Demented Cat-Haters Deserve No Pity

By Adele

Cats Working would be remiss if we didn’t weigh in on the woman in Coventry, England, who stopped on the street recently to pet a friendly 4-year-old tabby named Lola, then pushed Lola into a big trash can, closed the lid, and walked away.

Lola’s owners happened to have a surveillance camera that caught it all, and they posted it online to find the woman.

Lola was in the can that could have become her coffin for 15 hours without food or water. Her owners finally heard Lola’s meows and freed her.

The perp was identified as a 45-year-old bank clerk we’ll leave unnamed. That’s not because we think she deserves protection, but because we don’t want crazies making death threats here.

Lola was OK, not that this woman would have cared. When she was found and questioned by The Sun, which has dubbed her “The Purrminator,” they reported she laughed, said she had no idea why she did it, and “I don’t know what the fuss is about — it’s just a cat.”

Just somebody’s beloved pet (although we have huge issues with people who let their cats roam outdoors). They would have been very upset to find Lola dead at the bottom of their trash can. Or even worse, never to know what happened to her because the trash guys came first and ground Lola to bits in their truck with the garbage.

The woman’s mother has claimed the woman is a cat lover, but nobody’s buying it. We hope cruelty charges are filed against her and she gets a harsh verdict. She’s afraid she may lose her job because of her new-found notoriety.

Maybe she’ll end up living out of trash cans.


25 Responses to Demented Cat-Haters Deserve No Pity

  1. or….sorry to say this (sort of) but maybe if we are lucky SHE will end up DYING in one

    I believe in “an eye for an eye”

    Cat Chat

  2. Tuxi says:

    Just a cat? My feline ass! I hope this bitch loses her job, her mother is a hopeless liar, and if this broad has/ever has children, I hope they’re taken away from her! All countries need to take the animal/human abuse link seriously! As for this piece of scum, ha! ha! You humans have one life compared to our 9, and I hope some of my Moggie relatives borrow a trash truck and give this woman a ride she wouldn’t forget!

  3. Tuxi I LOVE your response!

  4. catsworking says:

    Tuxi has always been very passionate about these issues. Who’s a greater advocate for cats than a CAT?

    What I find most disturbing is that the woman STILL didn’t get it when they first located her, which is when she spewed the “It’s just a cat” comment. It was only after the video went viral and she started getting death threats that she apologized to the owners.

    I can’t begin to imagine what was going through her mind when she shoved Lola into the trash can. I really do think she’s got a case of undiagnosed dementia, unless there’s some other longstanding mental disability that hasn’t come out.

  5. I think you are being nice by calling it “dementia”…I have a father-in-law who suffers from dementia who would NEVER do that.

    I think she is a latently evil person. Just the fact that she said “it’s just a cat” is not normal. She was able to reason when she was busted and knew to apologize….(which she didn’t mean) the woman is a complete sicko……

  6. Gizmo says:

    what is with people ?? The latest outrage, [and sorry, this relates to puppies, but…] is a video of a girl tossing, one by one, baby pups into a raging river. The scumbag was dumb enough to videotape herself and post it on the internet… (just Google “girl throwing puppies in river” and you’ll get it)… I am just so disgusted with the human race when I see crap like this…. Animal lovers around the world have taken action and are searching for the girl in the video… All I can say is God help us when the animals get control….

  7. Zappa says:

    I was watching tv with my mom and there was a crazy Human who entered the offices of Discovery Channel in Silver Spring Md.That isn’t very far from my house.One of the things that the Crazy Human was angry about was that the Discovery Channel’s programming promotes the continual and unnatural perpetuation of the Human Race.(they show lots of “we can’t have a baby so we spent tens of thousands of dollars on Frankenmedicine of which our insurance policy picked up a lot of it!!”) Anyway.this Crazy Human felt that there are too many Humans in the world and they are responsible for most of the really bad stuff in the world. Belgium,anyone?

  8. catsworking says:

    Zappa, that crazy guy at Discovery Channel seemed to have his heart in the right place, but he was trying to make a right with two wrongs.

    Don’t get us started on Frankenmedicine. With children born unwanted, only to be neglected, abused, and killed, any medical procedure (in vitro, surrogacy, etc.) that enables humans to breed just to perpetuate their own genes should be criminally prosecuted.

    We say, if you really, truly love children, put your ego on the back burner and rescue a kid who’s already born and needs a home. Animal lovers do it every day.

    Gizmo, Karen won’t let us watch that video about the puppies. We’re barfing hairballs at the very thought of it. We hope they find that girl because she’s already a serial killer.

  9. Tuxi says:

    Exactly, Gizmo, Zappa and the Cats Working Crew, the animal abuse/human abuse link has been proven over and over again. This sicko who killed those poor puppies needs locked away in a mental institution, just like the Coventry case. The laws need changed to get these people fined heavily AND COMMITTED! Putting them in jail just makes them meaner, crueler and hooked up with like-minded people! Some people meet future perpetrators to have in their crimes in jail!

  10. Tuxi says:

    Mom said the same thing Zappa, about James Lee-heart in right place, head definitely not. We truly detest the Duggars and their Christian J.D. Republican Arkansas race. With all their children having children and so on, you will have a Duggar relative every 2 square miles, I believe the article we read said. We’ll double check on that and give details. Scary!

  11. Pegu says:

    That is pretty twisted. You can tell she knew she was doing something wrong by looking around first before grabbing the cat, and by how quickly she started walking afterwards.

  12. catsworking says:

    Pegu, I think you nailed it. I noticed how she looked around, too, and then walked away so purposefully. She knew exactly what she was doing. The question is WHY?

    And I saw a headline that they have ID’d the girl who threw the puppies in the river. Apparently she’s in Bosnia. Didn’t read the article. There are some things we just don’t want to know too much about.

  13. Tuxi says:

    Read that the Bosnian girl’s family is fined the equivalent of around US $7,300 and the authorities are going to question her parents about her behavior. The Cat Bin Lady is on a 3-week paid leave but her bank branch is being asked to fire her or customers said they will boycott the branch. And the RSPCA is still questioning police as of yesterday to decide on prosecution. Meanwhile, Lola the cat is getting treats sent to her by people and is chowing on her favorite food. And 84% of those surveyed in a poll in Britain want her prosecuted. Justice will be served!

  14. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, that is all very good news! Thanks for the updates! You are really staying on top of things.

    It does sound like the perps are going to learn a good lesson the hard way. It’s about time somebody made an example of such cruel people.

  15. Tuxi says:

    You’re welcome! I Binged Coventry, England-cat in wheelie-bin and the woman’s name, that the Sun had released. They had a site with the town’s newspaper link and alot of British and American newspaper links. I queried WordPress to see what bloggers were saying and found one talking about the Bosnian girl. I hate what she did and I’m wondering if they’ll find she was abused or saw something horrible during the ethnic cleansing and war there that has put her over the edge. I’d hate to find out she’s just totally evil and malicious. If so, we’ve got a younger generation where some have no conscience and no sense of piety.

  16. Paula Flowers says:

    I am betting this woman has disposed of many cats. I watched that video, she coaxed the cat and spent more than a few minutes gaining it’s trust. She knew exactly what she was doing. She should be forced to take a lie detector test and find out if she has done this before. She’s a 45 year old woman with a bank job – she is not stupid – she is evil and thank God was caught. This just makes me sick. Put her in a container and with a heavy lid and see if she can get free…AND THE BANK SHOULD FIRE HER….

  17. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Paula. Interesting point you raised about this not being the first time the woman has offed a cat. I agree with you. It made no sense for her to stand there and pet Lola before she was shoved into the trashcan. A lie detector test is an excellent idea, since she acted at first like what she’d done was no big deal.

    And as for punishment, I would add that the container should be several times her height, reek of garbage, and have smooth sides that she can’t grasp in any way to pull herself out.

    The last news report I saw said that she is taking up to 3 weeks off from her job at the Royal Bank of Scotland — at full pay — because she’s “stressed.”

  18. Tuxi says:

    Yes! The Cat Bin Lady will go before the Coventry Magistrates on October 19th! And she was charged by the RSPCA for unnecessary cruelty and for providing a dangerous environment for an animal. Throw the book at her, prosecution and judge!

  19. Tuxi says:

    And if they decide to put her in a wheelie bin as punishment, besides a hefty fine and some jail time, put a good amount of liquid and solid feline litter box *effluence*, put her in, and do a decent old-fashioned outhouse tipping on her ass! Ha! Ha! Ha!

  20. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, you can really be vindictive. We like that in a cat. I hope your mom always stays on your good side!

    Thanks for keeping us posted on this situation. I hope they give her a jury of her victim’s peers — CATS.

  21. Tuxi says:

    As Paula said, we should have a lie detector test to see if that old Coventry broad did this before. If I may, I would like to put a flea in the ear of the Coventry Magistrates to allow, and the RSPCA to suggest testing for prior same offenses. If I was a Coventry (or anywhere else this person may have lived) cat lover who mysteriously lost a cat, I would be asking for a way to know. What a horrible way to die-in a trash truck, compacted! And I hope they take seriously the fact that if she thought Lola was “just a cat”, would she, due to the animal/human abuse link, decide a child could be abused to the point of possible/probable death, and have no remorse about it? Inquiring feline minds want to know! I think all those” Inspector Morse/Lewis/Linley Mysteries” Mom and I watched on PBS have rubbed off on me!

  22. Tuxi says:

    And, don’t worry! Mom could never get on my bad side. We share human food, I like to sleep next to her in the evening while she watches TV, and at night if she’s lying on her back sleeping with her head turned to the right, I’ll lie on my stomach or right side and put my right cheek on her left and sleep. Usually she’ll wake up and hug me and we fall asleep again. AWW! I’m SO spoiled!

  23. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, if Karen’s lying on her side, Yul likes to scooch up next to her tummy while Adele sleeps between her legs, essentially pinning her in place. I’m still a little hesitant about such intimate contact, so I usually stick to my corner at the foot of the bed.

    What’s up with these Brits? I just read about another one who microwaved his hamster! They said its tiny little lips were burned off. The guy said it was a good hamster, but he was drunk and wanted to get back at his girlfriend and show her the cooked body. Sick bastard!

  24. Tuxi says:

    Blimey! What a barmy bunch of buttheads! So they don’t like what the US said about Tony Hayward, yet some of them don’t give a crap about helpless animals, animal lovers and other people in general! Not only should people who kill other people be getting the death penalty, but hell, give it to the ones who kill animals as well!

  25. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, we’d like to see a death penalty for killing animals as well. They get off much to easy on the excuse, “Well, it WAS only a dumb animal.”

    Maybe make an example of a few of these psychos and the next drunk will think twice about microwaving his hamster.

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