Bourdain Gets Burned

By Karen

The 2nd annual Tasty Awards were bestowed in Hollywood January 13 and get this: No Reservations lost Best TV Food Program to — Top Chef! And Anthony Bourdain lost to Alton Brown for Best Male Host in a Series.

But NR was vindicated by winning Best TV Food Travel Series, beating Avec Eric, Bizarre Foods, and 3 Food Network shows.

The Bourdains skipped the Tasties for the Cayman Cookout, where Tony got immediately sunburned.

Last week, Bourdain blogged about his visit to Boston and plugged a new Travel Channel show – twice – called The Wild Within, produced by Zero Point Zero. Host Steve Rinella apparently goes places to kill things so we can see where protein REALLY comes from.

I’m thinking he’s a better-looking Zimmern with weapons.

And WHY do foodies insist on thinking the rest of us have NO IDEA where grocery-store meat comes from? Just because we don’t consider butchery entertainment doesn’t mean we’re oblivious to or condone the cruelty of mass-producing and killing animals.

Watching a New Yorker with an empty freezer – or a former Alaska governor with an empty head – reduce noble beasts to bloody carcasses isn’t edifying.

Baristanet got Bourdain on the phone for a 20-minute interview before his upcoming appearance February 10 in Red Bank, NJ, and covered almost no new ground except to ask him, “In your mind’s eye, are you a chef, a writer, or a celebrity?”

Tony answered, “I would prefer to think of myself as a writer because without a story to tell, there’s no product. I guess, a storyteller.”

Hmmm… That’s what I’ve always thought.

If you haven’t read his latest, Medium Raw yet, HarperCollins has signed copies for $26.99 (with free shipping) until 11 p.m. Thursday night (Jan. 20).

Bourdain did a short video on his three favorite 10-second hangover meals (mac & cheese, Cap’n Crunch, and cold Kung Pao chicken) for Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Why was he sitting in a bathroom?

And now, week 6 of Top Chef All-Stars

Bourdain wasn’t a judge, but he blogged about it.

Jamie FINALLY felt Padma’s velvet boot on her ass, but not before playing the douche card by calling Fabio, Richard, and Marcel’s single dish a “copout.”

Gee, Jamie, what do you call NO dish?

For the record, I wasn’t a Jamie hater, but what I DO hate is someone calling herself a chef and cooking on TV no better than I would. (And that goes for Padma on the Today Show, the Melting Pot, or wherever else they let her near a hot stove.)

Eric Ripert, in an unexpected bit of masochism, has issued Jamie an open invitation to learn to cook fish at his NYC restaurant, Le Bernadin.

Bourdain will be back at the Top Chef judges’ table this week, and says he helped design the challenge, which can only be an improvement.

Adele (the cat) fluffed with pride when she uncovered this clip from Boston where Tony wasn’t allowed not to admit he has no love for Sarah Palin.

My Bourdain Kitchen Basics class starts tonight at Sur La Table and I’m edgy. I keep telling myself it can’t be any worse than taking up ballroom dancing at 42 was. At least cooking doesn’t require a partner.

In addition to knife skills, we’ll be tackling a smorgasbord: French Omelet, Mashed Potatoes (Pommes Puree), Rice Pilaf, Fennel and Haricots Verts Salad, Spaghetti with Tomato Sauce.

Wish me luck! And stay tuned to hear all about it…

9 Responses to Bourdain Gets Burned

  1. adele says:

    Good hunting, Adele, I enjoyed the “marry, screw, push off a cliff clip very much. Who woulda thunk that having the rather unusual names that we share I would have turned up as a loyal reader, requiring the need for us to be distinguished from each other.

    And Karen, I just looked at the counter for the first time and noticed you’ve gone over 800,000 hits. That millionth reader isn’t that far off.

    Over the weekend, I watched a film called Mistress of Spices; it starred a Bollywood star, who was just beautiful and Dylan McDermott. An odd little story about a woman,who owned a spice shop and knew the special powers of the spices — but who should appear as a rebellious Americanized young Indian (maybe Kashmiri, because I think her family was Muslim)woman, but Padma Lakshmi. It was a very small part, but she managed to offend her traditional grandfather by wearing a skimpy one-shouldered top and jeans, and she managed to offend me by having absolutely no acting ability.

  2. catsworking says:

    Can’t cook, can’t act. Padma’s a double threat.

    Adele surprised me when she revealed she was clicking around looking for Bourdain scoop. I thought she was checking up on Zenyatta (who’s up for Horse of the Year tonight).

    Bourdain got in a gentle Padma dig on his blog by saying that her outfit for the fishing scenes on Top Chef looked like something Thurston Howell from Gilligan’s Island would wear.

    January Jones from Mad Men may be the American Padma. In the movie Pirate Radio, this idiot blonde has a few scenes. It took me a minute to realize it was January before Betty Draper. I doubt she’ll ever find another role that suits her limited abilities so well.

  3. adele says:

    P.S. Karen, you’ll do fine tonight. No one will ridicule you, a la the director of Le Cordon Bleu and Julia Child; you’ll learn a few techniques, and this isn’t a competition. I’ll bet the mashed potatoes will be made using a ricer or a food mill, because I believe that’s AB’s preferred method. And I must say, although I don’t make mashed potatoes that often, I have done it using a food mill. It’s an extra step and an extra thing to wash, but it does make a superior (IMHO) product.

  4. catsworking says:

    I just hope I still have 10 fingers at the end.

    The only recipe I found in Bourdain’s cookbook for tonight was the mashed potatoes (although I think the green beans are in his Asparagus and Haricot Verts Salad recipe). Want to know how I usually mash potatoes? With a whisk because I’m too lazy to dig out the blender.

    And I hope it’s a fun group with a good instructor and not a bunch of foodies trying to one-up each other. That will piss me off.

    As luck would have it, they’re calling for sleet and snow this evening, so it may be treacherous getting home.

  5. adele says:

    Drive safely. If the class is made up of die-hard Bourdain fans, and they hear your name, you might be recognized. I make mashed potatoes about once a year, and usually I get out the ol’ electric hand mixer and do them that way, but the last time I made them, I used my food mill, and everyone raved about them. My go-to potato recipe is roast with rosemary and garlic, because once they’re in the oven, I can basically forget about them. I imagine I could burn them, but they’re basically impossible to overcook — they just get crispier, which has its own charm.

  6. catsworking says:

    Since I never peel potatoes because I have lousy knife skills (until tonight), I just leave them lumpy because the skins are mixed in. I don’t like potatoes that are so smooth they’re soupy, like in TV dinners. I will be very interested to learn how we tackle them a la Bourdain.

    If we go around the room and introduce ourselves, I will probably mention my intention to blog about the class so everybody will be forewarned that assholishness will be fair game.

  7. zappa says:

    Adele,I saw “Mistress of Spices” The Bolly beauty is Ashwarya Rai sp? and all I remember of Padma was her lounging and smirking.I think her hair is very talented in those Pantene ads! there a way to identify the one-millionth hit? Perhaps a prize should be awarded,the prize varying on whether the respondent is Feline or Human.I was given a copy of Medium Raw for Christmas that I am looking to regift.All of my friends have read it and I don’t need two copies

    Zappa’s mom

  8. catsworking says:

    ZM, you’ve got a point. Padma’s hair is her best feature.

    Unfortunately, I have no way of knowing who the one-millionth reader will be. It’s very gratifying that we are closing in on that number, although it will still take a while to get there. It’s a true testament to the tenacity of cats.

  9. MorganLF says:

    Mashed potatoes? Betty Crocker Yukon Gold in the package make a lovely toping for Shepheard’s Pie.

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