Bourdain Hits 100… and Counting

By Karen

Tonight, No Reservations returns to Paris for the 100th episode. I’ve been very eager to see this one, yet Room214 didn’t make it available in advance. But I caught the new special to air right before it, and Travel Channel has been running a 36-episode NR marathon that began yesterday.

The new special, “What Were They Thinking?” is very funny. Another glimpse of regular Tony talking about many of the show’s most memorable moments, with a generous segment on Zamir. Well worth watching. Here’s a promo he filmed in Paris for it. I noticed that he didn’t mention any countries where they eat everything with their hands.

To go with my rant about Top Chef, TV Squad thinks Bourdain should replace Eric Ripert as a guest judge. For me, Ripert is the least objectionable element of the whole show. Of course, it would be silly for Tony to become more involved. He doesn’t need it.

Cats Working reader Adele observed on Twitter that Tony’s choice of tie when he judged on Top Chef last week made him look like Padma’s prom date. Heaven forbid!

(Photo - Bravo)

Last week, Bourdain was touring the U.K. for Medium Raw. He appeared on the BBC, where he called his own book, “vicious, nasty, evil, and ugly.”

Hale and Hearty reported that Bourdain appeared with Fergus Henderson in Manchester, England, where Tony apparently took a bizarre swipe at writers. He was quoted as saying, “I don’t think writing is good for anybody. They’re nasty, angry people.”

Maybe he’s just upset because Medium Raw has begun its inevitable fall from the top 10 on bestseller lists. Don’t worry Tony, the paperback’s coming.

In England, Bourdain also did a live online chat for The Guardian. I couldn’t find a complete transcript, but The Village Voice captured one testy exchange where Tony verbally throttled, with a reference to cat hair, the guy who apparently helped coin the word “foodie.”

Irish Times interviewed Tony, and he mentioned that Ariane starts pre-school this week, speculating on her lunchbox contents: ‘‘I’m guessing it’ll be Italian — proscuitto, a little cheese, maybe some cold pasta.”

I hope the kids are kind. They used to make fun of me when I showed up with stinky salami or anything on pita bread. I prayed for my mother to discover peanut butter and Wonder Bread.

Tony’s hopping all over the U.S. in September making appearances, including one in Fredericksburg, Virginia, on the 23rd I’ll be missing because I’m not a stalker.

The Outside Blog printed a 7-question interview with Bourdain where he says he’s not an outdoor kind of guy. There’s a longer podcast version I had no luck opening, but maybe you can hear it and see if he says anything interesting.

Sacramento’s interviewed Bourdain before his September 17 appearance there. He weighs in on the city’s efforts to eliminate street food.

San Diego Magazine got a phone interview before Bourdain’s September 18 appearance in Escondido. He shares what he thinks of the new Cooking Channel.

Bourdain spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about reality shows and proclaimed Fox’s new Gordon Ramsay vehicle, MasterChef, “dreadful.”

At the end of an otherwise ho-hum interview, the Omaha World-Herald got some scoop out of Bourdain on a graphic novel he’s publishing with DC Comics next year, tentatively titled Get Gyro. Tony says it’s about “ultraviolent food nerds. It’s a gourmet slaughterfest, sort of like Fistful of Dollars meets Eat Drink Man Woman.”

And he said his next novel is about “displaced New Yorkers in the Caribbean doing bad things to each other. Food will be involved.”


4 Responses to Bourdain Hits 100… and Counting

  1. Von says:

    =D lookin forward to 100th episode!

    B’cuz of such influence from Julia child and Tony’s love for french & italian cuisine constantly thru his books & NR, I’ve (finally) signed up for french language class beginning next month hoping to tour paris one fine day.

    Yea, Medium Raw didnt last long in the top 10 non-fictions bestseller lists in Malaysia as well. Still,Im sure the fans out there is supporting AB all the way. Wish Anthony Bourdain could make a book tour in Malaysia.

    Thanks for the update, Karen 😉

  2. catsworking says:

    Von, I wish AB would make a book tour in Virginia, so don’t feel excluded. The world is too big, even for him.

    I have been studying French since 9th grade (MANY classes, then as an adult watching French movies and listening to language lessons), which would make it 40 years, and I am STILL far from fluent. I too would llike to spend some time in Paris and immerse myself and finally gain some proficiency. So if you manage to do it next month, I will be green with envy.

    I’m sitting here right now watching the Marathon in Jamaica, thinking I may need to pour a drink and stay up late on a “school night” to see the new Paris episode.

  3. MorganLF says:

    Was it me or was Paris a bit …eh? I liked the show before immensely. Why do they never repeat “food porn”? I have never seen it.

  4. catsworking says:

    Morgan, I felt the same way. But even though it was a wall-to-wall food episode, I didn’t lose interest in the food. And I’m sure that’s because it was so elegantly prepared, presented, and eaten, and not the work of a bunch of impoverished, toothless grandmothers standing barefoot on dirt floors, probably sinking a year’s income into one meal for the big American TV star (even if they are reimbursed, which I assume they are).

    Not that there’s anything wrong with grandmothers… I’m just saying. Watching Have-Nots prepare feasts for Haves has never been great TV to me.

    But I didn’t feel as if Paris itself came through very well in this episode. It could have been any big European city.

    I was really glad Ripert was there, because to have watched Bourdain eat all those meals alone, or with the French with subtitles would have been kind of tedious (although I always enjoy trying to see how much I can pick up without the subtitles).

    What I’m REALLY pissed about is that Verizon On Demand hasn’t put up ANY of the specials lately. Not the “Making of Kerala” nor “What Were They Thinking?” I got the latter one on VHS so I can transfer it to DVD, but now I’ve got to wait for Kerala to be shown again because I didn’t tape it — and it WASN’T in the marathon. Now it’s the ONLY episode missing from my collection, and I hate that.

    And my bone to pick with the lazy, clueless wankers at Travel Channel is that they kept rerunning the same few episodes during the marathon, rather than really digging into the archives and showing ones that haven’t aired in a while. Like Food Porn and MANY others.

    A short cycle of repeated reruns does NOT a “marathon” make.

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