Bourdain vs. Foodies Again

By Karen

It’s been quiet because Anthony Bourdain has been traveling — to Cambodia for No Reservations. He blogged about it. Ottavia tweeted that Tony got a super-short haircut over there.

Every time I see him with slimey spikes, I think of an old ad slogan Gillette made famous…

But back to No Res. In his post, Tony mentions planned travels to Haiti, Nicaragua, Yemen, the Congo, and the Ozarks.


A few weeks ago, I reported that Bourdain got the attention of 2frugalfoodies at his appearance in Fredericksburg, Virginia, when he talked about people giving themselves airs over food experiences.

Well, he’s at it again. In an interview before his appearance in Madison, Wisconsin, on November 18, he’s quoted as saying…

“But I think there’s a real desire among foodies to use what they eat and where they eat it as a means of separating themselves from others. I think class war is unfortunately a major part of this whole foodie mania.”

But he goes on to say he’s “arguably part of the problem” by fetishizing food with the food porn he writes (and films, one could add).

This seems to be a fresh theme in his road show repertoire, taking swipes at foodies, even as he extols their blogs as the best source of finding the greatest places to eat around the world.

(I suspect Cats Working is one of the blogs he’s thinking of when he likens the blogosphere to a “big bathroom wall.”)

In the same interview, Bourdain also revealed his only two requirements in accepting any speaking gig:

“One is the music that plays before, while people are filling up the theater. I don’t want to hear Paul McCartney out there. And the other is having some local beer in the dressing room.”

Dallas Morning News advertises a series of 3 classes in November at Sur La Table “inspired and developed by” Bourdain on knife basics, eggs, vegetables, and pasta; stocks, soups, and sauces; roasting, braising, and sautéing. I’m wondering how much involvement Bourdain really had in this, and if perhaps he’s hit upon a way to monetize his chef skills without doing a cooking show. If so, I’d definitely take his classes.


2 Responses to Bourdain vs. Foodies Again

  1. Cindy says:

    I am on vacation for the next week but, I WILL be back in time for the Food Fight.
    I will look for you in the area where we were last year.
    Phone number is the same if you want/need to call.

  2. catsworking says:

    Hi, Cindy. I’ve still got you programmed into my cell phone. We’ll be looking for you there, and I’ll call you if we miss each other. Have fun on vacation!

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