Bourdain’s Becoming King of the Foreword

By Karen

The remaining new episode of No Reservations Season 6, a holiday special, debuts on December 6 at 10 p.m. EST. Travel Channel’s site says…

Tony and Michael Ruhlman prepare a holiday dinner that goes awry. Celebrity chefs Mario Batali, David Chang and Duff Goldman are just a few of the special guests to also make an appearance.

Tony did a phone interview on Wednesday, November 10 with Besha Rodell, the Omnivore blogger at Creative Loafing Atlanta, before his November 20 appearance there. Nothing much new except that he suggests term limits for food writers.

Momnesia provides a succinct rundown of the highlights that night.

Bourdain contributed the foreword to Eric Ripert’s new book, Avec Eric, a companion travel/cookbook to Ripert’s PBS series that looks truly beautiful. And I found this Ripert video at Vanity Fair, which was shot partially at last year’s Cayman Cookout. Tony was nervous about helping to prepare the Gala Dinner. (Tony’s bit begins 6:30 in.) It may explain why he seems to be taking a pass on the kitchen work for the next one.

Tony blogged about his recent trip to Haiti as Hurricane Tomas approached. For me, this post felt like an amuse bouche of things to come with his writing.

Amazingly, some idiot commented that Tony’s blog posts scream “ghost writer.” I can’t think of many writers today whose voice is as distinctive and unmistakable in their work as Anthony Bourdain’s.

I’m hoping one day Bourdain will invent a fictional alter-ego, along the lines of Somerset Maugham’s Ashenden, to make use of as-yet-undocumented material from his many journeys.

Here’s a bit more on the DC Food Fight November 11. Bon Appetit Foodie is a much better photographer than I am, and she managed to meet just about everybody there.

It turns out Bourdain was in Nicaragua filming No Reservations recently, he revealed in an e-mail interview with the St. Petersburg Times before his November 19 appearance there. He also said that his appearance on Yo Gabba Gabba cured Ariane of her fear of doctors. (In case you missed it, he played a doctor.) This interview covers some new ground. For example, I had no idea Tony’s worried he may have pissed off Thomas Keller with Medium Raw.

The windows at Barney’s New York inspire shoppers to “Have a Foodie Holiday” with dolls of many culinary stars, including Bourdain. They coincided with the release of the South Beach Wine & Food Festival Cookbook, for which Tony — you guessed it — wrote the foreword. WorldRedEye has a bunch of photos from the launch party.

5 Responses to Bourdain’s Becoming King of the Foreword

  1. adele says:

    Just read Tony’s blog about Haiti; I can’t wait to see that show. And I read the “ghostwriter” comment. What was that commenter thinking?

    As you said, Bourdain’s voice and style are unmistakable, whether in his books, on the show, or even in public appearances.

  2. zappa says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of you from me and Zappa!
    I am thankful that I stumbled on to your blog way back when.I am especially thankful that I got to meet you and your gang and look forward to more fun with you guys!

    Zappa’s mom

  3. adele says:

    Alice and I would be remiss if we didn’t wish the Cats Working gang a Happy Thanksgiving as well. It was great having faces to put to the names.

    I’m only sorry I missed virtually all of the Wine Fight. Morgan, you seem to be some sort of a magnet for lunatics. Can you promise such entertainment at all gatherings?

  4. MorganLF says:

    Seems to work out that way, last year it was a drive-by head beaning by an errant back-pack, which I prefer to an encounter with a shrill, dried up, Blond Republican.

    It was fun meeting up with everyone. Zappa your mom and I engaged in some seriously risqué “observations” that I cannot divulge, as I am afraid you are too young to understand.

    Happy Thanksgiving!

  5. catsworking says:

    Happy Thanksgiving to you and Zappa! We’re glad you found us, too!

    Karen’s going to Noel’s house for turkey, so we’ll be getting leftovers (if there are any).

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