Will Bourdain Eat Beans in Boston?

By Karen

Tonight Anthony Bourdain eats and drinks his way through Boston in a new No Reservations episode named “Know Your Enemy” (because he’s a Yankees fan). I think he’s tweeting live @NoReservations during the broadcast. He talked to Boston.com and they provide some background. And here’s the promo…

If you’re interested in the quotable Bourdain from the Amazon episode in Brazil last week, Eater’s got the best one-liners.

In the “Friends of Tony Bourdain” department…

For the past week, Tony has been tweeting from Spain, mainly photos of food. He’s been hanging out with chef Jose Andres while filming NR, a tribute to Ferran Adrià’s restaurant, El Bulli, which he’s closing to launch an advanced culinary academy.

The Bellingham (Wash.) Herald interviewed Sandra Lee during a visit there, and this is just one of her semi-sweet digs at Bourdain…

“I bet he’s a really nice guy. … I think he’s really talented,” she said. “I’m going to love the day when he doesn’t need to drop my name and say nasty things about anyone to get exposure and press.”

The article mentioned that Lee will be selling a cookware line she designed at Sears and Kmart, and that all 23 of her books are self-published because no “real” publisher would touch her first semi-homemade cookbook.

As a counterpoint, A.V. Club interviewed Brian Roberts of Ha Ha Tonka, the band that played on the recent NR Ozarks episode, and here’s part of what he said about Tony….

AVC: Is he as cool as he comes off on TV?

BR: He is just as cool — if not cooler. Really, really nice guy — he hung out with us for like 10 hours.

A food writer at Chicagoist describes a very strange encounter where the renowned chef Grant Achatz allegedly behaved like an asshole at his new restaurant, the Aviary.

The Harvard Business Review just published a podcast they did with Tony on “Why Leaders Should Eat with the Locals.” Among other things, he talks about what motivated him to take over his Twitter account @NoReservations.

Cats Working wishes the Bourdains a Happy Anniversary on April 20.

If you get HBO, Season 2 of Treme, begins on April 24 with Bourdain as one of the writers.

2 Responses to Will Bourdain Eat Beans in Boston?

  1. MorganLF says:

    I just read a profile of Lee in NY Mag. She is a determined one. She will likely run into Tony quite a bit since her BF is the Governor Andrew Cuomo who Bourdain admits supporting. I like t he guy myself. So let’s throw this out there First Lady Lee? Entertaining at the White House!

  2. adele says:

    Caught Tony on Joy Behar last night. He looked quite dapper — extremely fine sports jacket– and still seemed to have a glow from his El Bulli trip. He’d brought several “exotic” dishes for Joy to try (actually most of it looked good, like Haitian meat patties), but unfortunately, Joy was running out of time, so the interview was far from penetrating. However, AB did manage to get in a dig about Sandra Lee’s “Kwanzaa Cake.

    Geez, Morgan, imagine the “tablescapes” Sandra Lee could do at the White House. BTW, I read that Ms. Lee does not like being called “the first girlfriend,” preferring to be known as the governor’s sweetheart.

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