Turkey Treats Cats Right

By Cole

If you’re a cat and you have to be a stray, you’d be lucky to live in a neighborhood like Moda in Istanbul, Turkey, where one-third of the people live with a cat, and the cats without homes also have comfortable lives, thanks to a dedicated group of cat lovers who care for them.

A photographer from Canada named Algis Kemezys has created a beautiful gallery of street kitties on Salon, which was graciously passed on to me by Cats Working reader Adele. All the cats look very well-fed, well-groomed, and content, and they seem to rule the streets.

Kemezys followed up with another video/still homage to the cats. The accordion soundtrack was supplied by a traveling Romanian.

The only weird thing I noticed was an apparent lack of any pure white cat, and that there seemed to be few black cats or proper tuxedos. They were mostly variations of tabby and calico, but maybe that’s because they all come from the same gene pool.

I bet the citizens of Moda can leave cheese and peanut butter lying out on the counter all day without giving a thought to mice.

And Bubonic Plague? Fuggeddaboudit! What rat with half a brain would dare show its face in that neighborhood?


6 Responses to Turkey Treats Cats Right

  1. adele says:

    Cole,I loved the video, with the Romanian accordionist serenading the cats. That neighborhood in Istanbul does look like a paradise for kitties.

    I’ll bet there’d be a big argument at your house about picking out the tunes for your serenade.

  2. Noel McWormald says:

    Given the number of calicos… I’d say they have a bigger problem than they realize. The ratio of girl kitties to boy kitties! The “ladies” must all be scratching each other’s eyes out looking for a date!

  3. zappa says:

    That’s awesome,Cole!A city that kitties rule! BTW,I counted 4 tuxedos(maybe 5) none quite as formal as me,however.


  4. catsworking says:

    Good point, Noel. The post didn’t say if the kitties are being spayed and neutered, but there were some kittens in the pics, so I’d say some are still getting some action.

    Our Adele was looking for a white cat and didn’t see one anywhere. There was one “almost” white, with a striped tail and some color on the top of the head. But Adele said, “Close, but no cigar.”

    I think I saw one black cat like me and and Yul.

    To our reader Adele: Fortunately, we’ve never had to pick out music here (we’ve got enough to have spats about), but Karen keeps it pretty fair because she leans to Cole Porter (natch!) and show tunes, which keep Yul and Adele happy.

  5. Tuxi says:

    My kind of town-n-nnn! Istanbul! Wow, Cole! I’m happy to hear that the residents of Moda love the pet and stray cats so much! We cats deserve to be spoiled! Now if that Eqyptian religion that worshipped us would get going again! Maybe I should start my own Bastet church and get tax-exempt status! Hmmm!

  6. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, if morons could bring back the tea party, we cats should be able to resurrect our own religion. They’ve got Sarah Palin, we’ve got Bastet.

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