May Be the Company Bourdain Keeps

By Karen

Once again, Anthony Bourdain was nominated for an Emmy, for Outstanding Writing on No Reservations: Haiti, only to lose to some guy named Stanley Nelson who wrote Freedom Riders for PBS.

No Res did take home the statue for best Cinematography (well-deserved and Congratulations!), but lost as Best Nonfiction Series to American Masters on PBS.

Maybe it’s just me, but are you beginning to see a pattern here? Could it be that Tony’s getting no respect because being Travel Channel’s “biggest star” is a dubious achievement? After all, he’s shining among such stellar programming as Truck Stop Missouri, Man v. Food Nation, Mancations, Sand Castles, Ghost Adventures, and Bizarre Foods.

Bourdain has just been named a consulting editor who will acquire 3-5 books a year for for his publisher, HarperCollins, under the Ecco imprint (check out the new logo). Presumably, he’ll also be writing for Season 3 of Treme, and that chef he had working for all his NYC buddies in Season 2 will stop being irrelevant and return to New Orleans.

Bourdain’s career seems to be taking a decidedly literary turn, so he may have to stop treating his writing so dismissively. No longer playing that balls-and-bug-eating Andrew Zimmern’s role model can only be a good thing.

On September 11, Tony did a relaxed, beer-fueled 2 ½-hour podcast with Joe Rogan. Among many things, Tony said he still wants to go to the Congo, but Mozambique is in the cards sooner.

Finally, in the Tony’s Friends Department…

Marge Simpson dreams of being on Top Chef in The Simpsons’ season premier on September 25, and Tom Colicchio makes an appearance. No word on Padma.

And I read this insightful opinion piece at about celebrity chefs who pretend to be actors.


3 Responses to May Be the Company Bourdain Keeps

  1. Zappa says:

    I DO see a pattern here! If AB had followed my ….ahem…advice…and taken his looks,charm AND writing to PBS,he would have taken home that Emmy!


  2. adele says:

    I was thinking the same thing, ZM, although I must say that I saw the Freedom Riders show, and it was pretty hard to beat. But American Masters, good though it is, has a different subject every show, with different researchers and experts. NoRes has a very small team, and I suspect AB does most of the writing, himself — giving NoRes an edge IMHO.

  3. catsworking says:

    Bourdain has outgrown Travel Channel. Although he’s probably loathe to give it up while they allow him total artistic control and pay for him to go wherever, they’re holding him back. And if he’d just pull his head out of the oven and step beyond the comfort zone and relative safety of palling around only with chefs, with his world experience, he could undoubtedly find a bigger and more interesting niche to fill. Maybe this new gig as a book editor will help him do that — unless his first order of business is to publish all his buddies’ upcoming memoirs. I already envision a Gabrielle Hamilton sequel… “Guts, Gore & Glory.”

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