Bourdain too Profane for Small Children?

By Karen

Nuvo revealed an interesting little tidbit from the Q&A of Anthony Bourdain and Eric Ripert’s joint appearance in Indianapolis on September 30. The last paragraph of the article tells how an irked mother apparently called Tony out for using the F-word to a child who asked a question. Keep scrolling, because commenters weighed in on what he most likely said, and rightly questioned why anybody would bring a child to see the guy whose show carries a warning about its appropriateness for children on every episode.

To MorganLF: I thought of you when I saw this post on Real Estate Resuscitation. You’ll know what I mean.

Bourdain sold out Harrah’s Lake Tahoe on October 2 for their Wine and Food Festival. The link’s here to document that, but there’s no new ground there.

Tony revealed to Jimmy Fallon on October 5 that he once collected comic books and wanted to be a cartoonist. That explains his ease with drawing his chef skull logo.

DC Comics imprint Vertigo offers a sample of illustrator Langdon Foss’ work on Tony’s new graphic novel, Get Jiro. His co-author is Joel Rose. It’s coming out in late spring/early summer.

Bourdain went yet another round with novelist Jonathan Safran Foer on the joys/evils of eating meat on Canadian radio. (Warning: It seems only a few minutes long and keeps repeating. I heard the same stuff 3 times before giving up, and I was only 11 minutes into the 24.)

Tony seemed to be in Toronto much of last week (maybe to film that new episode of No Reservations?). The Globe and Mail got Tony to describe his first 3 romantic dates with Ottavia (tats were involved), but they got her age wrong by 10 years.

Tony also did Toronto TV, talking to George Stroumboulopoulos on CBC. The quickfire Q&A during the last 3 minutes were the best. And for the love of God, would somebody PLEASE hide Tony’s hair gel! It’s clearly become his new addiction.

Knife Tricks reviewed Medium Raw mostly by quoting hunks of it, but it was the rather nasty assessment of Bourdain leading up to it that got my attention. However, I think there may be some truth in his theory on how Kitchen Confidential came to be. Tony was shooting for the top when he withdrew his article languishing at an indie newspaper and sent it to the New Yorker, so to say now that he didn’t expect anybody to read the resulting book does seem a bit disingenuous.


8 Responses to Bourdain too Profane for Small Children?

  1. MorganLF says:

    Oh indeed I do!

  2. zappa says:

    Big Fucking Deal
    Tony said “fucking” out loud in a room full of adults who paid to hear him speak(and hear it bleeped too many times to count on NR)Having worked in restaurants for many years,I know that no kitchen staff can cook,waiters can’t suffer patrons demands and bartenders can;t change beer kegs without every form of “fuck” you can imagine.I can’t type without it

    Zappa’s mom

  3. zappa says:

    oh yeah,why was a kid even there? I kinda wish it was that little snot from the Hudson Valley episode


  4. catsworking says:

    Zappa’s mom, Bourdain’s F-bomb really seems to have struck a nerve with you. I was impressed that he admitted Ariane has heard it around the house and knows it in two languages. I learned all the swear words I know at my mother’s knee, and my kitties have heard them all (most recently when my junk-ass LG DVD/VHS recorder failed to capture Mad Men TWO WEEKS IN A ROW!! *#(@$(*%&%(*!!!)

  5. Mary Austin says:

    Agree with the comments. Why bring a kid to see Bourdain anyway. Sorry to hear about your vcr. I tape all the episodes for my sister, who doesn’t have cable. I can also call them up on demand, so let me know if you need any episodes and I’d be happy to send you a tape. Enjoy your website very much!

  6. catsworking says:

    Hi, Mary! My LG DVD/VHS recorder is one of the worst electronic devices I’ve ever owned. I ended up calling LG, and they had me unplug the thing while holding in the power button for 30 seconds (I was waiting for them to tell me to flap my arms and cluck like a chicken), and that did seem to reset something in its addled circuitry.

    I’ve taped every episode of No Res, but for a long time, was missing French Polynesia before I finally got it. Now, it reruns constantly.

    I missed Madrid because it never showed up on Verizon’s On Demand, although they’d boasted all season that Bourdain was “always” available the next day. They never put up the special he did on making Kerala, either, but I got that one on VHS.

    If I don’t catch Madrid in reruns or when they do the next marathon before Season 7 starts, I may take you up on your offer. Thanks!

  7. my God, i thought you were going to chip in with some decisive insght at the end there, not leave it
    with ‘we leave it to you to decide’.

  8. catsworking says:

    Sorry, but since I wasn’t there and didn’t hear for myself exactly what was said, nor how it was said, I wouldn’t try to provide “decisive insight” on this. However, since Bourdain is himself the father of a little girl, I hardly think he’d direct grossly inappropriate language specifically to a child in front of a large audience. He may be plain-spoken, but he’s not an idiot.

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