moron,” with video where Fox talking heads refuse to pronounce his name correctly and act as if Tony calling himself “Bore-dane” is some twisted affectation on the spelling.

On the other hand, those phonetically-challenged bozos do think “Boehner” spells BAY-ner.

And in a second attack they called him an “elitist” displaying “Northern snobbery.”

New York magazine elicited many one-liners from Bourdain. Cole and Max were thrilled to learn that Tony also loves his man cave.

Men’s Journal got a meaty sit-down (in a NYC bar) interview with Tony.

Tony did a Q&A with Vanity Fair about vacationing in Ottavia’s neck of the woods in Italy, where he loves to devour Italian gossip magazines and TV game shows.

Apparently, Travel Channel has jerked Andrew Zimmern’s leash up short, keeping him in the U.S. for his next season. This article at South Coast Today provides an interesting analysis of Zimmern and Bourdain’s respective schticks.

Bourdain and Eric Ripert did their Good vs. Evil thing in Austin (where Tony’s filming NR in March — has TC clipped his leash, too?). Who knew Eric harbors a grudge against John McEnroe?

The Cynical Girl saw Bourdain and Ripert in Raleigh, NC, which inspired her to write, “Anthony Bourdain is Such a Piece of Shit.” If what she says about his note-reading delivery is true, he must have really been having an off night.

Here’s a 30-minute video from Reddit that apparently was recently unlocked for general viewing. Tony answers questions directly to the camera, and it’s about as close to conversation with him as it gets.

And Ottavia hasn’t been exactly hiding in a corner all this time…

The Genuine Kitchen got Ottavia to discuss why she loves for Amaretto Di Saronno as she was leaving the Cayman Cookout in January.

She also gave an interview to FightChix about — well, guess. If you’ve ever wanted to see more of her tongue, this is your chance!


14 Responses to A Bourdain Catch-Up Marathon

  1. Gizmo's mom says:

    hmm…. don’t know what he does at corporate events, but we just saw him this past Saturday night in Seattle with Eric Ripert, and while I will admit there was nothing new or, having read others’ reviews of their show over the last year, nothing even spontaneous about their gig, it was not read off cards. He did have cards in his hand when questioning Eric (and vice versa) that he shuffled through, apparently so that even though none of the questions were new to either of them, the order would be different each night. In any event, it was an enjoyable evening and he certainly aimed to entertain the audience and appear engaged.

  2. catsworking says:

    Gizmo’s mom, when I saw him a few years ago in Durham, NC, Bourdain was a solo act and had some notes on a podium he never stood behind, nor even seemed to look at. But I think it was late last year when he said he was revamping his road show with all new material. However, from what I’m reading about recent appearances, and what you’re telling me, he didn’t get around to it.

    ZM, if you’re reading this, I watched 2 episodes of Mob Wives last night. Are you KIDDING ME?? I caught the one where Rene’s birthday party turned into a free-for-all, and the one after that. I didn’t think there could be a group of women beyond is aisles of Walmart who could make the skanky Real Housewives of NJ look classy. I stand corrected.

  3. adele says:

    Some time in the past week or ten days, Ottavia put up a link on Twitter of an interview she did with Chef’s Wives (or something like that). In it she said that AB had not cooked in years and that when they met, she was the one working in the restaurant business. She said that their early dates consisted of meeting after her 10-12 hour shift as a restaurant manager, drinking beer and talking about her day. She also said that she worked in stilettos until she was 38 weeks pregnant and was having contractions at the baby shower her restaurant threw for her. She seemed a little wistful for her former career, and she also said that Mr.B. is on the road so much that one night she woke up and was thought a stranger had gotten into bed until she realized that it was her husband.

    I’m especially looking forward to the NR Burgundy show; I drove through Burgundy years ago, and aside from getting to taste many fine wines, I thought it was just beautiful. And I keep hearing that the Croatian coast is quite lovely — I’ve noticed that lots of cruise ships go there now. If Bourdain and Ripert came to Chicago, I’d certainly try to go see them — even without new material, I think it would be fun to watch them play off of each other.

  4. catsworking says:

    Adele, I missed that link to Ottavia’s interview. It’s been really busy lately so I don’t have time to to hang on every tweet. If you can go back and find the link, other readers might enjoy it.

    Just read that The Layover has been renewed for a second season, and they’re giving Adam Richman a new show that’s all about sandwiches. No more marathon eating.

  5. Gizmo's mom says:

    Oh, if you want skankiest of the skanky go for the ATL housewives….. my word…..

  6. catsworking says:

    Gizmo’s mom, I’ve caught the RHW of ATL a few times. Around these parts, they seem normal.

    The ones that really give me a hoot are those overly Botoxed blondes with the inside-out lip jobs in Beverly Hills. I think the Countess Luann in NYC said it best:

    Money can’t buy you cla-ass.

    I’m giddy today because I discovered that NBC is rerunning Smash tonight, so I can see the episode I missed.

  7. Jessica says:

    Money can’t buy you class but, as those Beverly Hills Housewives know, it can by a new ass. Or any other body part really.

    There used to be a Real Housewives of DC that was on for a season.. i think it mostly took place in VA. Did you ever get the chance to watch that one? It was pretty hilarious and sad at the same time.

  8. catsworking says:

    Jessica, the only thing I enjoyed about the Beverly Hills bunch was watching Kelsey Grammar exposed as the dog he is. Apparently, HE encouraged Camille to do the show, then proceeded to cheat on and dump her mid-season. Priceless.

    I was all over the RHWofDC because the Salahis were on. Remember the tall anorexic blonde and her husband who crashed the White House dinner? They single-handedly got the show canceled after 1 season because their lies were so constant and over the top, everybody hated their guts. Apparently, they even hired a fake mansion for the show, and it just went on from there. The other wives were pissed that the whole show became about the Salahis and their next round of outrageous bullshit.

    The latest I saw on that pair was that she ran away from Tariq with some over-the-hill rock musician, and Tariq started squealing like a pig to the press, admitting everything about Michele (I forget how she spells her fake name) is a lie. Well, DUH! But without his bony blonde arm candy, poor Tariq is just a golddigger without a shovel.

  9. Jessica says:

    Yes, seeing the ugly truth behind Kelsey Grammar was eye opening. I had always heard that he was a bit off, I just didn’t realize by how much.

    The Salahis were crazy and sad. I think the bony blonde tried to get on Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab at one point only to be kicked off because she had no identifiable addictions. So her addiction to fame and lying don’t count? Ah, well…

  10. adele says:

    Well, I went back and looked for that tweet of Ottavia’s with the link to the interview, and I couldn’t find it. I don’t think I hallucinated it; I remembered too many details. I’ll give it one more shot this week.

    But how about the Downton Abbey finale? Don’t want to say too much, in case you haven’t seen it yet.

  11. catsworking says:

    Adele, I poked around too a bit and couldn’t find the link either.

    I saw the first hour of Downton before I faded out, but taped the rest of it. I went to bed right after they sentenced Bates to hang. Tuxi mentioned something on Twitter about Thomas and the dog, so now I’m worried.

    Don’t you think it’s funny that they start each episode with a nice closeup shot of the dog’s butt?

  12. adele says:

    The cats and I have discussed the rearview of Isis (we found out that’s her name last night). I must say her hygiene is beyond reproach. As I’m sure your Adele knows, a light colored animal must be very careful to keep its hindquarters dainty.

    The rest of this episode of Downton will be quite a ride. A freind of mine said that as far as she’s concerned there could be an all Downton all the time channel. And have I mentioned how gorgeous the clothes are? I’ll miss them almost as much as the characters.

  13. catsworking says:

    I can’t believe they’re actually going to let Bates go to the gallows, so I’m hoping for some miracle in the second hour.

    I think I mentioned that I watched his interview with some of the cast a few weeks ago, and Mary said that some of the clothes are authentic, and they can only wear them a few times before they fall apart.

    One funny thing heppened during that interview. An audience member asked the actors if their politics had changed after being involved in a story about the 1% vs. 99%, and it was the only time they all seemed to get kind of upset (it was Anna, Lord & Lady Grantham, Mary, and Matthew). They said they didn’t see where things then were much different than they are now, and Matthew said, “I’ve just been to Detroit and saw how the 99% live. It’s basically the same.” In fact, he may have gone so far as to say that servants had it better because they got room and board.

  14. Zappa's mom says:

    Karen,I still don’t know what the fight is about on Mob Wives.I’m mostly watching to see Big Ange.Spin off!!


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