Oops! He Thought She was a FRENCH Maid…

By Adele

…And it was their little game. That’s Dominique Strauss-Khan’s story and he’s sticking to it.

OK, the woman wasn’t wearing a black miniskirt, fishnets, frilly apron, and cap, nor did she wield a feather duster. But she entered his room, he was naked, and that’s all the encouragement he apparently needed. 

In an ironic twist, it’s been rumored the maid may be HIV-positive. Her lawyer denies it, but let’s hope the mere possibility scares S-K enough to keep his pants on if he’s ever a free man again, which is looking iffy.

It’s a classic he-said-she-said. But you have to wonder why a young widow from Guinea with a daughter to raise, who was smart enough make a new life in the U.S with steady employment at a classy place like Manhattan’s Sofitel, would suddenly jeopardize it all by cavorting — on the job — with an unknown geezer — and then run right to her employer and blab about it.

On the other hand, this scenario has been a fantasy for S-K for a while because he described a similar situation in an interview weeks ago, claiming it wouldn’t surprise him if political enemies rigged it to set him up.

So if he believed that could happen, WHY would he play along? It just proves he doesn’t have the good sense to run a country or the International Monetary Fund.

This case will undoubtedly hinge on the woman’s believability when she testifies and the DNA evidence police collected.

Meanwhile, “the Great Seducer,” the potential next president of France, sits in solitary at Rikers with no shoelaces, on suicide watch, facing 25 years in the slammer.

Adding insult to injury, a woman back in France is claiming he jumped her 9 years ago and compares his amorous technique to a “rutting chimpanzee,” which jibes pretty much with what the maid said.

Even his wives concede he’s always been a serial cheater. No. 3 is standing by her man. She must have missed all the recent stories about how that worked out for Maria Shriver.


7 Responses to Oops! He Thought She was a FRENCH Maid…

  1. Anne says:

    I give her credit. Even if she didn’;t know who he was, just the fact that he stayed in a $3000.00 per night room shows that he had a wealthy and probably well connected standing either in NY or elsewhere. If he is guilty, I hope they put him away for a long long time. Sometimes these well connected guys think they can get away with almost anything – Just look at the Terminator!

  2. catsworking says:

    Anne, I guess even in a $3K/night hotel room, all geezers look alike naked. And maybe he thought, for that price, there should be a woman in the minibar.

    Amazingly, after the initial shock of it, the French seem to be rallying to his defense and many think he WAS set up. One news outlet reported the story as S-K chased the maid down a hallway and dragged her into a room, which sounds like a scene from a French farce. Then they said he checked out casually and had lunch with his daughter before going to the airport.

    So in all that time, you’d think he’d have realized he forgot his cellphone, which the police said they found, as well as signs that he’d lammed it out of the Sofitel.

    Unless the maid comes across as a total skank, which her lawyer says she won’t, I think S-K is toast.

    On the other hand, Arnold’s lucky Maria didn’t terminate HIM after he told her about his love child, after letting her profess to the world that she knew him better than anyone and that he was faithful.

  3. adele says:

    I heard on NPR this morning that the French government has a deal with the Sofitel, and that particular suite is always available to them at $800 per night, so either the IMF or France got a deal for Dominique to stay there. Talk about hubris, though. You have to wonder how often he’s gotten away with similar antics. Apparently(again according to NPR) the NYPD Special Victims Unit interviewed the woman for some time, and are pretty convinced they have a very strong case.

    And I’m really sorry that the Governator’s kids now know who his baby mama is — and that she was their housekeeper for 20 years. Yeccch. And in Ahhhhnold’s case, I would have thought that all his steroid use might have effectively neutered him. Apparently not.

  4. catsworking says:

    Adele, funny you should mention Arnold. I was just looking at some TMZ pics of his love-child with his face blurred out. They say he looks a lot like Dad, but he’s a really good kid. Too bad he’s being put through all this drama.

    For Dominique’s sake, he better not have been having a lot of fun by himself before the maid walked in, if you know what I mean. If they found his spunk over the place, it doesn’t say much for suave French lovers. Charles Boyer and Maurice Chevalier must be flipping in their graves.

  5. cheray smith says:

    One has to feel terribly sorry for all of the Sperminator’s children. None of them had any control over their parentage. These slimeball men give no thought to the damage they do to their children or their families. And to impregnate a woman in this day and age is just plain careless – a perfect example of the “I’m above caring about these minor details” attitude.

  6. adele says:

    I hate it that Dominique Strauss-Kahn was a Socialist; I like it much better when these sex scandals involve Republicans or hypocritical conservatives. I was listening to Charlie Rose’s show, which was from Paris. He interviewed a journalist for the NY Times and the International Herald Tribune and two French journalists or political commentators (I didn’t get the introductions). They all said that the initial reaction in France was an assumption of anti-French bias, since the French still aren’t into publishing photos of the perp. walk, et. al. Now the French are coming to believe that Strauss-Kahn might well be guilty,and this has been a boon to the French right wing, who get to talk about the moral turpitude of the elites – although one of the French panelists said that in France, sex scandals still don’t get much play, but that the French equivalent of American sex scandals is money scandals.

    It turns out that the young French woman, who is accusing Strauss-Kahn is the daughter of another socialist political figure.The attack happened in about 2002, when the woman was in her very early 20’s. Her mother (the political figure) talked her out of reporting it at that time, but now agrees that this was a mistake. Interestingly this all comes on the heels of a big French media anti-violence to women blitz.

  7. catsworking says:

    I think this guy’s skeletons are going to continue to fall out of the closet until his current wife looks like a total idiot. I saw the title of an article somewhere that said something like, the French are about to get a taste of American Puritanism. Our treatment of sex scandals is going to leave their heads spinning. It’s all cute and “Oh, those funny Americains!” when we’re destroying our own politicians, but when they see what we do to this guy, the French will be so pissed at us, they may ask for the Statue of Liberty back.

    Maria’s operating under the disadvantage of being a Kennedy. The men from her grandfather down, were they still alive, probably would have just told Arnold he was stupid to confess. California’s acting all outraged and talking about investigations into misuse of funds. But if Arnold was smart enough to keep the secret all these years, he was smart enough to pay out of pocket and leave no paper trail. It’s big news now, but he’s going to come through it largely unscathed because everyone already thinks he’s a dope. His political career is finished, and he’s been saying all the right things and looking contrite. Maria will probably even find it in her heart to say she forgives the big lug, even if they never get back together.

    Cheray, you’re right. If men would stop being such jerks about wearing condoms, they could avoid most of this stuff.

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