GOP Throws Money at Herman the Harasser

By Cole

Herman Cain was naughty in the ‘90s with two female employees at the National Restaurant Association — and when the story just broke, he had one of his best campaign contribution days ever.

So much for GOP reverence for family values and zero-tolerance for sleaze — like they spouted when they tried to crucify Clinton.

Maybe Mitt Romney should consider a YouTube video of himself performing kinky sex with an underage girl who turns up pregnant — and then pay her NOT to get an abortion. By GOP logic, Mitt’s campaign coffers would overflow and he’d be guaranteed the nomination.

But back to Cain’s “problem”…

He initially claimed no memory of the incidents, but then vague little snippets started coming back to him.

Now we know the association silenced one of the women with a year’s worth of severance pay and made her sign a nondisclosure agreement.

When there’s that much smoke, it MUST have been a good fire.

On the other hand, so what? The incidents apparently occurred at booze-fueled parties, where people always say/do things they regret later.

If Cain IS as innocent as he claims, why is he being so evasive? Instead of faking amnesia or claiming he wasn’t privy to the settlements, he could have put the whole matter to rest with complete and decisive disclosure, proving he’s unafraid to look reality in the face.

Instead, he’s acting like a shifty, lying CEO — the same type Occupy Wall Streeters are fed up with and staging protests against.

I think Cain just blew his moment to sew up the nomination. He may have inspired the GOP’s biggest morons to redirect their Sarah Palin PAC contributions to him, but he’s quickly losing his cred and probably pissing away his chance at the presidency.

The only conclusion one can draw from Herman Cain’s behavior today is that whatever he did back then, it must have been pretty, pretty bad…

7 Responses to GOP Throws Money at Herman the Harasser

  1. Imabear says:

    Family Values? Right….

  2. Britta says:

    And the dirty secrets will continue to emerge. If my skeletons circa 80’s/90’s were made public, I probably wouldn’t be able to run for much more than a poster child for those who have reformed and overcome days of corporate happy hour debauchery.

    It happened, it was not pretty by any means but it is the past. That being said, while I don’t think we can hold anyone accountable for all of their transgressions, this seems a bit worth contemplating.

    If we are looking for candidates who are not necessarily career politicians, we will encounter individuals who have a history that is not as pristine or crafted as the classic politician. While I am not mitigating the significance of any allegations of sexual harassment, the reality is that in the corporate world, with or without foundation, accusations materialize every day.

    So, the question remains, is he a change agent? Are we ready to divest of the old school, land locked political environments that support our sad state of financial affairs? The present budget is not sustainable and while the candidates stepping up to the plate don’t have answers, we are in need of some radical change.

    My question is, from where or whom will it come?

  3. adele says:

    I keep thinking of the Boys from Brazil, and how it’s a good thing that none of those little Hitler clones went into politics; I’m afraid we’d be seeing one of them in the debates –and I’m afraid that fascism would look good to our tea bagging brethren. Yes, it’s government control, but consistency has never been a problem for them..

    Karen, Adele, Cole,and Max, I’ll give your regards to Broadway. I leave for NYC tomorrow at around noon,and Cole, I’ll be looking for a cabaret where some of your namesake’s songs are perfomed.

  4. catsworking says:

    Bon Voyage, Adele! Have a great time in the Big Apple!

    Britta, a 3rd woman has emerged as a Cain harassee, although she never filed a formal complaint. Karen assures me that so much stuff went on in offices “back in the day,” NOBODY’s past is worth delving into.

    Unless it comes out that Cain physically pounced and threw these women down, a la Dominique Strauss-Kahn, I think it’s a tempest in a teapot. The women who got the year’s pay settlement only netted $35K, so she was obviously a peon.

    There are 2 things I find most disturbing: 1) That every time somebody gets into the public eye, there’s a frenzy to uncover dirt (which they invariably do), and then blow it up into a huge scandal. Where did the expectation come from that everyone who runs for office must have been a saint from birth? We know that politicians are the dirtiest, sleaziest, most dishonest people on the planet. Why is anyone ever surprised and SHOCKED when their misdeeds come to light?

    And 2) That Herman Cain has handled it so badly. If he can’t just honestly admit he had a taste for secretaries 15 years ago, he realizes it was wrong, and he hasn’t hit on any since, then what else is he hiding, and how can anybody trust him with bona fide BIG issues? The biggest shock about this whole thing is not what Cain did, but how little it took to turn “Mr. Straight Shooter” into “Mr. Slippery Slimeball.”

  5. MorganLF says:

    Herman Cain is simply the must desperately ridiculous, anti-Obama candidate the Republicans can scrounge up. They loathe Obama to the point of digging up a country, geetche, bumpkin as the “Republican Negro”. This is the best the tea party can muster?
    He reverses himself on his abortion stance, is unable to articulate his thoughts and gets visibly frustrated when it is pointed out his position is illogical. His economic plan is silly and flawed. I smell Tea Party desperation again.
    How do you forget behavior so bad that several settlements were paid out to females who made harassment claims against him? Do you know how difficult it is to file and prove such a claim especially 15 years ago? There must have been a LOT evidence of really bad behavior by a creepy self-important, cretinous old man. Remember we are not talking Don Draper antics here- Cain was over 50, that’s just bad form and not the demeanor of a Commander in Chief.

  6. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I agree with you that Cain has probably been bolstered as the “token” to hide the racist streak that runs through the party. But I bet the last thing any of them would want is an election where their choices are between two black cats.

    I didn’t realize Cain is that old. So, like so many men in a position of power, he considered all the women in the office his harem. I don’t believe for a moment that he didn’t have final approval over any settlements that were made to cover his tracks.

    So Pizza Guy goes down in flames. Now they’re back to Rick Perry, who makes George Bush look like Demosthenes, or Romney. I don’t understand why they’ve never given Huntsman a fair shake.

  7. Britta says:

    To sum where we are… there are no candidates from any party who offer much in the way of hope. We, as a country, have to make some radical financial changes that include elimination of deductions and breaks that no politician is willing to support. My husband and I were discussing the elimination of the mortgage tax deduction.

    Frankly, in our bracket, we fare no differently in that our home is ‘under water” and we elect a standard deduction. There is no reason that someone who can afford a second home should have a tax break. Secondly, there should be an income ceiling or floor for those who are enjoying the “high life” in terms of tax credits on luxury properties. Suffice it to say our politicians (Haridopolis for one) benefit. Take a look at his property on the Brevard County FL website.

    Good grief, we need some change but it doesn’t seem likely it will happen.

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