Calicos vs. Pit Bulls

By Adele

The quick thinking and courage of Tiger, a 3-year-old calico cat in Harrison, Michigan, saved her 97-year-old owner from being attacked by 4 pit bulls who live next door.

Sophie Thomas was working in her garden in August when the dogs surrounded her. She hit one on the head and got it to back off, but another one charged and bit her on the arm.

Tiger leaped into the middle of the pack and distracted the dogs by getting them to chase her into the garage. Tiger undoubtedly jumped onto something out of their reach while giving Sophie time to escape into the house.

Tiger sustained a small scratch on the nose. The dogs were quarantined for 10 days and their owner fined. She claimed her dogs had escaped through a bedroom window and were “just playing.”

Just the sort of excuse you’d expect from a moron who keeps 4 pit bulls in a small house.

Another brave calico was involved in a similar incident in Houston in May. Her name is Lima. When she saw 2 pit bulls on the loose chase her owner across the street, knock the woman down and start attacking her, Lima leaped out of the bushes to scratch and hiss at the dogs, distracting them while her owner’s husband pulled her indoors. Lima was unhurt.

Before any pit bull lovers drop by again to comment that Cats Working unfairly picks on that friendly, cuddly breed, I’ll give them the credit they deserve. I found  a story where 2 pit bulls in Colorado actually rescued a Chihuahua from a coyote attack.

But if Tiger and Lima hadn’t possessed superior feline intellect, speed, agility, and nerves of steel, they and their owners would have certainly ended up as Pit Bull Chow.


17 Responses to Calicos vs. Pit Bulls

  1. Zappa says:

    Brave kitty aside,I want to be gardening when I’m 97 years old

    Zappa’s mom

  2. catsworking says:

    Zappa’s Mom, we all hope Karen holds up that well at 97! Sophie in the video seems to be very sharp, too.

  3. Mauigirl says:

    Sorry to be late to this party, but as the owner of a lovable pit bull named Diva, I have to comment on this and the Rachel Ray story. It’s all about responsible ownership. The dogs shouldn’t be left alone in a yard where they might escape. Secondly, it isn’t even necessarily the case that the four dogs were trying to hurt this woman. My dog loves people so much, she might run up to someone suddenly because she likes them and wants to say hello. People’s perception of dogs’ intent is not always accurate if they are not familiar with the dog or the breed. As for Rachel Ray’s dog, dog aggression does NOT in any way lead to people aggression unless the pit bull has been trained to be people aggressive. The pit bulls bred for dog fighting were specifically bred to be people-friendly in order to enable their handlers to handle them in the midst of the dog fight if needed. Those that are dog aggressive will not necessarily EVER be people aggressive.

    In addition, we don’t know whether Rachel’s dog and the one whose ear was bitten off were on or off leash. I always walk my dog on a leash; but if another dog ran up to her aggressively off leash, she could react badly to that. And it wouldn’t be her fault, but being the pit bull, she would be blamed for whatever happened. So depending on whether her dog or the other dog, or both, were off leash, someone was irresponsible. It is not the breed, it’s the owner.

    As for the little kitty, good for her letting her owner escape from what may have been an attack. We have my mother’s tiny little 16-year-old cat now that my mom passed away, and she has put Diva firmly in her place. She won’t go near that cat for fear of another swat on the nose!

  4. Mauigirl says:

    P.S., thanks for adding the positive story about the pits that saved the Chihuaha.

  5. catsworking says:

    Hey, Mauigirl, long time, no see! Welcome back.

    Maybe I wasn’t clear in the post, but in no way do I blame the dogs for anything that happened. Not the 4 pit bulls nor Isaboo, Rachael Ray’s dog. Heck, we don’t even blame Heidi, the barkaholic German shepherd next door who has been slowly driving us all crazy.

    As you said, it’s all about the owner. The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan, had a wonderful pit bull named Daddy who helped countless dogs get a grip and behave themselves. It’s not that pit bulls are inherently bad, but they do have the bulk and that quirky mindset that allows humans to exploit them for evil purposes.

    You never hear of killer poodles.

    When people get dog licenses, maybe they should have to pass a test like they do for a driver’s license, and demonstrate that they can control their dog. I’m not trying to be judgmental here, but it looks like those pit bulls’ owner lives in a dump with a laughable “No Trespassing” sign and probably lets the dogs act a little vicious just to scare people. And that house definitely isn’t large enough to comfortably accommodate 4 big dogs, so maybe they go a little stir crazy.

    If you watched the video, Sophie Thomas, the 97-year-old woman, got a good bite on the arm. Whether the dog was playing or meant to hurt her, only the dog knows. It’s one thing to have a friendly dog like your Diva come running up with tail wagging, and entirely another to suddenly find yourself surrounded by 4 strange pit bulls. Even if they only wanted to play, they could have jumped Sophie and she would have gone down for the count.

    I was actually very touched by the story of the pit bulls who saved the chihuahua. Just goes to show that some pit bulls do have hearts of gold.

  6. Noel McWormald says:

    As the only calico in the Wormald family (ever), I would just like to say that I have never been known for my bravery. Thunderstorms and smoke alarms send me running for cover. But I’m glad that there are calicos out there that are willing to do the dirty work and make us all look good. Thanks for the positive calico story!

  7. Mauigirl says:

    Hi Catsworking, sorry I haven’t been around much lately, have been caught up in other stuff and Facebook, which is a real time sucker!

    My bad, I didn’t listen to the video till the end, so didn’t realize she got bitten. Poor old lady, it must have been really scary. I get scared anytime loose dogs come running up when I don’t know their intent. I can only imagine her terror. I agree probably the owners are irresponsible and are using those dogs for the wrong reasons.

    Also, I do know you are not trying to malign pit bulls, just thought I needed to put my two cents in as a pit bull advocate. Actually, there are many dangerous bites by other breeds besides pit bulls and I even knew someone who had to put their Standard Poodle to sleep because it turned vicious and started biting people. Admittedly, smaller dogs with less powerful jaws are not as apt to do as much damage, agree completely. Plus the very loyalty of the pit bull, along with their big jaws, make them dangerous if their owners decide to use them for the wrong purposes. They will do anything to please their master. And unless a person is Cesar Millan, they probably should not have four pit bulls – no way could they control them properly. I enjoy watching Cesar Millan and was sad when “Daddy” died…he was a great example of how good the breed can be.

    I agree with the idea of people having to pass a test to get a dog license. They should also have home inspections before getting a dog. Unfortunately few towns would be able to have the resources to enforce such a law. (I also think people should have to pass a test before having a kid, but that’s a topic for another day, LOL!)

  8. Tuxi says:

    I’m glad nobody was seriously hurt in these stories, cats, humans, chihuahua and pit bulls that saved it. I am happy to be an inside cat, and I feel the apprehension I used to feel when a dog approached me when I read of these cats. Mom had a calico named Sarah when I first came here and she was like a little attack dog. She let Mom pet her and pick her up, but if cats got too close to her, she’d growl, hiss and try to smack you. Mom said because she was sleeping most of the time, she may have felt the end was near as she was hyperthyroid and had kidney disease. She did have days though where she’d brighten up and play and be friendly. If she ran into a pit bull though, she’d probably have scared it!

  9. Tuxi says:

    Mauigirl! Mom loves the idea of licensing kid owners! It’s a running commentary on Mom’s life that every time she goes to a restaurant, alone or with family, at least one or two kids are seated nearby and get to at least one of the following-fighting, screaming, crying/screaming, kicking a chair loudly, and so on. Mom said I (a female tuxedo cat) should be allowed in the restaurant and the kids put in a kennel!

  10. catsworking says:

    Noel, if you saw a pit bull attacking your mom, we have every faith that your true calico colors would come out and you would jump into the fray with claws blazing – to save the poor pit bull before your mom stomped the living sh*t out of it. 😉

    It must be said that neither Tiger nor Lima had exhibited any potential for heroic behavior before, so I like to think that all of us kitties who love our moms and dads wouldn’t hesitate to do battle if we saw them in danger. I pity the burglar or dog who ever crosses us. Yul would rip them open like sardine tins with his can-opener claws while my dainty little hypodermic claws administer a thousand injections and Cole pounces all over them and shreds whatever’s left.

  11. catsworking says:

    Mauigirl, we closed our Facebook account a few months ago. Life’s too short to figure out how Facebook works.

    Sounds like we are on the same page with this issue, and agree that people should be tested for competence before they have children. That one’s a no-brainer, yet any idiot is allowed to breed.

    We once had a neighbor who left their dog outside all day to bark, then kept it in the crawlspace. Karen called Animal Control, and the owner showed up on our doorstep one day with tears in her eyes saying, “Animal Control said we provide proper shelter for our dog.” Yeah, right. And living in a house above a crawlspace full of dog feces is healthy.

    The dog eventually disappeared, and Karen asked the kids where it was. They said, “He went to live on a farm.”

    Perfectly good dog wasted because it had the misfortune to get an owner who was an IDIOT.

  12. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, actually, the chihuahua was very badly hurt. The coyote was running off with the chihuahua in its mouth when the pit bulls started chasing it and made it drop the dog. They were lying next to the chihuahua, licking it and trying to comfort it when the owner found them.

    Karen thinks that airlines should make people put their screaming babies in carriers that fit under the seat and let cats ride in their owners’ laps.

  13. Tuxi says:

    Oh, fudge! We did the stupid and assumed the pits rescued the dog before anything happened. We were going to read the story before commenting and got a memory full going to homepage notice for our Mobile Web. We know – Never ass u me because you make an ass out of u and me. But we are glad the pits stepped in and got the poor chihuahua before it was fatally injured. And we hope the little dog pulls thru OK without complications. Now these pit bulls and owner(s) deserve a commendation for the good deed they did. It’s a shame for the well-behaved pit bulls that bad owners give them the reputation of all are bad.

  14. Tuxi says:

    And Karen, we like that idea too of putting the babies in carriers! Now most people with babies will get a sitter when going to a restaurant, but the ones that bring them unfortunately have a screamer most times. We actually find the 2-5 year olds the real noisy ones. Since we cats are considered around age 20 when we are a year old, I suggest a *Take your cat to a fish dinner Day!* That would be cute to see cats with little Red Lobster bibs on!

  15. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, our favorite is Captain D’s. We would love to see them have special cat days. We’d probably leave less of a mess in the dining room than the screaming food-throwing toddlers some people think belong in public. We don’t even act that way at the VET.

  16. Pegu says:

    Lots of long replies, so I dunno if this has already been said but I don’t think any dog is born “bad”. I do know that I wish every time I hear a story of a dog attacking people or other animals that it’s owner would be put down.

  17. catsworking says:

    Pegu, nobody has brought up those points exactly. We agree that dogs aren’t born bad. They are taught.

    And I think it’s a great idea to put the owner down if a dog attacks someone. All they’d have to do is make a few examples of bad owners and obedience schools would be FLOODED with pit bulls, German shepherds, and other dogs with reputations for being aggressive.

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