Tiger Tale with a Happy Ending

By Cole

It happened on August 28 at Jungle Island in Miami. A white-handed gibbon named Watson got out of his enclosure and taunted a 3-year-old Bengal tiger named Mahesh, causing Mahesh to jump his 12-foot chain link fence with a 2-foot barbed wire overhang and take a stroll through the zoo.

Mahesh (Photo - NBC)

Lucky for Mahesh, the humans screaming and running in all directions didn’t particularly interest him. At one point, he even came face-to-face with a 2-year-old girl. The big cat and the kid just stood there until the girl’s mother picked her up and quietly walked away. That act earned the woman one of those excruciatingly dull “15 minutes of fame” interviews on the Today Show, where Matt Lauer tries to milk a whole segment out of what I just told you, getting monosyllabic responses to his attempts to make the experience tense and horrifying.

MSNBC even went so far as to call it a “tale of survival.”

After about 20 minutes on the lam, Mahesh was coaxed into a cage and didn’t even need to be tranquilized. For now, he’s relaxing out of the public eye while the humans “investigate.”

This incident has been compared to the experience of late Tatiana at the San Francisco zoo. She was taunted by three human boys, escaped and killed one, and was shot dead, causing Cats Working to ask, “How High Can Tigers Jump?

If people haven’t figured it out yet, Mahesh gave them the answer again: “As high as they need to.”

Even though the fence is already 2 feet higher than state law requires, and no one was hurt, the state is considering charging the zoo’s owner with something so they can fine him. Anything for a buck. And they want the fence extended to 14 feet with a 4-foot overhang.

But at least Mahesh is still alive and not in any trouble.

4 Responses to Tiger Tale with a Happy Ending

  1. Tuxi says:

    And lets hope my relative Big Cat stays alive and well! He’s a nice looking tiger! How about we blindfold Matt Lauer and put him in Mahesh’s enclosure when he wants a snacky-wacky? Call it *Where in the hell is Matt Lauer….and how the hell did he get there?* I like it! He drives me crazy!

  2. Tuxi says:

    Did you see the picture of that little tiger cub that smuggler drugged and was going to smuggle into a country to have him grow up and either be someone’s exotic pet or used for his organs as stupid human folk medicine? I’m glad they caught the bitch trying to smuggle him, who claimed it was someone else’s suitcase. They found the adorable little cub in her suitcase and luckily saw him on the X-ray machine. They should put the woman in an enclosure with the cub’s mother, if they know his family, or let her be a male tiger’s dinner___date.

  3. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, when it comes to justice where tigers are concerned, I agree that “a tooth for a tooth” is the way to go.

    We did see that story about the drugged tiger cub in the suitcase. At least this time the screeners were doing their job. Yul tells me a few years ago, Cats Working covered a housecat who hid in his owner’s suitcase, flew cross-country, got claimed up by the wrong guy, and popped out and scared the guy half to death when he opened the suitcase.

    In the tiger’s case, they said they saw “bones” in the suitcase and flagged it.

    I like your idea for Matt Lauer. I’d say throw Meredith Vieira in there with him and now we’re talking some great entertainment!

  4. Tuxi says:

    Well, now we can give Mahesh a feast of Lauer lambchops, Vierra venison, and the tiger smuggler and the Coventry, England C. U. Next Tuesday as dessert. Just hope none of them give Mahesh indigestion!

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