Bourdain Finally Reaches Cuba

By Karen

Anthony Bourdain tweeted last week that he was finally heading to Cuba to film No Reservations, but there’s no word on whether Zamir was included.

Speaking of tweets, Travel Channel is ecstatic  that Tony has acquired the habit. Apparently, NR in Haiti drew the biggest audience ever, and his live tweets sparked “hundreds of thousands” in return.

Tony tweeted again (presumably from Cuba) during the Cambodia episode, and now TC is all hot to get their other hosts tweeting. Now I think I know what happened to Room214. Why would TC pay some disinterested third party for social media buzz when they’ve got the talent generating it themselves?

And Tony’s expanding viewership in spite of TC’s noticeable lack of on-air advertising leading up to the season must have them feeling pretty cocky.

Eater compiled the Cambodian Quotable Bourdain, much of it centering on the bad haircut scene.

But herein lies the conundrum: Yes, it was nice to know Tony was watching the show with us and commenting but. objectively, his tweets didn’t really add all that much. What could he say? If he felt he did a good job on that episode, he probably thought it should have spoken for itself (and it did). Having him type, “Yeah, that was really tough to film,” or whatever in real time was superfluous.

Now if some host’s tweets really enhance the viewing experience a lot, then the show itself is probably crap because they obviously withheld the best stuff for Twitter. So why tune in at all if the show is only going be white noise to our tweet-reading?

Tonight, Tony visits Nicaragua and dines on braised iguana and fried bull testicles.

Remember the Rust Belt episode last season where Tony hung out in Baltimore with one of his idols, Snoop from The Wire? Snoop got arrested last week in a big heroin/marijuana sting.

Tony’s latest blog post is about the recent South Beach Wine & Food Festival, where he and Ottavia got matching tattoos and appearing with Eric Ripert in Boston.

Tony talked music with Maxim.

Endless Simmer explained how Bourdain can’t please all the people all the time after hearing him speak in Philadelphia in February. The good news is that Tony’s apparently been feeling stale himself and vows to retire much of his current schtick. I agree with Endless that it’s damn near impossible for him to surprise fans who read all his books and watch NR while staying on topic.

And some guy named Eddie Huang, the chef of a bun house in NYC’s Lower East Side called Baohaus, is being called the new Bourdain. has posted its first episode of its satiric foodie sitcom. Loved it!

As for Top Chef All-Stars, Tony wasn’t a judge last week and it deserves its own post, so stay tuned…


2 Responses to Bourdain Finally Reaches Cuba

  1. cheray smith says:

    I know Tony is a big fan of street food so I’m anxious to see what he will think of this article in…

    “City Green-Lights Frightening Middle-of-the-Street Restaurants”

  2. catsworking says:

    Oh, great. Just what NYC needs — fewer parking spaces.

    Here’s a better link to that article. I had a little trouble finding it…

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