15 Responses to Been Kicking SunTrust to the Curb

  1. Noel McWormald says:

    Good for you… Over Christmas, I’ve got to make the change. I have f*&ing Bank of America. I feel like a traitor to the cause. Once you get into things like Online Banking, it’s hard to change. I think I may go with my local credit union. Not as convenient, but I won’t have to shower every time I do business with those a-holes who are stealing people’s houses right out from under them.

  2. catsworking says:

    It took me a few hours yesterday to move 3 automatic drafts to Village Bank (which involved registering with websites, only to find they’d only do it by phone, which led to, “Your call is so important to us, sit on hold for an hour until we get around to you.”). Dominion Power was the only painless switch–totally online.

    I wasn’t doing online banking with SunTrust (because I didn’t “trust” them), but I intend to start now. I like Village Bank site’s simplicity and detailed tutorials on how to use it. They also offer a plan for the chronically frazzled and disorganized to move their accounts, which they call “Switcheroo.”

    I figure any bank with that kind of a sense of humor is OK. In fact, I think George Bailey would approve.

    I could have gone to the Truliant credit union, but the only “real” branch is in Glen Allen (25 miles away), and the satellite branch near here tells you to go to Glen Allen if you want to do anything meaningful.

    BofA lost many customers over the debit card fee fiasco. If we can’t get out there and protest with the Occupiers, the least we can do is tell the big banks to shove it by moving our accounts to little local guys.

  3. Bacardi1 says:

    I’ve always used small local banks because the big guys always have the banking business ass-backwards. I am allowing THEM to use MY money – not the other way around. And I am not going to pay them for the privilege.

    While I do pay for check printing when I need them, I’ve never paid any sort of fee to maintain my account(s), nor do I need to maintain a minimum balance. And since I don’t write all that many paper checks, one box lasts me at least a year or longer

  4. catsworking says:

    Bacardi, you have the right idea. I’ve always banked with small banks, but they kept getting bought by bigger banks until I’d end up with monsters like SunTrust.

    SunTrust actually opened this checking account without asking me if I wanted it, after they bought a small bank I had a savings account with. I let it sit empty until the bank that had my checking got bought by a bigger bank I didn’t want, so I gave in and switched to SunTrust. It was never a deliberate choice.

    In the ’80s, I worked for a subsidiary of Sovran, which was the biggest bank in Virginia (and subsequently gobbled into Bank of America). I could have had free checking and payroll deposit, but always kept a separate checking account with a small bank, which was considered VERY bad employee attitude. I didn’t want my employer having access to my checking account. Period.

    I don’t think I have ever paid fees for checking, but it has involved maintaining a minimum balance in some cases. I don’t pay fees on credit cards because I pay them off. As far as I’m concerned, fees are like pissing your money right into the pocket of some banker.

    And now that I’m going to take up online banking (mainly due to the PO’s anticipated suicide, although I think tracking the bank balance will be a nightmare until I figure out a new system), I don’t foresee writing a lot of checks.

    I actually get INFURIATED when somebody writes a check in a store. It happens mostly at Food Lion. I have to fight the urge to SCREAM, “Get a F**KING debit card. It’s the same F**KING thing, you MORON!!”

  5. Bacardi1 says:

    I don’t own a debit card & have no plans to. Use my Amex or Visa for everything & just pay it off in full every month.

  6. catsworking says:

    Bacardi, I also use a credit card for all everyday purchases and pay it off monthly, just to keep merchants from getting their mitts into my checking account.

    I have a debit card I use ONLY at the ATM to get cash or make deposits, but I like knowing I have it if I ever need it.

    On the other hand, people who still lug around a checkbook and hold up lines writing piddly checks for everything should get with the century and use debit cards. The money comes from the same place, and with so many businesses doing automatic draft from the checks, there’s little chance of having a few days of “float” on the money while the check clears.

  7. Bacardi1 says:

    Karen – off-topic here, but as an obvious cat-lover, I have a current story that I think you’d go bonkers over. Couldn’t find an e-mail address for you, but really think you’d enjoy this. Anyway to post it to you without compromising your privacy?

  8. catsworking says:

    Bacardi, I just sent my personal email address to yours.

    Reminds me that I need to see if there’s a new “Contact” widget for this WordPress template that I can add, so people can email me.

  9. Milly Hudgins says:

    A word to the wise: It is always best to avoid automatic drafts as that gives a third party direct access to your account [under the time-tested theory of trust no one in your account]…the more controllable way is through online bill pay which is simple and quick.

  10. MorganLF says:

    Just checked and found out PNC charged me $10 for my debit card that I never use, but they have a free one. I demanded they send me a free one and refund the $10. With internet banking as easy and secure as it is not sure why these local banks are so greedy.

    ING is so easy and totally free, these banks need to catch on.

  11. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Milly! You are absolutely right. I wasn’t online banking with SunTrust, so automatic draft was the only way to deal with 2 insurance companies that mandated automatic payment (they wouldn’t accept credit cards).

    Once I get myself set up online with Village, I will most likely switch those over. If you’ve read my other comments on this post, I have been paranoid about giving anybody access to my checking account.

    Morgan, unfortunately, our dear government’s feeble attempts to “stick it to” the banks after the Wall Street meltdown are at the root all all the sudden greed. They cut off the flow of fully-undeserved fee income in one place, so the banks found loopholes to get it from another. Either way, it all comes out of OUR pockets. The only way to stop it is to regulate the living crap out of the banks, cap salaries and bonuses for bank bigwigs, and tax whatever is left on an ascending scale so the bigger they get, the more pain they suffer.

  12. Zappa and Zappa's mom says:

    The parasitic,Playskool anarchists of Occupy Anywhere Just To Be Fucking Irritating really don’t care about how major lending institutions abuse their customers. Here in DC our smelly,disaffected mob are now calling attention to our aging infrastructure by protesting on Key Bridge (one of the country’s oldest) during evening rush hour. Of course,no one thought to bring along a tool belt and actually FIX something.


  13. catsworking says:

    ZM, Richmond has its Occupiers. After an initial cordial reception, they were suddenly and rudely got kicked out of the downtown park where they were camping, only to resettle on the lawn next door to the mayor’s house (by invitation of the neighbor, who publishes, I think, an anti-establishment sort of paper I’ve never seen, and who has been given a summons to get the protesters off his property within 30 days or else). The other day they had a march and picked up trash along the route to be useful, which was a smart move.

    I have mixed feelings about Occupy Wall Street. Yes, the hangers-on make it look bad, but at least there’s a group out there TRYING to get someone’s attention, and law enforcement’s treatment of them when they are protesting peacefully is as disgraceful as anything we see in Third World countries.

    I’m afraid it’s going to get much more violent. But until they have a clear goal and start articulating it, they’ll just be considered a nuisance.

    The only way the rest of us can express our disgust with the status quo is with our wallets and votes.

  14. Mary Austin says:

    I have always banked with small local banks for the most part, and luckily my bank now has not been swallowed up by bigger banks. One thing I’ve noticed the past year is how many fewer employees seem to be around. Also, those who are still there are so much nicer than before. I don’t have a ton of money, but got a personally written note–snail mail- from a teller who helped me the week before! Also they don’t charge for a lot of things the other banks are. I guess I’m lucky. BTW, Karen, I haven’t been able to visit Catsworking lately since I was burglarized, and of course they got my laptop, along with jewelry, most of which was worth more to me than them. The cop told me this is the busy time for burglars, not just shoppers. Well maybe they’re shoppers too, they just “shop” in other people’s houses…

  15. catsworking says:

    Mary, I’m so sorry to hear about your burglary. What a terrible thing. I actually have nightmares about being broken in while I’m at home. Knock on wood, nothing like that has ever happened, but nobody is safe these days.

    I opened my new account with Village Bank on 12/5, and here it is 12/14 and I’m still waiting for my checks and ATM card. I need to write some gift and donation checks to enclose in Christmas cards, so this is getting a little awkward. If the checks don’t show up today, I’ll just use my SunTrust account (which is still open) and have to wait for everything to clear +$5,000 to avoid the damn exhorbitant fee.

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