With “Friends” Like Pakistan…

By Yul

We did the happy dance at the news Osama bin Laden “sleeps with the fishes,” as Cole put it on Twitter. But after hearing details of the raid, every American right up to President Obama should be asking the Pakistani government…


Osama’s compound was purpose-built in 2005 a mere mile from the Pakistani equivalent of West Point. Many residents in the surrounding neighborhood are supposedly retired military.

Do the Pakistani armed forces recruit only the blind?

For 6 years, NOBODY saw anything suspicious about this residence, which the media keeps describing as the “poshest” in the area, surrounded by 18-foot walls topped with barbed wire?

If this place is "posh," I'm a German Shepherd.

Osama had barely hit the ocean floor before our politicians started pussyfooting around, trying not to hurt Pakistan’s feelings. But this much is obvious to any idiot…

If the Pakistani government knew bin Laden was there all these years and didn’t tell us while we wasted a fortune hunting him in Afghanistan, they are the biggest two-faced backstabbers ever and should be thankful we don’t follow up by bombing them off the map.

If the Pakistani government didn’t know bin Laden was there, they are too stupid to run a country and FAR too incompetent to be entrusted with $7.5 billion in aid we’ve promised them over the next five years. Money, I might add, we don’t even have to give.

Either way, the good old American purse needs to be snapped shut on Pakistan until their government does some serious ‘splainin’ about their relationship with bin Laden and al-Qaida.

Our government has believed that we could buy Pakistan and Afghanistan’s loyalty and cooperation. But now the leaders of both countries have shown us they are frenemies who can’t be trusted.

It’s time to stop throwing money and lives down that rat hole.


5 Responses to With “Friends” Like Pakistan…

  1. adele says:

    Ah Yul, we’re kind of s.o.l with Pakistan, no matter how you slice it, because unlike Iraq, Syria and Iran, they actually have The Bomb (and not in the good way, as in “They’re the bomb.”). And their above-ground nuclear tests pretty much prove they’re not afraid to use it.

    Of course, many high ranking Pakistanis, particularly since the military still,in most ways, runs their country, knew where Bin Laden was. And like you, I doubt that Osama’s death will shorten any of our 2 and 1/2 dirty little wars.

    As far as the Bin Laden McMansion goes, it was built to very special security requirements, but from the looks of the inside, Osama didn’t have much of an aesthetic sense. Some nice rugs, but they’re probably a dime a dozen in Pakistan.

  2. catsworking says:

    Adele, from every picture I’ve seen of the “villa,” as somebody called it, inside and out, it’s a dump. The place is only 6 years old, but looks like they built it from leftover plywood scraps. Yes, there were some nice Oriental rugs, but that’s about it.

    I don’t know how many wives the guy had living with him, but there apparently wasn’t one good housekeeper in the bunch.

    I hear what you’re saying about Pakistan’s nukes. But that doesn’t mean we have to keep supporting them. Let them go peddle their sob story to the EU or Russia and see how much financial aid it gets them.

  3. adele says:

    Actually Yul, now that we have Bin Laden, maybe we can begin to ease out of our relationship with Pakistan. We already know that they aren’t much help with the Taliban, and perhaps we could support one less corrupt regime. I read somewhere that basically none of that $7.5 billion in aid has gotten to the ground, what has already been disbursed is in various high-ranking Pakistani pockets.

  4. zappa says:

    The place may be a shit hole,but check out the satellite dish!


  5. catsworking says:

    ZM, yeah, I noticed the big dish, although they said the place had no phone or Internet. They must have all sat around watching a lot of tube.

    Adele, I saw in today’s paper that Congress is thinking like I am, and that to continue pouring money into Pakistan is a waste. Karzai wants us out of Afghanistan anyway, so we should oblige him.

    Those cultures have very different notions of what constitutes “honor,” so we can never trust them to play the game as we think it should be played. Better to let them duke it out among themselves. If the younger people want to Westernize, let them do it from the inside out, not by us imposing our ways on them. Enough’s enough.

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