Bourdain Stirs, the Pot Boils

By Karen

No Reservations returns to San Francisco in a rerun tonight, launching a 3-night SF marathon that includes Zimmern and Man v. Food. Tony’s next new episode is April 11 in Brazil.

Last week in the Ozark’s… what can I say? Really, what? I kept leaving the room rather than watch Bourdain chow down on roadkill with his new friends, whom he swears aren’t hillbillies. Sure, but only because the term hillbillies died with Jed Clampett. If you’ve spent any time in the South, you know rednecks when you see them.

Birthday shout-out to daughter Ariane, who turns 4 on April 9. Ottavia tweeted that dad is teaching Ariane how to ride a bike.

Tony’s nemesis, Sandra Lee, gave an extensive interview to New York magazine where she forgives Tony for his cruelty, saying she realizes it’s only part of his “schtick.”

The infamous verbal piss Tony took in his blog last week on the James Beard awards (see also Chapter 13 in Medium Raw) made a big splash. Michael Bauer at Inside Scoop at SF Gate took offense that Bourdain slammed home cooks who create recipes. But the way I read it, Tony was targeting those who write about cooks.

Bauer was joined by the Atlanta Journal Constitution’s John Kessler, and in Kessler’s post’s comments, Esquire food writer John Mariani, who’s reputed to be demanding and a mooch, leaps into the fray to lock horns with Tony again. If you keep reading, Tony asserts that NR does pay for food, except in instances where the host would be insulted, and that he personally tries to avoid being comped in restaurants because he doesn’t want to be “that guy.”

I believe Bourdain’s sincere and, personally, the only people I find more annoying than food critics are Tom Colicchio and Padma.

And if all that weren’t enough, Bourdain brewed a tempest in a beer mug by implying in a tweet that “Big Beer” muscled Discovery Channel into canceling a series called Brew Masters by threatening to yank their ads. This was a reality show produced by Zero Point Zero about Dogfish Head Brewery that filmed only 6 episodes, according to the brewery’s founder, so its future was never certain.

Variety reports that Zero Point Zero has signed a distribution deal with FremantleMedia Enterprises that includes any future seasons of No Res, and a “new Bourdain title” currently under development.

Hmmmm… what could that be about? A Year in Vietnam, perhaps?


6 Responses to Bourdain Stirs, the Pot Boils

  1. david shiel says:

    The South really? Get it right!

  2. catsworking says:

    Yeah, David, I figured I’d take some heat for that “redneck” comment. Missouri’s not in the South, but you don’t have to be to embrace a redneck lifestyle. It just so happens that the ones I know are Southerners. And note that I didn’t say being a redneck is necessarily a bad thing.

  3. david shiel says:

    Mild heat @best. The travel channel is about the only thing I don’t get in Bangkok. He is the man, Keep up the good work!

  4. Cheray says:

    Tony may be many things, but he’s not a hypocrite.

    These are Tony’s words, not mine: “I seriously doubt you will see an increase in the number of Mexicans present (at the J.B. Awards). Or any other of the nationalities who comprise the backbone, heart, lungs, blood and muscle of the hospitality industry this organization claims to celebrate.”

    I agree with Karen about Tom and Padma. I cannot understand the attraction of Top Chef. I’d rather watch reruns of N.R.

  5. Von says:

    finally took the time to watch top chef to see what the hoo-has’ all about, is is just me or do i find bourdain lookin like a “misfit” amongst the “prestigious” judges? somehow, he dont seems to show any chemistry with tom, padma and gail. fact being, i prefer ABNR anytime cuz thats the real Anthony bourdain there. =)

    re: top chef s08e17 reunion
    what issit between elia vs. tom on him being a sell-out on endorsing diet coke for his restaurant?

  6. catsworking says:

    Von, I know what you’re saying and I agree with you. Everyone was thrilled Bourdain was returning to do another season of Top Chef, but he really needn’t have bothered. He got so little screen time that it seemed they were deliberately trying to downplay him. I think I saw more of his comments in the montage on the reunion show last week than during the competition.

    Elia was the first chef to get kicked off All-Stars, and when she did her exit interviews with the press, she bad-mouthed Colicchio everywhere. I don’t remember it all now, but her issues were apparently that he did some Diet Coke ads and doesn’t serve grass-fed beef exclusively in his restaurants.

    Personally, I’d say he’s a sell-out by making it a hobby to torture and humiliate chefs on TV for fun and fame.

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