Let’s Abolish Pointless Primaries

By Cole

Mitt Romney won Iowa by 8 votes (or maybe not) and got 39% of New Hampshire’s primary votes.

Why won’t people admit it signifies NOTHING?

Candidates trying to woo voters one state at a time is expensive, inefficient, and crazy. The only ones who benefit are TV talking heads who need gum-flapping fodder.

Romney managed to snow a fraction of the voters in 2/50ths of the country, and suddenly he’s the “inevitable” choice to run against Obama.


Instead of having candidates play hopscotch across the map, preaching to the choir, they should be given a month (2 max) to make a national pitch. Give them the air time the networks would otherwise squander on baseless prognosticating.

After they give it their best shot, their fate is decided at the convention.

As it is now, they get so many do-overs every time they stick a foot in their mouth, they manage to get something right sooner or later. We’ve seen this as, one by one, the Republican wannabes have risen to the top, only to quickly plunge again into disfavor when they remind people again what jerks they are.

Here’s how we kill primaries:

  • Voters, consistently lie to every pollster. Give a different pick every time you’re asked. Keep the poll numbers hopping. I had hoped New Hampshire voters would be wily enough to do this, but they were so disgustingly predictable, they deserve to forfeit “First Primary” status.
  • Use “eeenie, meenie, mynie, moe” in the voting booth. Or if you can write in a name, make it someone dead. The results couldn’t be less meaningful than how you choose now.

By dragging things out with state primaries, the contenders just have more time to fling dirt at each other, which the press eats up and pukes out on the rest of us. It’s downright sickening.

Instead of vying for the title of “Phoniest Panderer,” let candidates forget stumping, handshaking, baby-kissing, and debating, and get real. Force them to channel their energy into submitting detailed, factual blueprints of their proposed presidencies that people can evaluate and compare without all the hot air.

Electing a president should be serious, yet people begin it with this party game.

And instead of incessantly bilking the electorate for millions in campaign donations, candidates could let the money stay in people’s pockets, where most of them claim it belongs anyway.

The bottom line is that our political process desperately needs to grow up.


6 Responses to Let’s Abolish Pointless Primaries

  1. Mauigirl says:

    I agree. In the old days the conventions were often where the candidates were really decided and it was a lot more fun. And of course I really like the way they do it in the UK and Canada and some other locations where they just “call an election” and have about 6 weeks to campaign and that’s it. A lot more efficient and less beholden to moneyed interests that way.

  2. catsworking says:

    Mauigirl, so right. This crap of the next campaign starting a week after inauguration day has got to stop. There are only so many negative ads and robocalls people can stand. Not to mention the fortunes that are essentially pissed out the window on all this nonsense.

  3. Imabear says:

    I couldn’t agree more. What a waste of time and money (they’re always talking about the gov wasteing money – what about this nonsense???).

  4. annie pelfrey says:


  5. Britta says:

    I think many Americans attuned and really schooled in the process would like to see a change. Unfortunately, this useless tradition of grandstanding continues to no avail. I don’t envision a time in my life when things will be any different but we do need a huge fix on this political process. Having been totally digusted with known motives in politics at the local and state level, I can only surmise even more that my disgust with what happens at the national level is not unfounded. It’s a sham, a waste of time and has no kinship with the representative government our forefathers envisioned. They are all rolling in their graves.

  6. catsworking says:

    What kills me is how they stand up before crowd professing their love of country, then behave like crooked thugs behind the scenes, letting themselves be bribed and bought, knifing each other in the back with constant sniping, and then denying they have anything to do with it.

    To be in politics these days, you have to be somebody with a criminal mind, an insatiable thirst for power, unquenchable greed, and no conscience. And that’s true of both parties.

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