Worried About Casey Anthony’s Dog

By Adele

Casey Anthony, the 25-year-old woman who was acquitted last year of murdering her daughter Caylee, is living in an undisclosed Florida location, serving out probation for her felony conviction on passing checks she stole from a friend.

Casey claims a computer hacker put this creepy video diary entry she filmed on October 13, 2011, out on YouTube. Nobody seems to know how it really got there.

At one point, Casey marvels, “It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to call something mine,” and gabs about all her stuff — a new computer, phone, camera.

Then she says she’s adopted a dog whom she talks to and loves. However, she doesn’t mention the dog by name or tell what breed it is. You get the impression she considers it more of her stuff.

Let’s hope someone is watching out for that unfortunate dog. Guilty of murder or not, Casey Anthony has demonstrated zero skill as a caregiver.

Casey goes on to talk about her upcoming birthday in March and how many more months she’ll be on probation. She thinks she could be free by February.

As Casey prattles on about herself, you can’t help remembering that little girl who will never have another birthday, and who laid for months rotting in the woods while her mother lied to police at every turn so she’d never be found.

If we can be sure about anything, it’s this: Casey Anthony’s itching to get on with her life. If that dog so much as whimpers about being left alone when she’s able to party again, it will end up road kill and Casey won’t stop or ever look back.

There’s something wrong with a country that will let people adopt pets after they’ve shown themselves incapable of keeping their own children safe and alive.

7 Responses to Worried About Casey Anthony’s Dog

  1. Britta says:

    I am sorry Casey has been allowed to care for another living being. While there is a huge following of folks who hang on everything Anthony, it is really a travesty that her pitiful life consumes the media here in Florida. When I read in the Orlando Sentinel a few weeks ago, a headline which proclaimed “The Year of Casey Anthony”, I wanted to cancel my subscription. Excuse my candor but for those of us here in Florida who are tired of having our headlines defined by a very sick person and an equally sick family, I so wish we can move forward.

  2. Jessica says:

    The dog probably isn’t real. Just like that babysitter.

  3. catsworking says:

    Jessica, that’s a comforting thought. Let’s hope the dog is only in Casey’s mind. Personally, I can’t see her connecting on any level with any animal.

    This morning the Today Show reported on some stuff that came out in her pre-trial psychiatric interviews. The “experts” said they found no sign of mental illness, although they had no way of knowing if Casey was telling them one word or truth. She claimed Kaylee may have been the result of a date rape that occurred after someone spiked Casey’s drink at a party. Convenient. She claimed her father had been molesting her since childhood, and that she saw him holding Kaylee’s head under water at some point.

    A second video clip surfaced recently, although I haven’t seen it. Casey’s hair has gone from brown to blonde to red, and she’s got some new ear and nose piercings.

    Britta, we wrote about Casey Anthony during the trial and got one indignant comment from a Florida reader on the title of our post. We are not fans, by any means. What we don’t understand is why the father, George, who seems like the only halfway sane one in the family, doesn’t leave his delusional wife and daughter and get as far away as modern transportation can take him.

  4. Britta says:


    While I missed the trial posts, have to weigh in with my psych background here…hard to accept that the dynamics of screwed up, really dysfunctional families are, in their own way, the only functioning family unit those involved know. Even discomfort and despair when familiar and and habituated can be comforting states of existence. You or I may have left but, even though George may have been the most sane of the bunch, he is still performing his role in the family as it is. Co-dependency at its most case study best.

    Just my thoughts


    P.S. And, oh yeah, Casey is a psychopathic liar. And that, leads to a whole host of other issues that George can, in part, claim credit for. Just sayin….

  5. catsworking says:

    Britta, you’ve made a good point about George. Yes, of course he bears some responsibility for his hot mess of a daughter, especially for not doing battle with Cindy for fostering Casey’s sick behavior and lies. The parents did a lengthy interview (with Dr. Phill?), and we were really impressed by George’s “normal” reactions and outrage at how Casey tried to pin the murder on him, paint him as a molester, etc. Cindy was still out in La-La Land, and was even surprised by some of the down-to-earth things George said, so they obviously hadn’t discussed it thoroughly between themselves.

    George is probably just sticking with the devils he knows at this point.

    Like OJ Simpson, we feel certain that Casey Anthony will surface in a bad way, sooner rather than later. Right now she’s changing her hair color every time she opens a box of dye, poking holes all over herself, and gloating over her collection of electronic gadgets (who’s providing them? one wonders — she’s supposed to be broke). Not the behavior of someone trying to get back on track as a responsible adult. Her chronic inability to tell the truth will probably lead her to a sordid end.

  6. Britta says:

    I just loathe seeing (and paying for) the headlines here in Florida. Okay, my husband reads the whole thing and I just scan the life section. The Orlando Sentinel has a long way to go to even qualify as a thoughtful, insightful fish wrap. But, what is worse is realizing that headlines target the market and selling papers means the population it serves truly finds a sick family note and news worthy.

    There is so much more to learn in terms of what are critical issues here in central Florida. As a nonprofit manager and former public servant, deeply concerned about homelessness, unemployment, foreclosures (both big in Brevard), people who don’t have food on the table, etc, etc ad nauseum, I am hard pressed to give much consideration to anything Anthony.

    I just wish we, as a community, could move on and leave them to their demise (with much hope that the poor little doggie now under Casey’s care finds a new home.)

  7. catsworking says:

    Britta, the Richmond Times-Dispatch is extremely right-leaning, and changes in management a few years ago led to a huge “dumbing down” of the paper’s content, even though it seems an impossible feat at the time. The world could be in a total melt-down, yet this paper’s front page will be running some huge story about a local nobody who has done essentially nothing.

    Not to mention the approx. 500-word “feature” that appears EVERY DAY on page 2 — about the CIVIL WAR. They just can’t get past it.

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