Did Obama’s “Daily Show” Appearance Help?

By Yul

We’ll find out tonight when the election returns start rolling in, but it’s not looking good. Last week, Jon Stewart turned over an entire Daily Show to President Obama. We were so excited, we all stayed up late to watch, but it left me shaking my head like my ears were full of mites.

The White House wishfully declared Obama’s appearance a success the next day.

In case you missed it, here’s the full episode.

I doubt Jon Stewart expected Obama to remain firmly behind his mental podium, and probably envisioned a pithy exchange of ideas, in down-to-earth language sprinkled with humor, that would re-energize Obama’s youthful base so they’d turn out in force and help him keep his Democratic majority in Congress.

Instead, Stewart got 30 minutes of Obama reciting the laundry list of his (sometimes dubious) accomplishments over the past two years that we’re all sick of hearing.

Obama evaded Stewart’s repeated attempts to get him to lighten up, to the point of sidestepping right into some Bush-vintage doo-doo by claiming economic advisor Larry Summers is doing “a heck of a job.”

Stewart pounced the unfortunate phraseology, but you had to wonder why it was in Obama’s head in the first place. Columnist Kathleen Parker had an interesting take on tha moment.

Stewart told Obama his term so far seems “timid.” That’s exactly what I would call his Daily Show appearance. He had the audacity to show up, but once there, he entrenched himself deep in campaign mode, talking at — rather than to — voters and not saying much of anything.

8 Responses to Did Obama’s “Daily Show” Appearance Help?

  1. zappa says:

    Hi Yul!
    My mom said that at this point she doesn’t care who wins,so long as the ads on tv stop.She told me that Republicans CAN create jobs-start another war!


  2. catsworking says:

    Zappa, good point! Karen says she just hopes Congress doesn’t decide to bomb Yemen while Bourdain is over there filming No Res.

  3. adele says:

    Obama’s appearance was timid, and even though the results were not unexpected, I woke up in a funk this morning.

    Truthfully, my nostrils hurt from holding my nose while I voted for Illinois’ Democratic candidates for governor and U.S. senator, but the alternatives were worse. I cherish a faint hope that the Republican takeover of the House and loss of seats in the Senate will cause Obama to finally man up, but I wonder if being that adverserial is even in his nature.

  4. catsworking says:

    And as if the election results weren’t bad enough (Evil Eric Cantor won his seat inour district without breaking a sweat, and he’ll probably be taking Harry Reid’s place in Congress — now there will be no shutting him up), the airwaves are about to be bombarded with Dubya pushing his new book. I wonder if Stewart had him booked on The Daily Show yet?

  5. MorganLF says:

    Given the impossible situation handed to him, I think our expectations of President Obama to correct an untenable situation in two years is, well, silly.

    For the record, he DID pull us back from the brink of GLOBAL economic meltdown, got us out of the maelstrom that is Iraq (which we had NO BUSINESS getting into) and he DID pass a health care solution that encompasses those who were under the radar, in opposition to “big business health care insurers” who had been enjoying ungodly profits for years.

    It is time for AMERICA to “man up” and admit we are far behind in providing the basics of health care.

    Oh wah, wah it costs too much! Don’t you all realize we pay anyway?

    Every time a non insured runs into an emergency room for cramps, WE PAY. What is wrong with providing preventative health care so that our hospitals are not inundated with the uninsured and ill informed? There are always those who will be a burden, but as a Democratic Republic, are we not obligated to offer a better way of life to all?

    I am sick to death of the argument that illegals are draining us. My people came here in the last century, and did the work no one else would do. So it happens are the next wave.

    I have no stomach for a conservative elitist oligarchy that would curtail government with the idea of making the rich…well richer.

    When they talk about shrinking government they just mean killing unions, and social security, and Medicare so BIG business can get bigger. Was not 2008 a lesson? Who lives more luxuriously, Rush Limbaugh or Obama? Google their homes you will see.

    Shame, shame on everyone who expected Obama to wave his magic wand! It takes a minute to fix things that were SO broken!

    The net result? A vigilante like Chris Christie, in my home state of New Jersey, who has blocked major construction projects that would put good people back to work, sits mute as the head of Blue Cross/Blue Shield (a large insurance company and campaign contributor) takes a multimillion dollar personal bonus. He gets a pass while cutting benefits to people like me.

    The poor fools with their heavily mortgaged little homes who think the conservative agenda is about them, scare me.

    Don’t they know? It’s the Democratic liberals who believe in sharing the wealth as opposed to “trickling down” who gave you Social Security and Medicare! It is the agenda of your Republican idols to hold you hostage to the idea of less taxes. Less taxes for who; the very rich of course.

    A’ holes you will always finance the tax burden of this country!!! And by the way…why shouldn’t the rich pay more?? They have more!!!….

    I’m exhausted as a middle class tax paying non-union citizen I’m jumping off my soap box!

  6. catsworking says:

    Morgan, the disconnect in the logic behind Republican/Tea Party thinking is truly frightening. Just as they’re pro-life but would never dream of adopted an unwanted baby, they want to abolish Social Security and Medicare, but they’re not about to take in Grandma.

    Karen just got a cheery letter from Anthem talking about all the wonderful new improvements to health insurance in January. She knows it’s just the lube for the “bend over, here it comes” letter in December announcing a sky-high rate hike.

    The only thing we disagree with you on is health insurance. Private insurers will be sitting pretty when Obama’s laws take effect because they will have 30 MILLION new customers, and by 2014, rates will be so off the charts, personal bankruptcies will skyrocket.

    It may have been Obama’s way of compromising to get healthcare passed, but he did it on the backs of everybody who has to buy their own policy — the very people he was supposed to be helping.

  7. MorganLF says:

    But the opposite may happen. There may finally be competition in the insurance markets tthat will drive pricing down.

  8. catsworking says:

    Morgan, you may be right, but it’s not looking good. Anthem has a stranglehold on the individual market in Virginia (abetted by a State Insurance Commission that looks the other way while they do whatever they want with pricing), and they are not about to allow anybody to horn in on it.

    Big article about Anthem in today’s paper quoted the president as saying that reform will probably result in “double-digit” increases?

    So what was his fucking excuse LAST year when Karen’s insurance went up 17%? Or the year before that?

    The only fix for the private insurance industry is to abolish it. But the Republicans are gearing up to dismantle what few little shreds of decent coverage Obama managed to pass.

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