Spurned Wife Makes Kitten Disappear

By Max

More news from the cat beat. This story comes from the BBC…

Fifty-three-year-old Christine Hemming has been married for 30 years to a liberal member of Parliament named John Hemming. They have 3 children and 5 cats.

John is such a chronic philanderer, he once entered a contest to be named “Love Rat of the Year.” His affair with Emily Cox produced a daughter, now 4 years old, who was given a gray tabby kitten named Beauty.

Beauty, missing since September 29, 2010. (Photo - BBC)

Christine gave John permission to keep seeing Emily, as long as he always came home to Christine and her kids.

Well, John moved out in September 2010, so Christine went to Emily’s house (which John had bought for her) to drop off John’s mail. The door was unlocked, and Christine went inside, walking out with Beauty under her arm. It was all caught on surveillance video.

Christine says she remembers the kitten rubbing against her legs and thinking, “’Not only has he replaced me, he’s replaced our cats.” But then she claims no recollection whatsoever of taking Beauty nor, presumably, of driving home with a kitten loose in the car.

Yeah, right. And I’m really a rabbit.

But then her memory returns and she claims she tried to return Beauty by going back to Emily’s neighborhood and pushing Beauty under the fence of SOMEONE ELSE’S HOUSE.

Beauty hasn’t been seen since.

Charges were filed, and Christine was found guilty of burglary. She’s to be sentenced October 28.

We can only hope that Beauty found a new home and she’s living happily ever after with stable people who love her.

Having recently been a 4-month-old kitten myself, I can imagine the terror Beauty felt while she was in Christine’s clutches.

If it’s ever discovered that Christine really snuffed Beauty out of spite and tossed her into somebody’s dumpster, I hope Christine’s 5 cats have claws and don’t hesitate to use them.


6 Responses to Spurned Wife Makes Kitten Disappear

  1. Robbie's Mum says:

    Kudos to you for acknowledging the worst part of that story: the missing kitten. While the media were focused on the titillating aspects of the story revolving around Britain’s most bizarre, just as you, I wondered what happened to Beauty. I do hope Christine Hemming gets one hell of a sentence.

    I hope Beauty is as lucky as you (and Robbie) have been, and has found a safe, loving home. If not, may all cats have at Hemming!!

  2. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Robbie’s Mum! When we first saw this story on TV, I kept asking, “OK, what happened to Beauty?” but they never said. So I had to surf the Net to see what I could find out.

    In the photo, Beauty is wearing a tag, which I assume had a phone number on it. So why didn’t whoever found her call the owner? It can only point to 2 things: 1) Beauty ended up being taken in by somebody, or 2) Christine Hemming killed Beauty.

    Since Christine is a cat person herself, it’s hard to imagine she’d be capable of such a thing. But if she REALLY cared about cats, she’d have returned Beauty to her own home, not dumped her off on strangers to take her chances. That being the case, I wouldn’t put anything past Christine. She was motivated by rage at her cheating dirtbag husband, too, and may have taken it out on an innocent kitten. And then LIED about it.

  3. adele says:

    Alice, Dorothy and I were so taken by Beauty’s sweet little face. Dorothy, who had a home but lost it (we still don’t know how, and the trauma prevents Dorothy’s speaking about it) was in tears at how lost and lonely Beauty must have felt. We just hate it when humans take out their issues on blameless animals; let’s hope that Beauty has found another home.

    BTW, Max, did you see the Guinness World’s Shortest Cat? She’s a Munchkin and very cute, but she has such short little legs that she looks like a dachshund (or would it be dachskatz?).

  4. catsworking says:

    Hi, Adele! No, I haven’t seen the world’s shortest cat. I’ll have to check into that. Thanks for the tip!

  5. Chas Campbell says:

    Somehow I dont think Christine Hemming harmed the poor kitten, after all she is an avid cat lover herself..how many of us would harm a kitten? Some of the comments here are just base.

  6. catsworking says:

    Welcome Chas. Yes, you would think that Christine Hemming wouldn’t stoop to harming a kitten, but the fact remains that she dumped the kitten off AT THE WRONG HOUSE, and a year later, THE KITTEN IS STILL MISSING.

    Someone who truly cared about the kitten would have returned to the owner’s house, rang the bell, and handed the kitten over with an apology for being such an idiot as to have taken the cat in the first place. Had Christine done that, she probably wouldn’t be waiting to be sentenced for a crime right now.

    Since nobody knows if the poor kitten is alive right now because of Christine Hemming’s spiteful and reckless disregard for its safety, I hope the judge throws the book at her. How’s that for “base?”

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