Never Drop the Soap at Penn State

By Cole

It’s not often we agree with Sarah Palin (OK, never), but if the allegations about Jerry Sandusky are true, we’re sorry she said, “Hang him from the highest tree. I’ll bring the rope,” before we did.

We’re spitting mad because the man has brought disgrace to a school whose mascot is a big cat!

How could any man, especially a strapping football player like Mike McQueary, see a 10-year-old boy being ass-raped by Jerry Sandusky and not yell, “Hey, Jerry! Stop that right NOW!” or even better, throw a punch and deck the perv?

Unless maybe Mike has been there, done that himself. It would certainly explain his passivity now.

You must have heard about Sandusky’s lethal confession/interview on Rock Center, where he insisted everyone is lying about him. He claimed the kid McQueary saw him with had turned on all the showers to slide across the floor, and the “slap, slap, slaps” McQueary heard were Jerry and the boy snapping wet towels.

But what responsible adult lets a buck-naked kid slide across a slimy, germ-infested locker room shower floor? That kid probably still has athlete’s ass.

The Catholic Church must be sighing with relief at this breathtaking display of laissez-faire by every man who knew something wasn’t right about Sandusky.

“See, we aren’t the only ones who think man-on-boy action is A-OK!”

Some have speculated that Joe Paterno and that janitor who saw Sandusky giving a boy a blow job didn’t want to “intrude.” It makes you wonder how they’d have reacted if Sandusky had been buggering their own kids, or perhaps they consider sodomy a rite of passage.

Sandusky’s lawyer, Joe Amendola, was on stage with Bob Costas on Rock Center while Costas sank Sandusky so deep into the doo-doo of guilt, nothing short of a miracle will save him.

But Amendola still says he believes Sandusky’s innocent. For that to be true, these are the only possible scenarios I see:

1. The authorities can’t identify and track down the 8 boys (now men), and they don’t voluntarily come forward (although one allegedly plans to).

2. Sandusky has already gotten to the boys and bought their silence, possibly years ago.

3. Some of the boys do come forward and THANK Sandusky for “mentoring” them through the difficult phase when they first became aware of their homosexual tendencies, and because of him they are now proud gay men in fulfilling relationships and don’t want to press charges.

By denying these acts on national TV in the creepiest, most evasive possible way, instead of just admitting he’s a predator (if he is), Sandusky has declared open season on himself and I think it’s only going to get uglier.

15 Responses to Never Drop the Soap at Penn State

  1. Number three is completely inappropriate. There was nothing “gay” about this whole incident, or ongoing series of incidents.

  2. Zappa and Zappa's mom says:

    Hi Cole!
    I’ve missed you guys! The Human has had terrible computer difficulties and is threatening to throw every electronic device she owns off of the balcony.
    My Human can’t watch anymore of the Penn State coverage because McQueary’s hair freaks her out.


  3. catsworking says:

    patrickfitzmichael, thanks for providing the link to your blog. I read your post on this and my head is still spinning. I was neutered as a kitten and have never had to deal with sexual urges myself. In fact, we recently added a kitten to the family (Max) and I can say unequivocably that it has never occurred to me to jump his bones, either for power or gratification. I just don’t think like that.

    My #3 scenario was an exercise in stretching credibility past the limit for satirical purpose, not in any way indicating that I think it would ever possibly happen. I don’t even think that any of Sandusky’s victims were necessarily gay; they were just vulnerable enough in some way for him to feel confident in assaulting them. In the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong creep.

    Anyone reading this, you should go over and read the post at twogaybullies. Seeing this whole mess from a gay perspective is enlightening.

  4. catsworking says:

    ZAPPA and MOM!!!! We have missed you, too! Karen was just saying this morning that she was going to email you guys to see if you were all right. But now you’re saying she probably wouldn’t have gotten a response, which would have freaked her out even more.

    Sorry to hear about your computer problems. Didn’t your mom get an iPad or a smartphone or something? I remember her saying WordPress wasn’t working on it.

  5. MorganLF says:

    This disgusting piece of shithas no barometer. He thinks we believe him because he does not believe he is wrong. Here is the indictment: Prepare for horrific details. Then realize this fuckbugger has been doing this for over 45 years right under Paterno’s nose; with “Joe Pa’s” protection. St. Joe reported the “incident “to his boss? Paterno HAS NO BOSS- he is the de-facto capo de tutti capo out there in Happy Valley! FOOTBALL IS KING AND HE RUNS THE SHOW everyone knows that. No one tells him what to do, he knowingly with the rest of the “old boy network” let this happen to dozens of young underprivileged minority kids to protect Penn’s defense strategy. Paterno is an evil pernicious man.

    This flagellating turd was allowed to retire quietly with emeritus status that gave him unlimited access to school facilities, when he was reported to the school. What does that say about a school bestowing upon someone that honor when they had to force him to retire because he was caught raping a child in the showers? He attended school dinners and went on trips all the time with a young boy in tow. Am I supposed to believe that the other coaches and their wives and school personnel in attendance never thought to inquire who these boys sitting at the head coach’s table were? He was petulant, needy, controlling and called these children constantly on the phone. Did no one think that was odd? Where were the parents? The loathsome malevolent strunz knew that if he were to prey on poor wretched ethnic children with dysfunctional home lives, meh, no one would care, and he was right.

    McQueary, a strapping 28 year old man witnessed the most unspeakable act an adult male can inflict on a young boy and HE DID NOTHING and turned away and ran! What stopped him from slamming that creepy blank face into the tile shower till it was nothing but a pulpy red mash? What did that red headed goof do? He ran and told daddy. I want to see the both of them up on charges and do- time in general prison population along with all the complicit dregs that allowed Suckdicksky to set up camp Chicken-Hawk for the express purpose of pipelining fresh young dick into his mouth.

    That judge? Don’t get me started this pig was only given $100,000 bail for a serial child rapist? Not even a monitoring device a la Lindsay Lohan? What is wrong here? What about the six adopted children, five of whom are boys, what did he do to them? And where the fuck was his fuck-faced dishrag c word of a hag wife???? What was she doing all this time?

    No prison for Sandusky. Chinese death to him; he should be strung from a tree and his eye is cut out as he is left to fester and bleed overnight and all day in the blistering sun. The next day the other eye, then a leg, then the arms, the ears, slowly while hordes of flies and buzzards feed on his quivering gutted torso. I’d sell tickets.

  6. Jessica says:

    I heard that his lawyer fathered a child with an underaged girl. I believe he was 49 at the time. That might explain why he thinks this guy is innocent.

  7. adele says:

    Zappa and ZM, glad you’re back in communication — Alice, Dorothy and I were wondering where you were.

    I heard the Bob Costas interview with Sandusky, and while pleading innocence, Sandusky incriminated himself all over the place.Just admitting he showered with the boys, would cause him to be charged with risk of sexual harm by almost any child protective services agency, and if he had young children at home, he’d likely be asked to stay elsewhere.This all has the whiff of Catholic Church pedophilia, but at Penn State,the god is football.

    McQueary’s lack of action was unconscionable. Every time I see him,though he looks to me like an altar boy, who was buggered himself.

  8. catsworking says:

    Morgan, that comment was breathtaking. You are obviously getting more of the details than the media here is providing. Or it could be that Karen’s utter lack of interest in football doesn’t let even the slightest whiff of it into our house. When this all started, we had no idea what the Penn State football team’s name was. We’d heard the name “Coach Joe Paterno,” but had NO CLUE who he was affiliated with. Imagine my shock when I looked it all up and found the Nittany Lion!

    Adele, I think it’s going to come out that McQueary was one of Sandusky’s earlier victims, which is why he reacted like a gutless douchebag when he witnessed another boy being raped.

    Morgan, we agree with you. Every step of the way, this horrible man has been given a pass by EVERY OTHER MAN involved. The only conclusion I can draw is that they’re all thinking, “There, but for the grace of God, go I,” and pedophilia is much more mainstream than anyone knows. Hell, Sandusky’s total is already up to 11 victims, and now kids from Syracuse are coming forward about a football coach there!

    We did hear that after he retired from Penn State, a job came open at a Virginia college that he would have been a natural for, but he either didn’t apply or withdrew himself from consideration. Now they think he didn’t want to be too far from the pipeline of boys from Second Mile. Virginia lucked out.

    Karen says that football seems gay to her anyway (not that there’s anything wrong with that). They wear big shoulder pads to make their asses look smaller, cuter, and more grabbable to each other. They spend a mere fraction of the game upright, and the rest piled on top of each other, hoping it looks like an orgy of masculinity.

    And now, like the Catholic Church, America’s “greatest sport” is going to be labeled another haven for pedophiles and everyone is a suspect.

  9. MorganLF says:

    Actually Sandusky’s lawyer Joe Amendola, was representing an under age female who went to him to be emancipated from her parents she was 16-he was 49. She gave birth and they eventually married, a real prince. Another punk ass deviant. Not in Suckdicksy’s league….birds of a feather just the same a power mad fuckwad who had no problem preying on a child cause all 49 year olds have sooo much in common with children 33 years their junior. Not weird and creepy at all.

  10. Britta says:

    Karen and crew—was wondering if and when you would “go there” with regard to this topic. OMG, I managed to alienate a FB friend of a cousin with my strident remarks. And I thought, Wow, if Karen or her crew posts, what comments would follow. Hence the preceding reflections.

    I have been interested in the ethics and integrity of sports loving friends and how they would weigh in on this issue–in terms of whether or not we could discourse or have to part ways…seriously.
    I was, frankly, reassured by one of my most conservative, republican, good-ole-boy friends that he too is on a mission to see that there is justice.

    Morganlf has it dead-on. To sum, it is horrific and beyond comprehension how this could have endured except to say that the big money involved in college sports and continued support from alumni has reigned supreme in terms of what is important and just. Damn the underprivileged boys who, along with a parent or two, thought they were signing on to a deserving program.

    Last but not least, as someone with an education and background in psychology, odds are and studies show that this is not a unique scenario and we should expect that, as this has come to light, more victims will come forward. Not great news for other educational institutions but it is time to get his out in the open and eliminate future occurrences.

  11. catsworking says:

    Britta, if there is one thing we cats have never shied from, it’s controversy. Karen just didn’t want us to do it while she was out of town and unprotected. You know how creepy people can get about black cats.

    Anyway, one would hope that “real” men would be writing letters to the editor of their sports pages and screaming bloody murder, making it clear that fans have ZERO TOLERANCE for this type of behavior, and anybody who’s boinking people he shouldn’t behind the facade of a sport had better quit, RIGHT NOW, or face being exposed, tarred, and feathered.

    The pedophile priests have a pope watching their back — and that the pope is somehow above the law is a dilemma that goes back many centuries.

    But head coaches should NEVER condone or ignore someone committing serial felonies right under their nose.

    Karen’s father was saying that Joe Paterno was known for running a pretty clean shop as far as football ethics, so what insanity made him draw the line and let it be OK when Sandusky was traumatizing and scarring little boys for life? Last night the news reported that Paterno has lung cancer, and somehow it didn’t inspire any sympathy. (They also said he’s expected to make a full recovery. At 84. Yeah, good luck with that.)

    Since the only sport we care about at Cats Working is horse racing, with NO involvement in betting, we’ve never understood the American obsession with football, which Karen says is #2 in tedium only to golf. And now that we know coaches can be predators or predator-enablers, it’s up to the fans to sort it all out. Unfortunately, the players will become the collateral damage. Although Sandusky claimed he has no sexual attraction to boys, he put the gratification of his dick above his team and the sport.

    Morgan, we didn’t know all that about Amendola, but it all makes sense. The guy obviously has major screws loose to have let his client go on national TV and crucify himself — while Amendola SAT RIGHT THERE AND WATCHED!

  12. Zappa and Zappa's mom says:

    Thanks,Adele, I have missed all of you! Computer issues are still not resolved,and I wish I could communicate by carrier pigeon. Zappa is making typing on the iPad very difficult at the moment. I had no idea he felt this strongly about this Peen State nightmare.

    Morgan,can you answer this-how in fuck’s name did this Amendola invertebrate keep a law license after knocking up a minor?


  13. MorganLF says:

    Zappa I have no idea. Why wasn’t Amendola vetted? Again Sandusky does not appear to believe he can be touched, if history is any judge he won’t be. He’s shaking his head now in disbelief , I mean St. Joe and company let him bugger little boys for years, why the big hub bub now? It was just some black kids.

  14. MorganLF says:

    Predictably more witnesses another arrest, and the sick fuck managed to pony up the bail. Who’s funding him? The dishrag c word wife, who happily knitted upstairs while young boys screamed for help? That miserable pig should be flayed along side her sadistic child ass raping sick twisted husband, who likely NEVER performed as a real man with her, hence the 5 adopted children/victims she adopted with him for his pleasure.

    Like Joe Pa she deserves prosecution for enabling this monster.

  15. catsworking says:

    We were surprised when the news this week said the boy count is up to 10 now. Thought it was 12. And suddenly you never hear of the “relative” who came forward earlier. One of the adopted kids got muzzled, perhaps?

    Mrs. Sandusky probably understands now why Jerry’s favorite position in bed was always doggy-style. For her to come out and poo-poo the allegations from the kid who was raped in her own basement while she ignored his cries for help makes her as vile a monster as her husband — spitting in the face of his victims. Even if she doesn’t believe it, out of concern for a boy who could very well still be traumatized by her husband’s depravity, she should have kept her fat trap shut. But apparently she doesn’t have any. The boys don’t matter. Only preserving her husband’s ability to defile them does.

    We agree. If it’s found that boys were abused in the home while Mrs. Sandusky was there, she needs to do some hard time in jail as an accomplice to the crimes.

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