Why Investigate Gadhafi’s Death?

By Cole

Last week while she was visiting Libya, Hillary Clinton told an audience of students…

“We hope he [Gadhafi] can be captured or killed soon so that you don’t have to fear him any longer.”

She got her wish. Within days, Moammar Gadhafi was dragged out of a drain pipe like a common sewer rat, beaten by the people he’d terrorized for decades while they ignored his pleas for mercy (he’d taught them well), and put of out his misery with a bullet (or several) to the head.

There’s now debate over whether the rebels executed him on the spot, or he bled to death en route to the hospital. His body was seen in an ambulance by Holly Pickett, a freelance photojournalist.

You say tomato, I meow tomahto…

Hillary’s saying she backs a UN investigation into how it all went down.

Why? Who cares? Somebody offed the bad guy. He’s a national hero. You want to put HIM on trial?

You can’t have it both ways, Hillary. You wanted Gadhafi dead, so don’t start acting all concerned now about the circumstances. The world agreed he needed killing. It’s done.

It’s better than paying for his upkeep in prison for years while he just went crazier and used his trial as a stage to deny his greed and atrocities, claim he was still beloved by all, and just piss everybody off even more.

We all know that could only have ended with his execution.

So rather than miring the country for years in the phony game of “Justice for Gadhafi,” he’s history and they can begin RIGHT NOW to rebuild the country.

NATO and the UN should just let the sleeping dog lie.


11 Responses to Why Investigate Gadhafi’s Death?

  1. MorganLF says:

    How the f does that name get spelled anyway? Every time I turn around its something new, Kaddafy, Ghaddafi….oh who cares. The cowering dog cried like a little girl and begged before the rebels…Really bad man? How douchey.

  2. catsworking says:

    No 2 news outlets spells his name alike. I assume the spelling we used was the AP version, although it’s not in the printed Stylebook.

    Yeah, I thought it was pretty funny that reports were he begged for mercy in his last minutes. Payback is hell.

  3. Jessica says:

    My guess would be that, when in English, his name is being spelled phonetically. His name in Arabic would be spelled the same way every time but since we have a whole different alphabet system, it leads to variations in the spelling of his name.

    It’s like how sometimes Osama bin Laden’s name would be spelled Usama.

  4. catsworking says:

    Jessica, I’m sure you’re right about the phonetics. It’s weird that the major news organizations never reached a consensus on the spelling. Everywhere we looked in researching this post, it was spelled differently.

  5. Jessica says:

    You would think that they would standardize it. It would make reading the news so much easier.

  6. adeley says:

    Did you see the Osama in Hell tweet right after the death announcement? “Gaddahfi, Quidahfi, Kaddahfi, just call me Steve.”

  7. catsworking says:

    Jessica, I was just reading AP Style’s tweets, and they do spell it Gadhafi. All the other spellings are ROGUE — or from other style guides. 😉

  8. Jessica says:

    I blame all rogue spellings on Sarah Palin. 😉

  9. kittiequeen says:

    I completely agree with you . Haven’t we all seen enough tv / news coverage about this horrible guy? People like HIll. C. have got to stop automatically calling for investigations. Maybe SHE should be futher investigated. If she wants him investigated, let HER pay for it.

  10. Mary Austin says:

    I was living in Munich in 1986 when he was behind the bombing of the disco in Berllin which was a favorite hangout for American military personnel. We were on red security alert and had curfews of 10pm, even at the various miltary hotels. The bartender at the hotel in Garmisch told us we had to leave at ten o’clock because it was Ghadafi Zeit! (Ghadafi time!!) They should have taken him out then, not 20 plus years later.

  11. catsworking says:

    We got a laugh the other day when the paper described Gadhafi. Instead of the usual, “former dictator of Libya,” he was a “rotting corpse.” How the mighty have fallen!

    The only problem, with the U.S. playing along and even participating in open season on certain countries’ leaders, is that paybacks are hell, and where does it end? Who decides that there are only good leaders left, and they should all get to live? I’m afraid we’re setting ourselves up for our turn for someone to take down our president, whoever he happens to be at the time.

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