My Litterbox Will Never be a “Breeze”

By Yul

Have you heard about the new BREEZE® Litter System by Purina Tidy Cats®?

It’s not one of those mechanical monsters that will scare the sh*t out of your cat, but an ordinary litterbox with special litter pellets, a grate on the bottom, and a drawer underneath that holds an absorbent pad.

When a cat does his biz, the poop just sits there while the urine soaks through the grate into the pad. Human scoops poop as usual, and changes pad once a week (per cat). The litter is supposed to last a month. And it’s all supposed to be odorless.

I’ll buy that the poop goes away, but urine touches those pellets, must cling to the grate, and sits on the pad for days.

And I hate to take a whiz on Purina’s parade, but some cats don’t squat. I could pee over the side of that box without even going tip-toe.

Since state-of-the-art high-tech never comes cheap, I checked prices at PETCO, where you can buy in bulk and save:

BREEZE Box $35.97
16 Pads $30.72
14 lbs. Pellets $40.97

It’s a win-win for Purina, selling pricey designer litter AND disposable diapers. They even score one for DOGS, who relieve themselves out in the yard — for free.

PETCO also has a lot of user reviews, mostly glowing, but I also learned:

  • The pellets aren’t for burying, and claws can get caught in the grate trying.
  • A cat with, ahem, digestive problems will wreak havoc on the whole system.
  • Pellets can lodge in our paws, and they’re big so they hurt. They also stick to the poop and may need more frequent replenishment.

My colleagues Adele and Cole have impeccable litterbox manners and would probably love the BREEZE. But if you have a cat like me with quirky habits, you may want to reconsider.

5 Responses to My Litterbox Will Never be a “Breeze”

  1. truly appreciate the honest review!

    Thanks much!

    Cat Chat

  2. Tuxi says:

    Hi Yul! Just give me a regular, good ol’ American I do it, I cover it litter box! When Ginger was stil with us, she had a back injury and went standing up, so Mom got her a Rubbermaid container. Later she found a 2-pc. covered box and used it without the top on. Ginger loved it because the one side had a scoop cut to step into it easier, was long on the sides and was easy to wash out. Now our amputee Tripod loves it.

  3. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, we have a similar set-up. Karen buys us 56-qt. storage boxes with very high sides, so we have to leap in and out. She stands the tops against the wall beside them in case I get frisky and try to shoot over the side.

    In our late Fred’s last days he was a little wobbly, so she cut a hole in the side of one of the boxes so he could just walk in. At first, he refused to do it and would still climb over the side. But then when he finally realized why the cut-out was there, he’d just go inside and stand there without turning around and pee out the hole!

  4. zappa says:

    Hi guys!
    I have a box with a top on it.I almost always hit my mark(there has been the occasional and very rare miss!) All that fancy stuff doesn’t interest me.Just give me some Arm and Hammer litter and the dutiful Human and I am good to…hee hee….go!

  5. catsworking says:

    Hollywood thinks young men enjoy toilet humor, but just give us kitties a ridiculous litterbox to evaluate and watch the poop jokes fly!

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