Do Clowns Really Scare Bourdain?

By Karen

I must have missed something because this tidbit was news to me: A columnist in the Nashua (NH) Telegraph recently reported that Anthony Bourdain suffers from coulrophobia, the fear of clowns.

Is it possible that grinning, floppy-footed Ronald is really at the root of Tony’s hatred for all things McDonald’s? Will Tony ever be able to take Ariane to the circus?

Travel Channel’s suspension of Season 7 of No Reservations has entered its third week. In fact, they’ve given the show’s 9 p.m. time slot tonight to a new series called Off Limits, but you can catch a few NRs being shown repeatedly all around that hour.

Bourdain should be heading to Australia this week for an appearance at the Sydney Writers’ Festival. posted a good 2-part interview with Bourdain. In part 1, he discussed James Beard, how “World’s 50 Best” lists are really compiled, and Ferran Adrià.

In part 2, he talked about Treme, the future of No Res, and selling out.

Speaking of James Beard, his Foundation just announced they intend to award four $5K scholarships to “Immigrants in the Kitchen,” which seems like kind of a condescending label for it. This comes hot on the heels of Bourdain’s numerous jabs at the group’s overwhelming whiteness, but they claim they’ve been working on it a long time.

Here’s an amusing little undated video clip of Tony and Eric Ripert sitting at a table with Martha Stewart around a bowl of durian, discussing which foods turns them on.

Tony contributed a post to the Inside Treme blog. I just put Season 1 at the top of my Netflix list so I can start bringing myself up to speed on his new script-writing venture.

Fans have been collecting Bourdainisms over at Facebook.

Tony was recently on Nightline. I read about this weeks ago, tried to tape it, and got squat because I think it was bumped. But good old Eater never gave up and caught it.

Medium Raw came out in paperback about 2 weeks ago and shot to No. 7 on the New York Times Bestseller List.


3 Responses to Do Clowns Really Scare Bourdain?

  1. MorganLF says:

    He mentioned it in voiceover on the Rome episode when there was a mime type clown in the early shots near the fountain I think.

    I just saw that & Sardinia again damn good episodes. This season? Unlike some professional flatterers, I am willing to tell the emperor he’s naked. Haiti wasn’t Laos and the rest I’ve already forgotten, sorry Tony.

    As for Treme, to me unwatchable, but them I am not so obscessed with Bourdain that every thing he endorses turns to gold in my eyes.

    Oh clowns scare me too.

  2. zappa says:

    In not scared of clowns,just kinda grossed out.I can see how they can scare the shit out of little kids at parties,which apparently lingers through adulthood as one of your cooler phobias.

    Why was this season of NR suspended? Was someone caught smoking under the bleachers?


  3. catsworking says:

    Morgan, what a memory you have! The mime in Rome. Of course. But that was a joke! I think that writer in Nashua may have her wires crossed.

    I’ll let you know on Treme. I’ve been told I probably won’t like a lot of the music. So what else is new?

    I can live without clowns, but they don’t particularly scare me. Carrie Bradshaw had a clown phobia toward the end of Sex & the City.

    (PS to Morgan: Play nice in the sandbox!)

    ZM, I’m wondering what’s up with No Res myself. Maybe they’re having some delays finalizing the new episodes. I think the next one is Cuba. At least, that’s what’s on my list. But I think it’s pretty cold of Travel Channel to give away his time slot. They threw him a bone yesterday with a 5- or 6-hour marathon of a couple of episodes.

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