All Cats Want for Christmas is Thumbs

By Max

Cats Working reader Adele sent us a link (thank you!) to a great British commercial about milk that answers the question: What would cats do if we had thumbs?

I can add a few more:

1. Steal the remote.

We would watch Animal Planet 24/7. Cole tells me we have a Christmas morning tradition of watching Video Catnip while we play with our new toys and stuff ourselves with treats. Can’t wait!

2. Open cans.

Well, DUH!

3. Make a good fist.

The next time Adele (the cat) came after me, I’d deck her!

4. Strike matches.

No, I’m not a pyromaniac. Just sayin… in case we were ever lost in the woods and needed to start a campfire.

5. Replace our hunt-and-peck style with real touch-typing.

Hitting the spacebar is the only thing holding us back, although I would miss the hunting part, which is always fun.

6. Turn on faucets.

Our water bowls don’t replenish themselves, you know.

7. Hold a poop scoop.

On second thought, we shouldn’t take perfectly good jobs away from humans.

7. Write longhand.

Always useful for signing checks and things like the UPS guy’s log when he delivers packages we’re planning to surprise Karen with. (Giving cats Internet access the way she does comes with a certain degree of risk.)

I’m sure you guys can think of plenty of other uses, but I gotta run. Christmas preps are in progress and I don’t want to miss anything!


3 Responses to All Cats Want for Christmas is Thumbs

  1. adele says:

    Glad you liked the clip, Max. I was particularly taken with the West Side Story-like finger snapping cat gang.

    Alice and Dorothy kind of felt bad after seeing the cats with thumbs. Being girly girls, they both said that if they had thumbs, they could hold cups and have a real tea party.

    We’re all three very eager to read your first Christmas post.

  2. catsworking says:

    Hi, Adele! I’m working on the Christmas post (Cole says he’s really happy to have the year off, since he did it the past 2 years, before I was even BORN). The photography is the issue. I’m not taking any chances with getting on Santa Kitty’s bad side, this being my first Christmas and all, so Karen’s really straining to get some good action shots.

  3. kittiequeen says:

    Happy Holidays—Merry Xmas— Love and hugs and xtra catnip and canned catfood to all.

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