Kittenapper Sentenced, Kitten Found – Then NOT

By Max

Remember Christine Hemming, the woman in England who stole Beauty, the kitten belonging to her husband’s love-child, and then tried to return it by shoving it under someone else’s fence? If not, read my post about it.

Well, Christine was sentenced on October 28 on a burglary conviction to 9 months in jail suspended and 150 hours of community service — I hope cleaning litterboxes at a cat shelter having a diarrhea epidemic. She must also pay £1,000 ($1,599) in restitution to Beauty’s former family.

Then within days, everyone thought Beauty had been FOUND!

A tomcat named Felix, who belongs to a nice lady in Birmingham, led “Beauty” to his house two months after she disappeared, and the cat has been getting fed there ever since (although, presumably, still living outdoors).

The woman only connected the dots that her stray might be Beauty recently, because news reports of the trial kept talking about a kitten. She called John Hemming and he thought the cat was Beauty. (See her tell it here.)

This cat is an adult now and nursing a litter of kittens. But then a group called Cat Protection said the cat is NOT Beauty because their markings are too different, and John Hemming admitted they are probably right.

What do you think?

Beauty's on the left -- are they the same cat?

I think we’re back to wondering whatever happened to poor Beauty — and I hope that woman gets her stray spayed!

6 Responses to Kittenapper Sentenced, Kitten Found – Then NOT

  1. Britta says:

    No, markings around the neck especially are different. Remember the British woman who dropped a kitty into a trash can and was caught on video? That she was caught on film was wonderful and priceless. In my way of thinking, she should have been sentenced to an hour a day (at least) reviewing her actions on film and then another 8 or so, cleaning out litter boxes in the local shelter. Cretins, all of them.

  2. catsworking says:

    Britta, if you have to give the Brits credit for one thing, it’s that they’ve got the whole country covered with surveillance cameras. Nobody can get away with anything. Christine Hemming was caught on tape, too, as she walked off with Beauty.

    The markings on the 2 cats are so different, there’s no way the second cat can be Beauty, as well-intentioned as the lady was who tried to match the cat up with Hemming.

    Beauty remains missing…

  3. chris hemming says:

    It is sad that some people are so poor observers of videos extracts that they fail to see that the extracts on the net and in the press are a 15 secs editored extract of a 16 minute recording. You may wish to ask why the full video has not been shown and what I was doing ringing the door bell for 5 minutes?

    Walking off with the mistresses cat and then returning it to her next door garden within 24 hours does rather question what happened to the cat.

    Funny how the cat was only “found ” when I was, after 1 year, able to speak to the press (you cannt until you are sentenced). I had set out for the press in detail how I had sought to find the missing cat for 2 months and how several similar cats were dismissed by Emily the mistress as not having the correct breast bone. I had earlier stated this in court. I had also provided pictures of where I left the cat.

    An effective way for a husband to get rid of a wife that will not divorce him ???? despite his numerous affairs dont you think

  4. catsworking says:

    Ms. Hemming, we thank you very much for providing your side of the story. Yes, it’s true, video can be clipped and distorted on the Internet to make people believe anything, and it was never mentioned in any article we read (and we read many) that you rang the bell for 5 minutes before going inside. However, you did walk off with a kitten that didn’t belong to you, and then expected a kitten to find its way home because you left it in the wrong yard. But what we also don’t know is if this kitten had any experience outdoors or familiarity with the neighborhood, which would make your actions seem a bit more reasonable.

    After writing this post, we did find an article that detailed your extensive efforts to find Beauty, and were very glad to read that. Since you have always had cats of your own, we assumed you are basically a cat lover, which made your behavior toward this kitten baffling. But we certainly understand any frustration/anger you may feel toward your husband and Emily. We think he has behaved like a dog from beginning to end, and having you dragged into court probably pleased both of them, so you have our condolences on that.

    You have added one more vital piece to this puzzle, in that several other cats were brought forward during your search and rejected (if Emily wanted to see you in jail, that would be the thing to do). So let’s hope Beauty WAS found by someone and is living happily ever after in a loving, stable home.

    And we hope YOU can write off your former husband and his new family as very bad lots and start enjoying your life again going forward.

  5. chris hemming says:

    thank you Max

    I can assure you that though this may seem bizarre I had no recollection of taking the kitten and did not even know that there was a kitten in the house prior to my finding it in my car when I returned home.

    Emily had a dog in her previous flat before my husband lent her our money to purchase the house (without my consent)!

    I am hoping not to see them again but sadly I have 3 children one of whom is 11 for whom arrangements will need to be made.

  6. catsworking says:

    Yes, allowing the children to maintain a relationship with their father is problematic. Of course we have no idea of what kind of father he has been, but the fact that he walked out on you and your kids to make another one with this woman is a big clue.

    Your “blackout” around the circumstances of taking the cat seems very strange but, again, no one but you knows what your state of mind was. If you were already upset at your husband, and then grew angry when nobody would come to the door, I suppose the adrenaline was pumping and it was possible to end up with a kitten in your car and not realize you took it.

    We just hope you are able to keep your distance. Console yourself with the fact that Emily snagged herself an accomplished serial cheater. It’s unlikely he’ll change his ways. It’s just a matter of time.

    I’m sure his betrayal hurts like crazy, but in the end you’re well rid of him.

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