Jack the JFK Cat Didn’t Make It After All

November 7, 2011

By Max

I am typing with tears raining on my paws after finding out via Twitter that 5-year-old Jack the cat, who was lost for 2 months at JFK Airport thanks to the carelessness of American Airlines, has died.

None of the reports after he was found mentioned that he had sustained terrible wounds on his back. In fact, his NY vet said he was in pretty good shape, considering.

Well, that wasn’t the case at all. Because of Jack’s severe dehydration and malnutrition, the wounds wouldn’t heal. Now the vet’s comparing them to Jack “having severe burns over 50-60% of his body,” and even if Jack had undergone surgery to close them, it would have meant more suffering and no guarantee of recovery.

So Jack’s owner, Karen Pascoe, made the horrible decision to end Jack’s suffering yesterday. No account of what happened is clear, but I think Pascoe was with Jack, and that he never made it home to California and died in New York.

American Airlines supposedly paid Jack’s vet bills.

I also just learned that Jack was found at the airport in October only after he FELL THROUGH A CEILING.

Here’s a sad picture of Jack in his final days.

The moral of this tragic story for humans is this: If you are ever faced with transporting your pet as cargo on ANY airline — DON’T. Find another way. None of them can be trusted.

Kittenapper Sentenced, Kitten Found – Then NOT

November 3, 2011

By Max

Remember Christine Hemming, the woman in England who stole Beauty, the kitten belonging to her husband’s love-child, and then tried to return it by shoving it under someone else’s fence? If not, read my post about it.

Well, Christine was sentenced on October 28 on a burglary conviction to 9 months in jail suspended and 150 hours of community service — I hope cleaning litterboxes at a cat shelter having a diarrhea epidemic. She must also pay £1,000 ($1,599) in restitution to Beauty’s former family.

Then within days, everyone thought Beauty had been FOUND!

A tomcat named Felix, who belongs to a nice lady in Birmingham, led “Beauty” to his house two months after she disappeared, and the cat has been getting fed there ever since (although, presumably, still living outdoors).

The woman only connected the dots that her stray might be Beauty recently, because news reports of the trial kept talking about a kitten. She called John Hemming and he thought the cat was Beauty. (See her tell it here.)

This cat is an adult now and nursing a litter of kittens. But then a group called Cat Protection said the cat is NOT Beauty because their markings are too different, and John Hemming admitted they are probably right.

What do you think?

Beauty's on the left -- are they the same cat?

I think we’re back to wondering whatever happened to poor Beauty — and I hope that woman gets her stray spayed!

GOP Throws Money at Herman the Harasser

November 2, 2011

By Cole

Herman Cain was naughty in the ‘90s with two female employees at the National Restaurant Association — and when the story just broke, he had one of his best campaign contribution days ever.

So much for GOP reverence for family values and zero-tolerance for sleaze — like they spouted when they tried to crucify Clinton.

Maybe Mitt Romney should consider a YouTube video of himself performing kinky sex with an underage girl who turns up pregnant — and then pay her NOT to get an abortion. By GOP logic, Mitt’s campaign coffers would overflow and he’d be guaranteed the nomination.

But back to Cain’s “problem”…

He initially claimed no memory of the incidents, but then vague little snippets started coming back to him.

Now we know the association silenced one of the women with a year’s worth of severance pay and made her sign a nondisclosure agreement.

When there’s that much smoke, it MUST have been a good fire.

On the other hand, so what? The incidents apparently occurred at booze-fueled parties, where people always say/do things they regret later.

If Cain IS as innocent as he claims, why is he being so evasive? Instead of faking amnesia or claiming he wasn’t privy to the settlements, he could have put the whole matter to rest with complete and decisive disclosure, proving he’s unafraid to look reality in the face.

Instead, he’s acting like a shifty, lying CEO — the same type Occupy Wall Streeters are fed up with and staging protests against.

I think Cain just blew his moment to sew up the nomination. He may have inspired the GOP’s biggest morons to redirect their Sarah Palin PAC contributions to him, but he’s quickly losing his cred and probably pissing away his chance at the presidency.

The only conclusion one can draw from Herman Cain’s behavior today is that whatever he did back then, it must have been pretty, pretty bad…

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