Bits Deglazed from Bourdain World

By Karen

Anthony Bourdain should find this welcome news: blogger Broke-Ass Stuart says Tony is “definitely filthy rich,” but has maintained his common touch by never forgetting his broke-ass roots.

Since we’ve been having some foodie vs. non-foodie discussion on my Kitchen Basics recaps, you may find this post by The South in My Mouth interesting. She rates how she has trained her teenage son Noah in the kitchen, using Bourdain’s chapter, “Virtue,” in Medium Raw as her yardstick — or should I say measuring cup?

When it comes to cleaning fish, I’ve got nothing on Noah.

Bravo’s milking Top Chef All-Stars to the max by sprinkling it with reruns, so nobody went home last week. Now I can’t remember if I saw Tony in the previews for this week (if it’s not another rerun) or not.

Speaking of Top Chef, Padma’s baby-daddy Adam Dell, from her ever-growing ex-pile, is taking Padma to court for custody of their 11-month-old daughter. His paternity doesn’t seem to be in question, but he’s concerned that Padma’s celebrity lifestyle and her apparently insatiable addiction to using rich/influential men don’t create the best environment for child-rearing.

Slashfood voted Ruth Bourdain the “Sexiest Male Chef” in the food industry. Check out who else was in the top 10.

And here’s The Daily Meal’s truly bizarre list of “America’s 50 Most Influential People in Food.” They coyly ranked “You” as No. 1 (like when TIME used a mirror cover to cop out on selecting a “Person of the Year”), and Hugh Grant was No. 3. HUGH GRANT??!!

(Oops! Further digging revealed that they meant a Hugh Grant who works for Monsanto. But still… In my mind, Monsanto = floor products.)

Then they had readers weigh in via Twitter and Facebook, netting vastly different results. Bourdain and Mark Bittman of the New York Times tied for first place. Bourdain wasn’t even on Daily Meal’s original list (but Oprah was).

On a side note…

Andrew Zimmern went all political on his Travel Channel blog about Obama’s new policy toward Cuba. He mentioned that he filmed a show there last year. So Zimmern got in, but Bourdain can’t. Go figure.

Tonight is the grand finale of my Kitchen Basics class at Sur La Table and it’s a meat-athon of roasting, braising, and sautéing: roast chicken, seared steak, boeuf bourguignon, and fish stock/stew.


12 Responses to Bits Deglazed from Bourdain World

  1. zappa says:

    Padma’s Page 6 daddy drama is the joosiest!! I’ve always wondered how one goes from model to “actress” to food authority slash cookbook author.Wouldn’t that be a delicious timeline,listing each of her career milestones with the wealthy male stepping stone?

    PS I see nothing wrong with climbinging the ladder on your back,but her role on TC has never made sense

    Zappa’s mom

  2. catsworking says:

    ZM, we probably agree that Padma’s gotten a LOT of mileage out of her exotic, ever-f**kable, look that many men find irresistible, so she been given opportunities she otherwise wouldn’t have gotten on merit alone. Like cooking on TV. Salman Rushdie is still probably asking himself why he ever thought, for even a moment, that she was the marrying type.

    I know Bourdain and Ripert would defend Colicchio to the death as God’s gift to cooking, and he’d probably do the same for Ripert, but I have to give that Top Chef cheftestant (can’t remember her name now) who accused him of being a sell-out at least a little bit of credence. Colicchio obviously chooses to have a bubble-headed sexpot as his sidekick season after season. Sure, fine. He wants to give the show the sex-factor. So make her the hostess, PERIOD. Let her coyly point out the shelves of Swanson’s Chick Broth dressed in nothing but Glad Wrap. But DON’T let her sit at the judges’ table.

  3. MorganLF says:

    Every show has its Padma. At first I was jealous she had access to all that pulchritude. But as I see it now she is a well known predator that any smart cat will avoid like plague.

    But I remeber this from Page Six a few years back:

    “Lakshmi was spotted hanging out into the wee hours…with a well-known chef who was there without his spouse. ‘They seemed to be quite interested in what each other had to say,’ said a witness. ‘They were oblivious to the people around them.'”


  4. adele says:

    Hmmm, indeed, Morgan — I’d like to hope it wasn’t Colicchio or Ripert, since I hear they have great wives, and I think we can bank on it not being AB. Rocco D’Spirito perhaps? Or maybe Jacques Pepin; she seems to go for older guys. We know which brain Salman Rushdie thought with when he married her, but still, what could they possibly have had to talk about?

    Having little Krishna call her latest 70-year-old beau, “Poppa,” skeeves me out.

  5. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I don’t think there are many men who would turn down the chance to bed Padma, but waking up beside her would be another thing.

    I remember that little tidbit you mentioned. Didn’t we later find out that it WASN’T Bourdain?

  6. adele says:

    BTW, Karen, good title for this week’s Bourdain post — “bits deglazed” — clever with just the right touch of foodiness.

  7. zappa says:

    I’m throwing Daniel Boulud into the “who did Padma do?” pool


  8. catsworking says:

    Thank you, Adele. But I’m starting to scare myself because I’m even THINKING like that.

    ZM, Boulud is a good possibility. I feel like the answer may be here buried in long-ago comments because I vaguely remember we batted it around and somebody found more on that particular sighting, which is how we were able to eliminate Tony.

  9. MorganLF says:

    Boloud? Interesting and clever, Padma always goes for the Razor Back, never the pretty boy. Her palate is after all quite sophisticated.

    Gee, I know of a gelatinous wannabee blogger that would offer his “expert” ministrations, compensatory no doubt for other “shortcomings”.

  10. MorganLF says:

    Duhh! Meant “Silver Back” lol!

  11. belinda says:

    Actually, i remember reading about Padma way before she even met Salman Rushdie – (it may have been in the NYT0 b/c she was putting out a cookbook. So, do a little research, ladies and gents, before you unsheath the claws!

  12. catsworking says:

    Welcome, belinda! We’re all aware that Padma put out a cookbook, but cookbooks can be ghostwritten and recipes bought. If you’ve ever seen Padma cook on TV, you know she doesn’t have the moves of someone who has ever spent a lot of time in any kitchen, particularly not to test and perfect a volume of recipes that the followers of her illustrious culinary career were clamoring for.

    Padma’s sort of a running joke around here. Our scratching post, if you will. You must humor cats in their hobbies. 😉

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