Great News for Feline Fashionistas

By Yul

FINALLY, someone has come up with a line of attractive, practical, and affordable cat clothes. It’s called Meow-Wear.

Carla Reiss is the designer. Ironically, I found her through a story showcasing how she totally jumped the shark with some kitty haute couture for a fashion show at The Algonquin Hotel in New York City last month to celebrate the birthday of the resident cat, Matilda.

It’s one thing to dress cats for warmth or to express our unique style, but putting a rug on a bald kitty’s head is just going too far. My human namesake, Yul Brynner, would never have tolerated such an indignity (unless the role called for it, of course).

See for yourself. You’ll notice that not one of the cat supermodels is smiling, and one is even shown accepting a bribe to distract him from shredding his outfit.

Carla Reiss says those clothes aren’t for real, but just for dress-up play and photo ops, but I can see real kitties lounging around the house in Meow-Wear.

She’s even selling a knock-off of my timeless grocery-bag Super Kitty cape!

I know what I’ll be expecting Santa Claws to leave under our tree this Christmas.

(PS to Santa: Give any of the outfits’ “cute” little hats to your elves.)


2 Responses to Great News for Feline Fashionistas

  1. adele says:

    Yul, Alice and I looked at the fashions, and we didn’t see any that truly captured YOUR essence. Hats are unnecessary for cats, and your look is dapper rather than cutsey. I hope Meow-Wear comes out with a gentleman’s line.

  2. catsworking says:

    Adele, you’re right. I thought the formal bow-tie and the fish tie were too Groucho Marx for my taste. But I could definitely see myself hanging out in the robe or the jammies. I do hope the designer sees this and considers adding a smoking jacket to her line.

    And the hats have gotta go.

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