Congress Deserves a Beating

By Adele

Contempt has to stand on tip-toe to see Congress these days. Our so-called “representatives” behaved like a pack of selfish, spoiled brats, playing the self-inflicted crisis to the hilt, milking out every last drop of drama until they unveiled a joke of a debt “deal” minutes before high-tailing it out of DC for thoroughly undeserved vacations.

In their wake, the stock market crashes and burns — again — devastating the retirement accounts of ordinary people who felt they were just crawling out of the hole Congress dug last time it diddled while Wall St. flushed the economy down the toilet.

It’s inconceivable to think anyone is stupid enough to buy into Republicans’ infantile refusal to face economic reality. 

But then you turn on the TV and there’s Sarah Palin.

Any idiot knows that if you spend wildly beyond your means, you don’t recover by “cutting back” on future spending, but by raising more money to pay the bills you owe RIGHT NOW.

Conservatives think they’re being slick, railroading Obama into turning the U.S. into a deadbeat debtor with no choice but to file bankruptcy, ruin its credit, and earn worldwide disgust like we’ve never seen before. 

All that, just to get a black man out of the White House.

Yeah, it must be racism, because their stated rationale that the wealthy need to be even wealthier so they can create jobs is just plain NUTS.

Give me one example since 2008 of some American billionaire starting a company and hiring thousands of new workers.

No, I didn’t think you could. 

What smart billionaires do is game the tax system and outsource decent jobs so they can shaft the government and their workers, keeping the lion’s share of profits for themselves — and lapdog politicians.

To top it off, we’ve got Eric Cantor rubbing Virginia’s nose in it with an ad claiming he’s “a leader who shares our values.”

Sure, if our values included mugging homeless, jobless people, children, the sick, and the elderly so fat-cats in banking, insurance, and real estate have more money to pour into Cantor’s campaign coffers. You don’t have to look hard to see where his loyalties lie.

In the meantime, while the Repubs and Tea Partiers dance a jig, thinking they struck a blow against Big Government, we see prices on EVERYTHING rising because the money has to come from somewhere.

As always, it will come from ordinary Americans, once again getting shafted by the people they elected.


10 Responses to Congress Deserves a Beating

  1. Zappa's mom says:

    Adele,I read this post three times in disbelief and I am too sickened to make a comment.I will say that I am glad that Congress will vacate the city for a few weeks in hopes that the stench will go away.


  2. Tuxi says:

    Hi All! Purrsonally, I would like to wrap the GOP & TP in electric wire, have a bunch of us cats line up in front of these jerks with our backs to them, us cats let loose with a deluge of cat pee on them and then we walk away. Then plug in the electric wire, and “Bzzzz! Fried GOP/TP in no time! That would fix their butts! Tuxi

  3. catsworking says:

    Well, ZM & Tuxi, I woke up this morning to the headline in the paper that S&P did go ahead and downgrade the country’s credit rating, and may do it again, because they have no faith that the current crop of morons in Congress can be trusted to do the right thing. I hope the GOP/TP, those “America-loving patriots” as Palin likes to call them, are feeling very smug. They’v put us one step closer to Third-World status and can shut their yaps about this being the greatest country EVER.

    Tuxi, I love your idea for what to do with them! Too bad the 4th of July has already past. Watching all those politicians light up, sizzle, and pop would have been a fitting tribute.

  4. Anne says:

    S&P? Aren’t they the folks who graded all those mortgages triple A which then tanked and brought our economy down? This smells like GOP sabotage to me.
    What a bunch of sleazy jerks we have who are trying and failing to run the country. Eric Cantor still has that big square faced grin – probably because he thinks he can become a Czar.

  5. Noel McWormald says:

    The sad fact is that the Republicans will ALWAYS have Fox news to back them up and convince, oh, a nail-biting-come-election-night half of the nation’s voters that all of this is the fault of Democrats and the “black man” at the top … the good news is that recent polls show a majority of Americans currently lay the blame, just for now, on the Republicans. But who cares? It’s too late. The freefall has begun. No need to study the Great Depression in history anymore. We’re going to be living it in the here and now. I’m sick of both parties. It’s time for Obama to commit to doing the right thing, ELECTION BE DAMNED, and see what happens. I think it may surprise the Democrats to find out that they end up winning… just by virtue of showing some backbone. (something they have sadly lacked for years). It’s bad enough that the Republicans have most of the money, they’re busting the unions and making it harder for poor and young people to vote nationwide, but to have the Democrats kowtowing to them and compromising our futures away to protect their positions…it’s just too much for this cat to stand. I’ll pee on ’em one at a time if necessary. Their metaphorical stench is too good for them.

  6. MorganLF says:

    I could not have said it better myself:

    From: The Pen []

    Subject: Send Your Fax To Washington: The Big Lie Of Conservative

    It’s come to this. Either more of us will howl and louder about the
    ongoing debt ceiling debacle in Congress, or this country is headed
    straight for the next Great Depression, do not pass go, do not
    collect $200 (or its value adjusted by hyperinflation). The story
    today is that that the regular phones in Congressional offices are
    already jammed, but you can still get your message, “Hands off Social
    Security and Medicare, End The Wars and Tax The Wealthy Instead”,
    through using our state of the art fax system.

    Action Page:

    There was a certain demagogue in the last century who said the key to
    a “big lie” was to keep repeating it until people no longer
    questioned it. The big lie of our era is that tax cuts for wealthy
    people creates jobs. Republican House Speaker Boehner recently stated
    that the American people “know” that tax increases kill jobs. That’s
    what they keep telling us anyway, despite all empirical evidence to
    the contrary. Because all we have had for the last 10 years are more
    and more tax cuts for the wealthy, while the job market just keeps
    deteriorating, and the Republican prescription is still, you guessed
    it, MORE tax cuts for the wealthy. Unbelievably, the so-called gang
    of six calls for actually reducing tax rates even more as a basic
    plan to reduce the deficit.

    The truth is that only one thing really creates jobs and that is when
    people who are NOT wealthy, which is the majority and the rest of us,
    have more money to spend on goods and services. Businesses hire more
    people ONLY when they have more customers than they can handle with
    their current work force. And the WORST thing they could possibly do
    now is to decimate Social Security and to gut Medicare, two programs
    that work, and operate with their own surpluses. These cruel proposed
    cut backs would do nothing but take even more money out of the hands
    of the poorest among us, those who can least afford it, and deposit
    it in the pockets of self-interested corporations looking to take
    over and profit off what has always worked best as government

    We PAID for these services, to create these surpluses that have been
    raided to pay for foreign wars of sheer aggression still ongoing and
    without end as far as the eye can see, to pay for bail outs of rich
    Wall Street gamblers, to pay for hand outs to oil companies making
    money hand over fist on their own. 15% of every wage dollar in
    America goes into Social Security. We own this program, it’s ours,
    and any politician who even dares to suggest we cut anything from
    either of these two programs, while there is a even a single unwanted
    occupying soldier in the Middle East, while the rich pay even a
    single penny less in taxes than during the 60s (when our overall
    economy was booming), any such politician must be thrown out on their
    ear in the next election.

    Last War Crime Movie Production Progress Report

    In the meantime, we have been working around the clock for months on
    end on post production for the new feature length film, “The Last War
    Crime”, which finally tells the truth about what really happened in
    the manufacturing of a false case for invading Iraq, and why Cheney
    and his gang of intelligence cookers should have been, and should
    still be, indicted for using torture to make that happen. After you
    submit the action page above you can request one of the new bumper
    stickers for the movie, and there is no charge, not even shipping,
    unless you want to voluntarily make a contribution to help us finish
    the production. Or you can get one directly here, where you can also
    see and video clip from the movie’s dramatic closing argument to the
    grand jury.

    Last War Crime Bumper Stickers:

    The only reason it is taking longer than we would have liked to get
    this out (we wrapped principal photography back in March) is because
    we have such a high standard of what we want to final screen quality
    to be. Dozens of scenes in the movie were shot against what they call
    a green screen, with the intent that we would create photo-realistic
    backgrounds for all the various White House offices and conference
    rooms, etc. This green screen footage is incredibly tedious to
    assemble to get the look we want, we’ll probably end up with tens of
    thousands of individual mattes, many of which must be touched up by
    hand to get them as perfect as we want, and we have people working on
    this around the clock.

    But take heart. We are making substantial progress day by day, and
    with your kind and enthusiastic support we will soon enough have this
    movie in real theaters up on the big screen, mobilizing people to
    finally demand some accountability for the war crimes that have cost
    us our national honor, and now possibly our entire economy to pay for
    it all.

    And here is the Facebook link for the Protect Social Security and
    Medicare action page further above.

    [Facebook] Action Page:

  7. catsworking says:

    Anne, I put the credit rating agencies in the same category as the 3 credit bureaus — worthless. Who needs these 3rd parties to be the final word on anything? Half the time, they’re making assumptions based on faulty information, as Obama’s peeps are claiming with S&P. In my book, they’re just more leeches making a buck off the system while providing nothing of value.

    Noel, I agree with you that there’s plenty of blame to go around. I feel like Obama & Co. sold us out for the sake of compromise, and got nothing in return.

    But as I said in my post, it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realize that they can’t balance the budget without raising taxes on somebody, and if the Repubs keep going down the road they’re on — no new taxes for the rich and spending cuts to disenfranchise everybody else — they can count on Obama’s reelection.

  8. Britta says:

    Adele and company, you are always so “dead-on” Keep your great posts coming, they are well-appreciated. Good-grief, what humans could learn from your wisdom and insight

  9. adele says:

    Adele, I’ve been too bummed to even compliment you on you perspicacity. I’ll bet you, Yul and Cole are worried about your portfolios.

    This morning, though, I’m trying to take a leaf from the union organizer, Joe Hill, “Don’t mourn;organize!” Although my congressional rep, Mike Quigley is about as good as you get in Washington, there are enough tea partiers in Chicago suburban districts to take care of, not to say one of our senators. I think Obama will go on being Obama, and we all need to take a shot at helping elect different people to congress. It may be an exercise in futility, but I really think our only hope is to try to “vote the rascals out.” Sorry I don’t live closer so that Alice, Dorothy and I could help you go after Cantor. Too bad you can’t speak outside of your home — otherwise you could run, and Alice and Dorothy would be getting out their check books..

  10. catsworking says:

    Fortunately, the bulk of our wealth is in kitty litter futures, rather than treats, so the market is fairly stable.

    Was just reading something today about some “redistricting” that supposedly is making Cantor’s district even stupider more Republican. I don’t know how that could be possible, but whatever. Apparently, the little weasel will stop at nothing to keep his job.

    I do hope there is a general housecleaning in the next election, on both sides. Unfortunately, decent, honest people don’t want the jobs. Or, if they do, as soon as they get them and have a taste of corruption, they’re hooked and we’re right back where we started. It’s very frustrating.

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