Fat’s Been Getting a Bum Rap

By Karen

If there’s any food-related thing I’m even more sick of than Top Chef, it’s nutrition “news.” You can’t pick up a paper or magazine these days without seeing that what was good for you yesterday is lethal today, and vice versa.

Now they’re changing their tune on fat, after we’ve all wasted years choking down dried-out skinless chicken breasts sitting on top of lettuce barely dampened with watery, tasteless, fat-free dressing. Turns out, we’d have been better off ordering big, greasy hamburgers.

Remember Susan Powter, that loud-mouthed freakazoid with the platinum buzzcut from the 90s? She wrote a book about going fat-free called Stop the Insanity, which said things like it was better to eat 50 plain baked potatoes than a steak.

Now anyone who followed her advice and lived on so-called “healthy” low-fat or fat-free products loaded with sugar and man-made chemicals is bigger than ever and shows like The Biggest Loser are exploiting the obese and raking in big advertising bucks. I don’t think it’s any coincidence that Powter has virtually disappeared.

Dr. Atkins must be grinning in his grave. The medical community is coming around to what he said all along. The enemy isn’t fat. It’s refined carbs and sugar.

Even saturated fat, the kind you find in meat and dairy, isn’t the kiss of death and it doesn’t increase the risk of heart disease. How many egg yokes have we sent down the disposal, mistakenly thinking they were Satan’s spawn?

It may explain why Julia and Paul Child, who never shied away from cream and butter, both lived into their 90s.

As far as I’m concerned, the so-called “experts” can go back to the drawing board and doodle. They have no more idea of what’s really good or bad (except for smoking, I’ll grant them that) than the rest of us.

Tonight I’m eating steak.


7 Responses to Fat’s Been Getting a Bum Rap

  1. MorganLF says:

    I could not agree more. Fat free has always meant processed sugar -full. I have always adamantly demanded whole milk and dairy products. Fat free sour cream are you kidding?

    Every behemoth at work waddles by my desk every morning with a “fat free” yogurt and every lunch a “fat free soup”. That just freaks me out! Who do they think they are fooling? How do they maintain their size on such a “fat free” diet? You KNOW they are running home stuffing packages of hot dog buns dipped in “sugar free” maple syrup into their faces.

    None of my family was fat and we always ate whole milk, real butter, cheese and lots of red meat and pasta. Food processors are complicit of the most heinous crimes against humanity! I would have more to say but it’s hard to type, while snacking on pretzel chips, cheddar horseradish spread, and pan fried dumplings.

  2. zappa says:

    Im my fridge right now:organic butter,eggs and sour cream.Irish cheddar made with stout,Stilton and Vermont cheddar.Also my Locatelli,Parmaggiano and Fontina.I always keep a plain yogurt(the real stuff) Kiss my size 6 ass manufacturers of plastic,toxic,carcinogenic “food” If bacon were perfume,Id have a dainty dab behind each ear every day.

    Come to think of it,Karen,I’ll have steak tonight as well

    Zappa’s mom

  3. catsworking says:

    ZM, my shopping list isn’t as high end as yours in the cheese department, but I do keep a block of Meunster in the fridge at all times because it’s creamy and melty. I’ve been buying real butter for quite a while now. And recently I actually finished that canister of sell-cut oatmeal and went to the store determined to buy something easier. They had some instant versions that tempted me, but they cost only slightly less for about 16 ounces than the regular steel-cut’s 32 oz, so guess which I bought?

    More and more items with that little circle saying “USDA Organic” are creeping into my kitchen, while the “fat-free” and “reduced fat” labels are disappearing. And since mid-October, I’ve lost 15 lbs.

  4. zappa says:


  5. MorganLF says:

    ZM I’m shopping in your fridge!! Oh and BTW- Stouffers mac & cheese divuuuuune!

  6. adele says:

    Fifteen pounds — huzzah! I’m hear to attest that carbs are the real enemy. Because of my digestive issues, when my stomach is acting up, carbs are the only thing that don’t make it much worse. And my stomach acts up a lot. So far nothing has worked, including going to a nutritionist.

    I love vegetables and salads, and they fill me up, but I have about 2 weeks out of a month when I can eat healthy. The rest of the time it’s carbs (I don’t even digest meat well) — not a lot of calories, necessarily, but enough that I never lose much weight. And the low fat stuff — feh! Almost all of it has tons of sugar or some other kind of sweetener.

    Let me just say, that Kraft Macaroni and Cheese Dinner got me through college, along with Swanson Pot Pies. I don’t miss the pot pies, but Kraft Dinner is still something I can’t let myself buy, because I eat way too much of it.

  7. catsworking says:

    Adele, now that you mention pot pies, I usually keep a few in the freezer for a fairly quick lunch. I love them, but only if they have crust on the bottom.

    And thanks for the kind words about the weight loss. Actually, I’ve lost 18 lbs, but I don’t count the last 3 because my blood pressure got so much better, I was able to stop taking a diuretic and put on 3 pounds almost overnight. The doctor warned me it would happen, but I scoffed. He was right. The weight came on so fast, but I’ve been fighting to get it off. You’d think those pounds were solid French fries, not water weight.

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