A 9/11 What-If

By Adele

I waited until eyes were dry and everyone calmed down after the frenzy the media re-whipped up over 9/11 to ask this question. But let me preface by saying the passengers and crew of Flight 93, which went down in Pennsylvania, absolutely did the right thing. They proved how courageous and selfless some Americans can be.

But what if nobody on Flight 93 had realized the plane had been hijacked or was part of some bigger plot?

What if Flight 93 had reached Washington and hit the Capitol, taking out a few dozen senators and congressmen in the biggest mass-assassination in our government’s history?

What if our legislators had tasted mortal vulnerability first-hand, and their own families had been subjected to the unimaginable grief of losing a loved one to senseless violence?

Do you think the halls of Congress today would be filled with the arrogant, greedy, self-serving liars whose behavior is now disgusting the whole world?

Might ramming discriminatory, oppressive, fact-free ideology down everybody’s throat lose its charm if zealots knew they might bite the dust at any moment at the hands of some bigger nut too fed up to let them keep living?

Instead of standing on the Capitol steps smarmily singing “God Bless America,” what if our representatives had been picking through the rubble, searching for colleagues’ body parts?

Since they’ve turned the Capitol into a temple of dishonesty and discord, if they knew how easily it could become their tomb, would they still want to be there? Or would politics start attracting people who feel compelled to serve regardless of personal risk, who would be willing to put the country and its people first and do the right thing, no matter what?

You know, people who think like American soldiers.

Today, would our leaders still be shouting that the U.S. is the greatest civilization in the history of the planet while we steadily lose our grip on education, healthcare, employment, and financial stability? Or would they display some humility?

Instead of trying to buy or impose our myopic beliefs on intractable enemies, would we be concentrating instead on putting our own house in order?

What if Flight 93 had not helped Congress evade the terrorists, but instead reap the inhumanity it had sowed…?


13 Responses to A 9/11 What-If

  1. jimmie chew says:

    wow, i never thought of it like that, I hate to think about anybody losing a loved one, but what if…
    it would be diffrent wouldn’t it.

    thanks for making me think as always!

  2. Britta says:


    Pretty challenging task to work through your most
    thought-provocative post. Kudos to you. I would like to believe that a huge dose of tragedy would have stirred career politicians to rethink their “call to service”, but frankly, given the well-entrenched credo of deal-making and partisan derisiveness, a catastrophic event, IMHO, would not be enough to bring tides of change. It would age, as 911 has, into a memorial event and no more.

    What is happening now is just a huge “dump” (truly in the fecal sense) on the American people who so need a concerted effort on the part of politicians to do the right thing. In a world sense, it is very embarrassing to have our discord so blatantly on display. Shame on any elected official who contributes to this despicable state of affairs. We are just in the proverbial tank with no accord to pull ourselves out and despite stated governmental intent, there really is no consensus looking out for the us. They continue to fight their internal, ego/partisan driven wars. Shame on all of them. And, no, I really don’t have a strong opinion in this matter…

  3. Nina says:

    Good post. In the short term, it might have made a difference. Unfortunately, after ten years, politicians would be up to their old shit, their egos are too big and they are too selfish for any permanent change.

  4. catsworking says:

    Yes, unfortunately, you are all probably right. Long-term change would have been a long shot.

    And just think what a circus the 9/11 10-year anniversary would have turned into if the Capitol had been involved. The politicians would have fallen all over themselves trying to get their mugs in front of a camera so they could cry crocodile tears and pretend they gave a shit that anybody was killed.

    What’s going on in Washington right now, on both sides, is so vomit-inducing it makes me thankful to be a cat who can’t vote.

  5. I would like to flip your thought provoking post on its head if I may and put forward an alternative scenario that has been discussed quite a lot over the years.

    If flight 93 had hit the White House marshal law might well have been declared immediately along with all sorts of ’emergency measures, emergency bills, and emergency laws’ which would have made the last decade of Patriot Act, military checkpoints for civilians, wiretapping, the TSA’s hand-down-your-pants groping and the never ending wars (of terror and occupation) all seem, by comparison, like a teddy bears’ picnic.

    Some have even *speculated* that flight 93 might have been shot down by an F-16 pilot who perhaps took matters into his own hands (hearing that buildings had already been hit by other planes and putting 2 and 2 together). But that is just speculation of course.

    I do agree that the media has whipped up a frenzy of emotion over the last few weeks. I call it ‘terror porn’ and it is distasteful to say the least.

    It’s disturbing to see just how many different ‘angles’ the media can use to remind us of the horrors of that day. We even had a TV program last week all about ‘twins and the twin towers’ where surviving twins talked about their twin brother/ sister who died in the twin towers.

    Interestingly, at no point did the media actually make any programs that just discussed the official story of 9/11 in a matter of fact manner (giving us the facts rather than pulling on our heart strings). Nor did they show us any of the victims’ family members like Bob Mcilvaine

    That job was left, as always, to independent media, such as this youtube video by independent researcher and journalist James Corbett which has been viewed by over half a million people already and reached 12th ‘most viewed video today’ within 24 hours of being uploaded.

    Transcript and sources for the video above can be found here

    The popularity of such videos tells me that 10 years on, the public starting to get more interested in exploring the facts about 9/11 rather than just endlessly wallowing in the ‘terror’ of it day after day after day, as the mainstream media would have us do.

    One of lessons of 9/11 is that being put into a state of terror is traumatizing. And when we are in a traumatized state we become suggestible. And when we are suggestible we tend to look for leaders and authority figures to tell us what is going on and what we should do.

    Perhaps we would all do well to start trusting our OWN judgement a bit more, and take another (dare I say it) more OBJECTIVE look at the events of that diabolical day.

  6. catsworking says:

    Welcome, abandonculture! And thank you very much for your comments and video.

    On September 10, every comedian had jokes about what a useless idiot Bush was in his repertoire. But by September 12, the world was depending on Bush to be a smart, calm, competent leader. And look where that got us.

    I agree with you that if the White House had been hit and Cheney survived, he would have settled for nothing less than the strictest martial law and establishment of concentration camps in the harshest, most desolate parts of this country. And today, a large segment of our population (mostly black, foreign-born, or gay) would still be unaccounted for, and the families of the 9/11 victims would have long ago gotten lost among multitudes of others wanting to know, “What happened to my husband/son/wife/daughter/parents?”

    Like the Kennedy assassination, the full truth of 9/11 will probably never be known because too much of the paper trail has been deliberately destroyed. But in hindsight, and after all the evil, corruption, and coverups we’ve seen perpetrated by our government since, it seems laughable that Osama managed to catch us totally unaware. The Bush administration had too many reasons to WANT a huge distraction from what they were really up to, whether covering up rampant crime at home, or plotting to take out Saddam Hussein “and make Daddy proud for once.”

  7. “..Like the Kennedy assassination, the full truth of 9/11 will probably never be known….”

    You’re probably right. I am very optimistic though. I think the internet has changed the game to the point where this old ‘paradigm’ of having to prove criminal behaviour within the ruling establishment through avenues controlled by the, er, ruling establishment (such as the justice system) is no longer our only hope for exposing such crimes.

    If 90% of the population are able to be inform themselves (through internet research / alternative media) of 90% of the facts (and in the process expose 90% of any ‘official story’ as sheer nonsense/ lies) then that is enough to remove 90% of doubt and get people motivated to start demanding investigations, asking difficult questions, challenging official theories etc.

    Then, when all of those valid questions and facts get blocked/ dismissed/ ignored by the ‘establishment’ … well, that tells us a lot! And it goes a long way to filling in that 10% of unknowns and doubts still remaining.

    We can’t ever hope to beat (criminal elements within) the ‘establishment’ at their own game. But we can expose the game for what it is. A pantomimeand a farce.

    No matter how hard we pull in this game of a tug’o’war against, these dastardly corporate/ banking/ political/ aristocratic elite rulers, we keep losing ground. It’s maddening!!!! They have built an ‘enormous industrial sized winch machine’ while we just have our blistered hands!

    (Charlton Heston voice) “Must…. pull … harder…”

    Can you imagine the look on our opponents’ faces if one day we all woke up, dropped the rope and simply walked away…


  8. catsworking says:

    If the country keeps going in the direction it’s in now, with the Republicans fighting to make the rich richer while the majority of people sink deeper into poverty, I could envision another French Revolution. Why should the Arabs be having all the fun overthrowing corrupt governments? All it will take is for the stupid Tea Party to wake up and realize their idols are boinking them in the butt, getting rich, and not really planning to change a damn thing. Get the TPers mad for the right reason and it will be all over because they love killing.

    I was watching some of the videos in the links you provided of the Trade Center collapsing and it just reinforced what never made sense to me: Why did it take so long for those buildings to fall? If they couldn’t withstand the weight of the planes inside them, then it seems they should have caved in almost instantly, not an hour later. Surely, the activity of the people inside trying to escape couldn’t have caused it, because the buildings were MADE to be full of people.

    The long lag time between impact and collapse, and the way the both buildings imploded and fell so neatly in on themselves really did look like a carefully planned demolition, like you see all the time in Las Vegas. The first building was hit so high up, its total collapse has never made any sense to me. But I know next to nothing about physics.

    I agree that citizens should be doing their own research, asking the hard questions, and refusing to be ignored or bamboozled by these slick-talking politicians. Unfortunately, we’ve got this large segment of the population to whom “facts” and “truth” are irrelevant. They live in their own little world where pollution isn’t affecting climate, evolution is a fairy tale, unwanted babies who should have been aborted get born and live happily ever after, and some magical being in the sky is running the planet while watching over each and every one of them every minute and listening to (and sometimes answering) their petty little prayers.

  9. Britta says:

    Long after we, as present-day posters, have departed this earth, the conspiracy theories may be sorted out and the 911 truth may be known. However, I don’t think anything of significance will be revealed until the times are well past our existence on this earth.

    The same applies to any other historical event with political ramifications. How long did it take for Vietnam data to emerge?Nearly 50 years after the Kennedy era, we still don’t know too much about Chappaquiddick, Marilyn and a few other highlights. Until we baby boomers die off, the facts aren’t likely to surface and, if by some historian, researcher, PhD candidate type they ever do, those details will likely pale in comparison in terms of interest, with contemporary concerns.

    The internet has truly changed the game abaondonculture in that it gives us a forum to exchange information but the secrecy is still a challenge. Look at what happened to Wikileaks.

  10. This youtube presentation by Richard Gage is a very easy-to-comprehend guide to the physics of the WTC destructions.

    Alternatively, if you want to get an instant ‘feel’ for the (so called) collapses try this simple experiment:

    We know the towers were 110 stories tall and the planes hit around floor 90.

    We also know both towers came down in around 10 – 12 seconds.

    Each floor was an acre (!) in size consisting of 47 steel box columns in the cores and hundreds of perimeter columns, plus all that concrete for the floors.

    See a photo of the construction of the towers here. Note those massive cores that took up half the floor area! Also bear in mind that the building was significantly more substantially built (much thicker steel columns etc) lower down than at the top – for obvious reasons.

    Now, if you dropped a grand piano off the top of those towers it would have taken just under 10 seconds to reach the ground falling freely through the air. The towers came down in around 10-12 seconds. That’s only a bit slower than free fall (actually about 2/3 free fall acceleration on average).

    That means if you dropped a grand piano at the same time as the towers started collapsing, the towers’ collapse would have only slightly lagged behind the piano falling next to it through the air. Now that’s just ridiculous – if it was a natural (unassisted) collapse, that is.

    But to really grasp how ridiculous that is, try clapping your hands 90 times (once for each floor below impact zone) and time yourself. Clap as fast as you can and see if you can do it in 10 -12 seconds.

    And remember to visualize each hand clap as an acre sized area of steel and concrete being whacked by the falling building coming down from above and broken up by the impact, which then causes that floor to begin to move down to impact the floor below it and so on ……. all the way down the building.

    It’s madness!

    Even IF the top sections were able to ‘fall’ through the entire building structure below it, destroying it all along the way, and ejecting it all sideways at great speed (all of which defies physics, but let’s ignore that for now) it would have taken well over a minute. Let’s say it would take 1 second to destroy each floor and have it travel down to impact the next …. well, that’s 90 seconds! Nearly 10x slower than we saw.

    The footage, the maths and the physics all say those buildings were blown up.

    (and Building 7 did a similarly incredible ‘self demolition’ and it wasn’t even hit by a plane!)


    I hope there ISN’T a revolution (of the waving pitchforks in the air variety). That would only make things worse IMHO.

    I think people need to just peacefully withdraw support for criminality, corruption and deception on all levels – not least intellectually/ spiritually/ psychically – and be united, trusting and supportive of *each other* instead.

    The police, army, nurses, accountants, gardeners, blacks, whites, greens, greys, cats and dogs all need realize they are on the same side and that we are all victims of a small group of interlocking criminal cabals who we have allowed to run the world on our behalf. That actually makes us victims of our own irresponsibility. The ruling elite aren’t really such dangerous predators, they are just like parasites and vermin.

    To expose evil is to defeat it.

    It’s like we’ve all just forgotten how to do the housework and the mess has now got a little overwhelming to the point of being ‘a bit of a health hazard’.

    We don’t need pitchforks, we need vacuum cleaners 😉

  11. catsworking says:

    abandonculture, I agree with you that bringing about change peacefully would be optimal. I will divulge that your email address indicates you are in the UK, so you may not have seen what passes for the “typical” American up-close and personal.

    The violence is out of control. Right here in Richmond, we turned on the TV this morning to a double stabbing in a local GROCERY STORE. A guy and gal got into an argument (over which brand of peanut butter to buy?) and he stabbed her repeatedly, then stabbed himself. No word yet on if either of them are still alive.

    Guns are everywhere. The other night here, a child was shot and killed THROUGH THE WALLS OF HIS HOUSE while he lay sleeping, due to some shooting in his neighborhood. Nobody is safe anywhere.

    While the majority of people are law-abiding and peaceful, the crazies have the guns and knives and will seize the moment because change by peaceful means will take too long for them.

    Britta, you’re probably right that the truth will never be known in our lifetime. But I’m going to turn it over to Karen to address Chappaquiddick.

    Karen here: Back in the ’70s, a girlfriend and I took bicycles over to Chappaquiddick to check out the Teddy’s story. There was only one paved road, so there was no deviating from that. When Ted and Mary Jo were driving back from the party, they were on that road. He should have turned left to get to the ferry back to Martha’s Vineyard, but instead he turned right and went off the road into deep beach sand. There’s no way he didn’t know he was going in the wrong direction, even drunk.

    We couldn’t get our rented bikes through the sand, so we didn’t make it all the way to the bridge. But what happened next didn’t need further scrutiny. The car went off the bridge and sank, and Ted failed to save the girl. Or maybe he actually thought of what his family would say about his affair and he let her drown. Either way, same result.

    It wasn’t a conspiracy or planned. He was a philanderer in those days, the least successful son in a family that demanded too much from every member. He was scared to death of what the family would say, and how his screw-up would affect them. He was also probably drunk and not thinking straight, and he consulted other people on what to do, which accounts for the delay in reporting the accident.

    Of all the scandals and mysteries of our time, I’d say this one has been most thoroughly exposed and explained. Mary Jo was no Marilyn Monroe who needed to be silenced. She was just an ordinary girl with an unfortunate pick of boyfriends.

  12. Very interesting “what if”. i’ve shared it on Facebook. I suspect i’ll have vastly mixed reactions to that! I just finished publishing a few videos about the New Ork riots on Fb. I seem to have a theme running today!. BTW – nice blog. I found you looking for cat calenders… got to love Google! LOL (excuse typoes – carpel tunnel syndrome = lousy finger coordination lately!)

    You might like this: http://mimilenox.blogspot.com/


    I’m a member. 😉

  13. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Michelle, and thanks for the share on Facebook! We will check out your blog, too.

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