It Took 10 Years, But Finally…

By Karen

…My “day job” has a website. If you’ve ever wondered what I really do for a living (or you just can’t get enough of my brilliant writing — I can dream, right?), now there’s karenwormald dot com (or click here).

Contrary to popular notions about the infinite power of the ‘Net, I’ve managed to make a good living as a freelance writer since 2002 — and help businesses improve their websites — without having a Web presence myself. But I’ll concede that it would have been a bit easier with one.

My new site is really a WordPress blog because I wanted to stick with the platform I sorta know and not have to funnel updates through a busy Web designer. And I can post rants about writing there whenever the spirit moves me.

I’m letting you know about this to explain the scarcity of posts here lately and because I hope some of you out there may be able to help me drum up some new clients.

If you enjoy reading Cats Working and you know someone in corporate America who has any responsibility for bad newsletters, ads, or brochures, an error-riddled website, or cringe-worthy attempts at internal communications, please refer them to my site. I can help them clean up their act and get some respect.

Distance doesn’t matter. I’ve worked years with many clients I’ve never met face-to-face. That’s what email, phone, and the occasional fax are for.

My new site has a “Contact” form. Feel free to use it if you want to pass me a lead or ever want to get directly in touch with me for any reason. (I can’t find that feature in the Cats Working template or I’d have it here, too.)


15 Responses to It Took 10 Years, But Finally…

  1. Zappa and Zappa's mom says:

    I’m impressed! Your picture looks wonderful! Can you teach me how to use a computer ? I am hopeless


  2. catsworking says:

    Why, thank you, ZM. A family member I will not name told me the picture is terrible and that I need a professional head shot. Yes, I agree I could use one, but I’ve accepted the fact I’m never going to look 30 again, even with the fuzziest filter on the lens. And it’s come down to a choice between wearing glasses or letting my lazy left eye turn in and ruin every picture.

    WordPress is not as hard as learning HTML (or XML, or whatever Web people use these days). But each template has its own quirks to be worked through. I started this new site in 2010 and almost gave up several times. Also, I had to get my work samples into uploadable form (and found I couldn’t do it with much of my very best stuff, RATS!!!).

    Right now, I am trying to teach myself how to use an iPad. I feel your pain.

  3. adele says:

    Let me ditto ZM’s comment. I liked your picture on the new blog very much. I thought you looked years younger than when we were in DC. And I like the glasses — Mr. Adele, my makeup artist alter-ego would only suggest that with darker frames, you amp up the blush a little and wear a bright lipstick. But these are minor suggestions.

    I’m wracking my brain trying to think if I know anyone in the corporate world who I might steer toward you. I have one friend who’s a principle at a PR firm — I’ll ask her if they ever send any of their stuff out; they deal primarily with health care clients, like the Society of Endodontists and the Society of Dermatologists.

  4. catsworking says:

    Adele, healthcare is my specialty. I’ve been doing work for hospitals for most of my freelance career, and I’ve done projects here and there for practices.

    Thanks for the makeup tips. I will definitely keep all that in mind because I’m clueless. Since I hit 50, it takes a special occasion to get me to wear any makeup at all. I figure when you get to my age, people start looking right through you anyway, so why bother? But one strange thing I have noticed: Occasionally when I go out to run errands, I will put on lipstick (which stays on for about 2 minutes, which is why I usually don’t wear it). But I notice that clerks and cashiers seem friendlier when I wear lipstick. Is it my imagination?

  5. adele says:

    Know what you mean about the lipstick; the stuff that lasts is too drying, and the other stuff is gone in a flash. Benefit (if you have Ulta stores in Va., they have the brand) makes a series of blushers and blush enhancers that are pretty good. They make one color called Daffodil, which they say you can even wear over other blush; it’s the one thing I usually put on before Ieaving the house — some on the cheeks, some on the nose and chin (where the sun would hit anyhow), and it looks pretty natural, relieves my prison pallor and even goes on fine without wearing foundation.

  6. catsworking says:

    Even though I don’t wear it often, I’m a total sucker for lipstick ads. I see one that says, “Ultra-creamy and lasts all day!” and I buy it the next time I’m out. And it ends up on the pile with all the other lipstick that I don’t wear because it doesn’t stay on. My experience with the long-lasting ones was that they were very drying, AND they would wear off on your lips just as fast as anything else, BUT leave a nice big clown line of color around your mouth.

    We do have Ulta here. I’ll have to check out that blush.

  7. Britta says:

    Maybelline Superstay 24 hour has worked through breakfast and lunch meetings for me at work. If I am not consuming food or beverage at some function or starving myself, (which is rare) it endures through the eating/talking stuff and just needs a touch up to last through the rest of the day. Just picked up another tube/stick. I’ve tried most all and this is the best in terms of not leaving lips looking dry and icky. Color on one end and finishing balm on the other.

  8. catsworking says:

    Oh great, Britta, you’ve done it to me again! I am writing this brand on my “things to buy” list and will probably succumb to temptation the next time I’m in Target.

    And remembering Adele’s (the human’s) advice, it will be in a bright shade. 😉

  9. adele says:

    I’m thinking given the slight auburn tone of your hair and the fact that you’re very fair, a warm coral (not too orange-y) might be good. The one problem with a brighter lipstick is walking the line between just right and too harsh.

    Mr. Adele, my foppish make-up artist alter ego, (he really does make-up for friends, who have a special occasion) thinks you’re on the cusp between being an autumn and being a winter.

  10. catsworking says:

    The colors in the pictures must be misleading. I’m a pure winter. I had my colors done years ago and it was confirmed. Dark hair, pale skin with a pinkish cast. I look like death warmed over in fall colors, and orange lipstick is deadly. I have to stick with colors that have a blue undertone.

  11. adele says:

    The photo definitely gives your hair an auburn cast. I’m a winter,too, but I’ve found I need to be careful with red lipsticks with that blue undertone, and I like plums, but without enough blush, they tend to wash me out.

    Mr. Adele, upon further consideration, suggests a pink-y plum or a true red,Estee Lauder makes some great reds, but they’re somewhat dear, and they last better than some lipsticks, but frankly not all that well

  12. catsworking says:

    I’m brunette, but my hair does look red in sunlight. Even on a good day, I would never wear a dark or plum-colored lipstick. I’d look like a kabuki dancer.

    The problem with red lipstick, or any dark lipstick, is that it bleeds into the creases around my mouth, and then I look like Bette Davis in Whatever Happened to Baby Jane? And the effort required to keep that from happening is more than I’m willing to do. It’s not like anybody is looking at women our age (and size) and saying, “My, isn’t she attractive!” anyway.

  13. adele says:

    But one does what one can. And btw, that new picture is really a good one; the longer hair is great, and while it’s true that middle aged women are kind of invisible, you look pretty young. Lipliner pencil helps that bleeding. Sort of a flesh color keeps one from having a visible line when the lipstick fades.

  14. catsworking says:

    Yeah, yeah, I’ve got the flesh-colored lip liner. I find it about as effective as lipstick that stays on for 5 minutes.

    To steal a line from Arthur, I look young when the light hits me just right, but I can’t always depend on that light.

    Right now I’m reeling from our session with the pet psychic this morning. I’ve got a lot of processing to do.

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