DWTS is a Tea Party Tool

By Adele

Sarah Palin sits there gloating in the audience, tacitly reminding her Mama Grizzlies to prove she’s got clout by calling in and shredding what’s left of Dancing with the Stars’ credibility.

There’s NO WAY IN HELL Bristol Palin should be one of the top 3 dancers in the finals next week. For 7 WEEKS OUT OF 9, she has been at or near the bottom of judges’ scores, including this week. Yet Brandy, who has danced better than Bristol since Week 1, got the boot, narrowing it down to Bristol, Jennifer Grey, and Kyle Massey.

Granted, dancing has made Bristol more outgoing, but her routines are still beginner stuff, and she has remained chubby. Either rumors she’s pregnant again are true, or she’s not working at it very hard. Many past contenders have lost weight and gotten into shape, and it shows. Not so with Bristol.

Bristol rationalizes that her popularity is due to ordinary people identifying with her. Sorry, kid. Mom and her Grizzlies are trying to buy you a trophy you simply don’t deserve, and they’re shafting much better dancers to do it. You guys are fooling nobody.

DWTS has always been a toss-up dance/popularity contest. But after this flaming fiasco, future contestants might as well skip the aches and blisters. Dancing well has nothing to do with the outcome.

Bristol’s partner, Mark Ballas, undoubtedly knows they don’t belong in the finals. In Bristol’s paso doble “solo” bit, he just had her stalk the floor like a giant bat. Even on a good night, Bristol’s footwork is sloppy, if she remembers it.

The judges have probably been ordered to ignore all her shortcomings, because instead they gush about how much Bristol has “blossomed.”

The Tea Party has an undeniable death grip on this season. They’d vote for Bristol if she fell on her face and crawled. Palin proudly told People magazine she’s been paying for people from Alaska to fill the audience and cheer for Bristol.

ABC can bask in their high ratings now, but selling out to Palin this season may spell the beginning of the end of DWTS.

21 Responses to DWTS is a Tea Party Tool

  1. raymondj says:

    I’m not sure what her chubbiness has to do with it (certainly doesn’t stop Kyle!), but I agree that ABC might be getting greedy soaking up Palin-inspired money but losing their core audience. Though I secretly hope this is all dramatic ruse to hide the obvious win by Jennifer Grey…..


  2. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Raymondj! Just read your post and we agree. It will be a travesty if Jennifer and Kyle don’t end up 1st and 2nd, respectively.

    The basic flaw in the scoring is those unseen viewer votes. In past seasons, we’ve gotten cut off before calling in all votes, or votes have been credited to the wrong couple. That whole piece of it smells so bad, it doesn’t bear scrutiny. For all we know, the producers decide who stays and who goes.

    Karen studied ballroom dancing for 7 years and knows what she’s seeing. This week, Jennifer Grey danced like a pro. Her feet, legs, and posture were perfect. Bristol doesn’t keep her legs together and her feet land wherever they hit the floor.

    Bristol’s unchanging size says a LOT about her motivation level after 9 weeks of competition (and a week or 2 before that in preliminary training). If she were serious about it and putting in the time it takes to dance really well, she’d inevitably be getting toned and looking thinner by now.

    Bristol had the opportunity to go in a chub and come out a swan, but she hasn’t done it. Why should she, once she realized Mom will keep her in it to win it because Mom’s not a quitter (yeah, right). Just like Mom paraded her around pregnant to show she embraces “family values.”

    Bristol’s just a pawn in Palin’s game. The least she could have gotten out of it was a makeover.

  3. raymondj says:

    I just don’t think it’s appropriate or accurate to comment on other people’s bodies as if we know what will happen. Kyle has been physically working out but is still chubby – these things are not mutually exclusive. There are plenty of other reasons why she is a terrible dancer, no need to be judgmental about body size and making assumptions along the way.

    I will, however, be snarky about her being a “teen mom” who had the freedom to just jump in a truck and drive 5 days down to Hollywood, leaving her baby in Alaska with family to take care of for a couple months — should all teen moms be so lucky! But ultimately, you’re right, she’s a pawn in the game, and that will probably not turn out so well for her mental state in the long run.

  4. catsworking says:

    OK, raymondj, point taken. But I’m a cat, so you have to expect some cattiness. 😉 I stand by it. She blew a chance to get in shape.

    I didn’t pick on Kyle, but I’d say the same thing about him. Dancing is great exercise.

    As far as Bristol’s parenting skills, I agree that taking 5 days to drive to Hollywood seemed irresponsible, especially when her mother’s been flying random people down there and back at her own expense, but I suspect Bristol runs circles around Sarah when it comes to being a hands-on mom.

    In fact, we have always maintained that Bristol is the Palin with the most brains. I know that’s not saying much, but it’s not like we hate her…

    I was just reading a story about Bristol cussing out some kid on Facebook and Willow calling him nasty gay names because he doesn’t think Mom’s new reality show on TLC is any good.

    Just wait until DWTS is finished and people start coming out and saying what they really thought of Bristol’s dancing.

  5. catsworking says:

    One more thing, the physical demands on men and women in ballroom are quite different. Basically, the man stands there while the woman does 99% of the hard stuff. He doesn’t have to throw his legs up in the air, go down in splits, get dipped backward, be tossed around like a ragdoll. Weight isn’t the same issue.

  6. Carol from FL says:

    My husband is a fan but except for Cloris Leachman, Margaret Cho and Florence Henderson and maybe one or two others there wasn’t much there for moi. I knew from the start that the show was kinda rigged.They had “stars” that at one time or another made a professional living by dancing.(ie J. Grey in a movie and that gal from the Pussy Cat Dolls). The music never matches the dances. The judges are obnoxious and that one Italian guy is about as funny as a root canal! Boy oh boy, if the tea party can influence this hokey show and is starting to weasel into local elections-Lord help us in 2012. Rubio won in Florida because he is a radical far right candidate that had his “pro-life” agenda as a major plank in his platform. No tea party there, just an average right wing nut job that the T Party loves. Anyway, don’t we all know by now that nothing is really “real” on the biggest TV networks. It’s all about the advertising money. Sara Palin is supposed to be getting 8 million for her reality show, that should help her campaign. Now it seems we have prom queens instead of statesmen running for the highest office in the land. And, we have dumb little teenage girls who refused birth control getting so much attention. Am I just steeped in snark-a-tude or is there really something scary–very scary-going on?

  7. raymondj says:

    I didn’t mean to imply she was a bad mom, more that it’s hard to take her advice as a teen single mom too seriously when she has SO many resources at her disposal. Kind of like it’s hard to take her abstinence advice too seriously either. 😉

  8. raymondj says:

    oh, and I like that Derek already showed us what he thought!

  9. raymondj says:

    oops, let me try posting it again:

  10. zappa says:

    I’m sticking with my story-her remaining pudge (as well as her lackluster”performance”) proves that she isn’t working hard at all. She may be a sweet girl, but I believe she knows she isn’t there because of talent or popularity.

    PS congratulations to Lisa Murkowski, my former next-door neighbor.


  11. catsworking says:

    raymondj, thanks for that link to the picture of Derek. No doubt many people there wore the same expression.

    Carol, Karen has suspected that DWTS has been rigged since the early days when John O’Hurley lost to that soap-opera skank (Kelly Monaco? was that her name?) who did the samba nearly naked, no matter what dance she was assigned.

    I was just reading an article claiming that the producers are now sweating it big-time. If Bristol wins, they may be sucking fumes for future contestants because everybody now knows they could be made fools of by the next “gimmick” with a big fan base the producers throw onto the floor. And it’s already apparent the judges’ opinions mean nothing. The judges have sunk themselves by gushing all over Bristol’s lousy dancing whenever Sarah’s in the audience.

    And “bad music” is the reason we stopped watching the past few years. Karen can’t stand listening to that shit. They’re trying to attract younger viewers by using “their” music, but most of it is bad for ballroom, and it’s totally unfair to the newbie dancers to give them songs utterly lacking the beat of the dance they’re trying to learn.

    Florence Henderson got screwed when they made her tango to the theme from The Brady Bunch. They could have slowed it down with a waltz beat that would have been great. Shame on DTWS.

    Yes, it’s the beginning of the end of this country when stupid people give a brainless bobblehead like Sarah Palin the idea she has the support to be elected president just because they were able to throw a dance competition for her daughter.

  12. catsworking says:

    ZM, was Murkowski literally your next-door neighbor? In DC?

    We’re SO glad she poked Joe Miller (and Palin) with a sharp stick to the eye. And congrats to the people of Alaska for going to the trouble to write her in. I think it’s a good indication of their disgust with Palin for deserting them, even if she was a crooked governor.

  13. Daisy says:

    raymondj, I sincerely hope you’re right about the “dramatic ruse” angle. Because I already have a VERY bad feeling about the phone lines being overrun with Mama Grizzly voters next week…

  14. MorganLF says:

    The chubby Palin is atrocious, as are the Tea Baggers. I have only seen a few seconds of a few dances and am amazed she is still on the show. Carl, you called it there IS something scary going on.

    In this day and age Sarah f’n Palin is actually going to RUN FOR PRESIDENT!!! Then again voters are stupid. Can anyone believe that wall-eyed, vacant, drunk, Dubya was elected twice? Oh yeah that’s right, he stole the first one, like the draft evading thug he is. BTW has Palin’s hubby ever served? I know her kid was there for a minute.

  15. zappa says:

    I lived right next door to her father,then-Senator Murkowski on Capitol Hill. When she took his Senate seat, Lisa took the house as well.They are nice people. BTW, Morgan, our crack smoking Mayor For Life Marion Barry has held a Council seat in DC since the minute he got off the prison bus years ago.

    ps Senator Trent Lott was my neighbor to the other side. He did his yardwork shirtless and wearing skimpy shorts — not bad on the eyes!


  16. catsworking says:

    Daisy, that’s just the reason EVERYBODY ELSE has to jam the phone lines next week and vote for Jennifer or Kyle. Karen hasn’t votes yet this season, but swears she WILL in the finals. Palin and her zombies must be STOPPED or there’s no telling what they’ll try to ruin next.

  17. catsworking says:

    ZM, Karen and Trent Lott have the same birthday. How lucky is she?

  18. Imabear says:

    This just in – Palin fans taking advantage of loophole – one votes 300 times!


    I always knew they’d stoop to voter fraud if given half the chance….

  19. catsworking says:

    Imabear, thanks for that link!

    Karen promised us that on Monday night, we will have all phones and the computer at the ready to cast votes, especially after host Tom Bergeron was quoted as saying in response to people whining about the possibility of a disastrous outcome when they hadn’t voted during the season: “F*&(k you!”

    He’ll be singing a different tune if Bristol wins and he’s out of a job because they have to scrape UNDER the barrel for has-beens to be contestants and next season’s ratings tank.

    At this point, Bristol’s dancing talent (or massive lack of it) has nothing to do with it. The Tea Partiers MUST BE STOPPED. Just because they managed to get a few wack jobs elected to Congress, they think they can call the shots on everything, and in DWTS they are succeeding. WE MUST PROVE THEM WRONG.

    All Cats Working readers, VOTE on Monday night. We’re not telling you who to vote for. We trust you’ll do the right thing. Just vote.

  20. adele says:

    I never watch DWTS, but Alice and I will be ready Monday night with the laptop and cell phone; I just hope I can stay awake; I’ve tried to watch DWTS a couple of times, and frankly, I find it better than an ambien.

  21. I just viewed the ABCnews story on Palin and how her book tours are focusing on specific states… HMMMM run for the Whitehouse maybe??? Amanda

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