Obama Passes Through – Again

By Cole

President Obama’s back in town when his bus rolls into Richmond tomorrow about 6.5 miles from here — as close as I’ll ever get to him — to talk about his jobs plan.

Obama’s destination is a fire station where he’ll talk to firemen, some county employees, and a smattering of local officials. The public is not invited.

Obama couldn't fit much of the public in here, anyway.

It’s Obama’s last stop on a 3-day tour through North Carolina and Virginia. He flew Air Force One to Asheville, NC, where he hopped onto the armored bus the Secret Service drove down for him.

After the fire station visit, Obama will fly the short hop back to DC — presumably on AF One — while his bus toodles up I-95 below him. This raises several questions:

Q: What happens if there’s a fire while Obama’s in the firehouse? Do they just let the place burn?

A: The fire trucks will be parked outside so the firemen can discreetly respond. Not that I wish ill on anyone, but wouldn’t it be funny if fire broke out and the room emptied on Obama? I bet he’d be rethinking that “no public allowed” decision.

Q: Why is Obama wasting double fuel traveling by air while his bus makes the same trip without him?

A: Hmmmmm… Good question. Obama?

Q: What’s Obama’s point? Does he really expect to gain broad support for his jobs plan by sneaking through town, snubbing voters?

A: It’s probably a money thing. The Miami Herald questioned who pays for this trip.

If Obama doesn’t appear before hordes, he can’t be accused of campaigning, so taxpayers must foot his travel expenses. But if so, why should ALL taxpayers pay for his visits to only a handful? And why should they have to pay for a plane AND a bus to make the same trip?

While thousands of Occupy Wall Street people are in the streets protesting greed and reckless spending, Obama thinks it’s a good idea to joy-ride/fly through two nearby states which are, coincidentally(?), critical to his re-election, pretending he’s not campaigning so he won’t have to pay for it.

And he wonders why his cred is in the toilet.

12 Responses to Obama Passes Through – Again

  1. Britta says:

    I just have to say this…despite his good intentions, in all of Obama’s addresses, he sounds so dire. He’s not charismatic in pulling off an authoritative tone. He sounds strident and disconnected. Will admit for posters that I voted for him because I thought he might bring some needed change and there was no way in hell I would have voted for a ticket with Palin. Oh, yeah, I do vote for the person, not the party. That being said, Obama sounds desperate. Pitting the voting public to apply pressure to the GOP is too evident as his MO and right now, unfortunately sounds like a pretty pathetic plea. There are no more rabbits our President can pull out of his hat.

  2. catsworking says:

    Article in the paper this morning about how the neighborhood around the fire station is in a state of chaos thanks to Obama blowing through town. Big chunks of busy roads closed — for 5 HOURS. One beauty salon owner nearby said she had to cancel all the day’s appointments (basically shut down) because she couldn’t get any answers on whether her customers would be able to reach the shop.

    So Obama comes to town to promote jobs and closes a small business for the day. Way to go!

    In 2008, people were between a rock and a hard place with McCain’s choice of Palin. Obama seemed like the only hope, especially on healthcare, which is why Karen voted for him. Fat lot of good that did.

    Britta, you’re right. He does sound disconnected. He walks a fine line not to be tagged the “angry black man.” But “Black Ice” isn’t much better.

    We’ve been contemplating the prospect of Romney winning the GOP nom and debating Obama. The country will have to choose between two stiffs.

  3. annie pelfrey says:

    ya’ll are finally getting his “hopey changy” garbage.

    annie pelfrey

  4. catsworking says:

    Annie, you’re right. As long as Obama has to deal with the likes of Eric Cantor and the rest of the a-holes in Congress who would rather die than see Obama accomplish anything, there’s no hope for change.

  5. Britta says:

    I would so join a resurgence of the “Out the Incumbent” movement. It isn’t Wallstreet or Obama that charts the course…it is the greedy, partisan, favor-granting elected officials that are bought and sold. In my lifetime, I do not see a fix for this problem.

  6. kittiequeen says:

    The usuall Obama nonsense; he does a mini “tour ” yaking like he’s doing something / and/or our “evil” Congress wont pass any of his crud though. So he does these little tours to tell the American public he wants us on his side of things. Like he really cares about us. The biggest problem I have with him, is the same one with Bill and Hill Clinton. All three of these are lawyers, with big yaking, arguementative mouths. None of these three can run anything, no boss nor management skills. BY the way,, he has been spending the USA futher into debt. This latest trip is just the tip of the iceberg.

  7. catsworking says:

    kittiequeen, Congress IS evil. Not just the Republicans. All of them.

    For the record, the things Obama wants to spend money on are for the American people — like healthcare and jobs. OK, the plans may be seriously flawed, but the money would ultimately be going toward things that benefit Americans.

    Bill Clinton left a nice budget surplus for George W. Bush, who proceeded to squander it, and more, on 2 pointless wars in the Middle East. The only Americans who benefited from that were government contractors like Cheney’s company, Haliburton. And how many Americans ended up DEAD? I’ve lost count of the total $$ now, but I feel confident saying Bush helped us sink over a TRILLION down a couple of rat holes and started the snowball of debt rolling down the hill.

    I agree that Obama’s pseudo-campaign trips at taxpayer expense are an outrage. After his visit to Richmond, many people were asking my questions about the plane/bus deal. Obama’s people explained that if he’d taken his ARMORED bus back to DC, they’d have had to close down I-95 (the main North-South artery) between Richmond and DC, which would have been a monumental mess.

    So I say, if the president is such a delicate flower that he requires redundant transportation everywhere, when people are paying out the wazoo for gas, keep him in the freaking White House and let him use TV or the Web.

    Britta, we’re with you on “Out the Incumbent.” They ALL need to be kicked to the curb. And if the next batch turns as self-serving and corrupt, kick them out, too. And keep it up until politicians learn that they serve the voters, not the other way around.

  8. annie pelfrey says:

    and they should be paid for the time in office- with no lifetime benefits.
    i am so ready to start my own country!
    off topic-i was at that hearing for Susan Mills feeding the ferals. what a debacle – and the rep from my district was the ONLY one who had a clue, and the one who voted in her favor.
    ok, it’s now MILLER TIME!

  9. catsworking says:

    annie, we have been following that story, and would like to come out their and TP the house of the neighbor acrosss the street who said the ferals were a nuisance. For her information, the ferals probably think SHE is a nuisance.

    We’re so glad that the Richmond SPCA is on the case, because they will help Miller make sure those poor cats are safe.

    We really thought Miller would be given permission to keep feeding the cats, and we’re DISGUSTED by the outcome. Smug human a-holes all have homes and plenty of food, so what do they care if poor stray kitties have to go into the winter with NOTHING?

  10. Britta says:

    Off topic Annie…my hot button with ferals. We’ve been involved in rescue for many years…a difficult road. Folks just don’t understand responsible pet ownership and then piss and moan when animals run astray, multiply and seek a hand-out. Risking consternation, I am with those very few and small governmental agencies which have outlawed pet mills, pet stores and breeding. While I appreciate pure bred cats and dogs, the shops, shows, race tracks and other venues have to go.

    There are far too many animals in need of a home to allow breeders to produce animals purely for someone else’s ego gratification. Thinking of those who are breeding highly specialized domestic cats While I am inclined to my feline friends, I also served as a volunteer for a while with Greyhound rescue. Talk about racetrack refuse. These fine and loving dogs experience what no animal should…all in the name of profit and gaming. I won’t elaborate but it isn’t pretty.

    My more than two cents for the evening…

  11. catsworking says:

    Britta, we’re with you on this. Puppy and kitty mills are just wrong, when perfectly good pets are being put to death by the thousands every day. Anybody who thinkks they have to own a certain breed and pays a fortune for it while perfectly fine and animals whose ancestry is no fault of their own languish in shelters.

    Not only does Cats Working support mixed-breed pets, but every cat that Karen has ever adopted, with the exception of Fred, a pure white cat who was given to her, and Adele, who was one of only a few females at the shelter at the time and for her reselblance to Fred, all the Wormald cats have been BLACK. Black cats and dogs face an extra hurdle because stupid humans think we’re bad luck and leave us until last.

    We also applaud Ottavia Bourdain for adopting her black kitty,Lupetto, from the North Shore Animal League.

  12. Britta says:

    Thanks Karen for your post. Let’s see, four of my nine are black and surely Mama, our 11 yo matriarch of former feral abyss, along with her three black offspring, would not be with us today without TNR and lots of intervention. Kudos to celebrities who do the right thing.

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