Sarah Palin Gives Haiti a Bushover

By Adele

Like Sarah Palin, I can coin new words. From now on, jaunts that politicians make on someone else’s dime to devastated areas without the slightest intention of doing a lick of good for the people will be called…


A full 11 months post-hurricane, Sarah Palin made a bushover to Haiti. I think it’s the first time I’ve ever seen her anywhere near people who are homeless, sick, and starving — the very sort of people she and her Tea Party cronies would just as soon see drop dead in this country.

The trip came courtesy of Samaritan’s Purse, a humanitarian organization founded by Rev. Franklin Graham (Billy’s son). Palin towed along daughter Bristol and husband Todd, since someone else was buying the gas. Why make them sit home freezing in Alaska when they could also enjoy a brief interlude in the tropics? Their presence served no other purpose.

Palin stayed less than 48 hours, but I suspect she’ll be tweeting and talking about Haiti for months as she tries to use its misfortune to boost her cred as a foreign policy expert.

While in Haiti, Palin made the brilliant suggestion that the U.S. do a military airlift of supplies, like she had no idea Bill Clinton and George Bush have been on the case since Day One.

Palin’s also urged the American people to “get out of your comfort zone and volunteer to help.” the country.

Well, here’s a suggestion for Palin…

Why don’t you put your money where your nouveau riche mouth is. You’ve raked in million of bucks from stupid suckers who think you’re the next president, so show some class for once and make a 7-figure donation to the Clinton Bush Haiti Fund.

I’m thinking they’ll be having snowball fights in hell before that happens.

6 Responses to Sarah Palin Gives Haiti a Bushover

  1. Nina says:

    “Bushover”. Heh. Love it! I shared it on my Facebook, I’ll probably have less “friends” tomorrow. Thanks Karen!

  2. adele says:

    Ah, Adele, Mrs. Palin has had your tail in a fluff since 2008, but you’ve channeled your pisstivity into coining a great word. I hold fast to the thought that Americans can’t possibly be stupid enough to seriously consider her for national office, but we are the country the elected Warren G. Harding, James Buchanan, and yes, George W. Bush.

  3. zappa says:

    “Bushover” !!!! Brilliant!!

  4. catsworking says:

    I was reading in TIME magazine yesterday that one of Palin’s flunkies is the keeper of Google alerts to track what’s being said about her. I sure hope my post shows up, then it wouldn’t surprise me if Palin tweets to “refudiate” that she did a “Bushover” on Haiti.

    Nina, I think Karen’s got some friends who think Palin’s great, so I probably landed her in the soup with this post.

    Adele, last night Brian Williams reported a new poll that said Obama could beat Palin in an election something like 57% to 33%, and that Palin’s approval rating is around 29% right now.

    Chuck Todd on NBC last night mentioned that this puts Palin way down there with Nancy Pelosi, who is considered the most reviled politician in the country.

  5. MorganLF says:

    Has no one other than me noticed that her husband Todd Palin is seriously stupid and can barely string together a sentence? Far from commanding he has a hesitant voice with a boyish register. He knows guns, seceding from the union, god, and coattail riding.

    She will never win. That ANYONE would vote for her is painful for me, but I endured 8 years of a piteously stooped decider I guess I can handle her.

  6. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I read recently somewhere that Todd was Sarah’s second-in-command while she was governor, attending meetings and having his finger in every pie, even though he had no business doing so. Lack of communication skills may pass as being the deep, silent type up there. But hopefully, the people of Alaska have wised up after seeing how the Palins behave on the national stage and they’ll never let a pair of bobbleheads run their state again.

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