It’s a Boy! for Rachel Alexandra

By Adele

On January 22 at 2:40 p.m., Rachel Alexandra became the proud mother of a 125-lb. as-yet-unnamed bay colt. The little guy has big (horse)shoes to fill. In addition to his mother being 2009 Horse of the Year, his father is the fabulous Curlin, Horse of the Year in 2007 and 2008.

If you’ll recall, Rachel broke the horseracing gender barrier by being the first filly in 85 years to win the Preakness, and the first filly to win the Woodward Stakes ever.

Rachel and her colt are getting acquainted, and they say Rachel’s a natural mother. Like mom, the colt has a white blaze on his forehead, and his back feet are white, like Zenyatta — Rachel’s nemesis.

Rachel Alexandra's little bundle of joy. (Photo - Stonestreet Farm)

I was able to make a quick call to Rachel at Stonestreet Farm in Kentucky:

Adele: Congratulations on your son!

Rachel: Hey, thanks, Adele. He couldn’t have come a minute too soon. At 125 lbs., he weighs as much as a jockey. Carrying someone on your back for a 3-minute race is a lump of sugar compared to hauling another horse around in your belly for a year. Oy!

A: He looks like you, too, and he was up and walking at only 90 minutes old.

RA: What did you expect? Curlin and I couldn’t spawn a slouch even if we tried.

A: Are you disappointed you didn’t have a filly to carry on your legacy?

RA: Nah, I’m just thankful the little guy has 2 eyes and 4 hooves.

A: They’re saying you have a date with Bernardini later this year. Zenyatta’s carrying his foal right now, after her first pregnancy by him didn’t work out.

RA: That was a tough break for Zenyatta. She’s so used to having everything her way. But humans! What perverts! I never shared a track with Zenyatta, so why should we share men? I suppose they’ll bunk her in with Curlin to keep it all in the family. How gross is that?

A: Well, she and Curlin do both live at Lane’s End. And Curlin did knock up your stablemate, Hot Dixie Chick.

RA: That Curlin! There’s no keeping him “down on the farm,” if you know what I mean. Dixie’s due to drop my colt’s half-brother any minute now.

A: Who can keep up? It’s like the Real Horsewives of Kentucky. You make me glad I’m spayed. Take it easy, and I hope your colt’s an even bigger winner than his mom and dad.

RA: Same to you, Adele. These days I just eat, sleep, play, mess around, and pop out ponies. I can’t complain.

3 Responses to It’s a Boy! for Rachel Alexandra

  1. adele says:

    Adele, so glad you’re back in touch with Rachel Alexandra — her baby boy is a real cutie. Seems like he’ll be a horse to watch, what with the fabulous gene pool he’s emerged from.

  2. Britta says:

    I have never really been a horse person although I have had relatives very much involved with equestrian endeavors. My route to work changed about two months ago by way of a temporary road construction project. I have been driving past some amazing horse farms in our area – those that I would have never otherwise known existed. It is somehow soothing to watch these beautiful animals in the fields in the morning, grazing and milling around. It is almost a zen sort of experience coming and going, and watching their trainers working with them in the afternoon when I am on my way home. Most impressive and quite beautiful.

  3. catsworking says:

    Karen has never ridden a horse. And of course, none of us cats have ever even been near a horse. I inherited my interest in thoroughbreds from the late Fred, who got hooked after watching a race with Karen where this horse named Afleet Alex tripped during one of the big races (don’t recall which), nearly went down head-first, but somehow recovered and managed to WIN the race. It was thrilling. After that, Fred insisted we tune in to all the big races, so over time I caught the bug myself.

    The past few years have been great for fillies. First Rachel Alexandra won Horse of the Year in 2009, then the amazing Zenyatta, who won 20 races straight, in 2010. And now this year another filly, Havre de Grace, became Horse of the Year, beating out all the male Triple Crown winners.

    Since cats don’t have any equivalent sport to follow, and Karen would never let us dream of watching football, we follow the horses. No betting. We just like to watch them run.

    Back in the stable, their lives are like a soap opera.

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