Belgium Plots to Wipe Out Housecats

By Cole

I wish I were making this up, but it’s true. By 2016, Belgium plans to have every short-haired cat in the country sterilized. They have one cat for every 10 people, and last year 13,000 homeless cats had to be put to sleep, so the Belgian government thinks it has an overpopulation problem.

I agree. They have 90% more humans than cats. If it’s a question of allocation of resources, they’re “fixing” the wrong species.

Belgium’s human population grew 0.776% in 2008 and is trending upward, while they think the cat population increases about 6% annually. But they ignore an important fact…


If the proposal is passed, in 2011, they will begin with all cats in shelters, then those belonging to breeders and pet shops. Finally, housecats will have to be registered with the government and face mandatory sterilization.

Pedigreed cats like Persians and Abyssinians will be exempt. So in one generation, Belgium’s cats will consist of nothing but flat-faced, long-haired shedding machines. Not that I have anything against purebreds, but whatever happened to Vive la Difference?

The eradication of kittens should be complete in 5 years. The only thing stopping them from starting immediately is a lack of government funding.

Speaking on behalf of the “ordinary, unwanted” domestic shorthairs at Cats Working, if Belgium follows through on this heinous, incredibly short-sighted plot, may it find itself overrun by vermin. Who knows? Maybe they’ll bring the Black Plague back into vogue. Whatever hardy European mousers are left may be too old to hunt, or even deliberately let the rats thrive to control future human generations. Payback’s a bitch.

13 Responses to Belgium Plots to Wipe Out Housecats

  1. Zappa says:

    With all due respect to Mother Nature,without cats to eat,feral dogs will begin hunting in packs and feeding off of big,fat,juicy,frites-fed Belgians.That footage could be added to my DVD library alongside “Aquarium” and “Birds”


  2. Tuxi says:

    Amen, Cole! WTF? These people who thought this cruel, stupid idea up are one waffle shy of a dozen! And we thought Europe was progressive?! Geezus! So, all of my Belgian Tuxedo brethren will be gone in so many cat generations? My ass! Mom! (I hear you, Tuxi! It’s protest time!). The Belgian detective Poirot would say *My little gray cells tell me this horrible idea sucks!* If the Belgians made it through WW2, wait until the mice and rats breed nonstop! Serves their asses right! And imagine how rescuers and foster cat parents feel after their hard work! Mom would say, *Ze fukking government can keep ze damned noses off my pussies!*

  3. Tuxi says:

    And they have funding difficulties? Stupid bastards! Why don’t they use the money for spay/neuter clinics, homeless animal rescue, T-N-R, and as for the human population, give then free birth control and sterilization! Bastards! I thought the only place they allowed only one young family member was fucking China?

  4. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, funny you should mention China, because when I was writing this, it seemed like such a Chinese mindset, like when they were going around clubbing dogs to death, including pets on leashes. I forget why, but it was typical Chinese “overkill.”

    But the Chinese are now actually considering a ban on eating cats and dogs (I haven’t seen if it’s passed yet), so they are heading in a more humane direction.

    To put this Belgian situation in perspective: There are 1,000,000 cats now, and 13,000 were put to sleep last year. That was 1.3% of the total cat population. A lot of cats, but still, it would seem that the people are cat-lovers or the numbers would be a lot higher.

    And WHO decided that only the purbreds should survive? What are we domestic shorthairs? Dirt? Many times, we’re actually healthier than our inbred cousins.

    I’m hoping the people themselves squash the idea of a kittenless Belgium and insist that their tax money go to the worthwhile causes you mentioned so that unwanted kitten numbers can be reduced, but they aren’t totally exterminated.

  5. Tuxi says:

    Mom and I were thinking too, don’t they use a shorthair mate to remove a mutant gene from further generations of inbred cats? And aren’t shorthaired cats used to create new breeds of cats? Something isn’t kosher about this! Don’t older Belgians see the Hitlerian part of this? Hitler wanted a new race of pure whites and a race only long-haired cats is creepy. Idiots! I hope that Belgian humans are shunned by travelers and publicly castigated by the media and cat-lovers worldwide. Turdheads! I commend the Chinese if they ban the eating of cats and dogs and Mom still feels revulsion in just the thought of those horrible murders of pet dogs right in front of their owners. Just all sadistic, unwarranted murder! All they had to do was start a rabies vaccine program for all dogs and only euthanize any dog with signs of rabies and test them. It seems the Chinese government likes to go overboard with sadism and make everything a bloodbath.

  6. Adele says:

    Cole, I’ve been out of touch for the last few days because of computer problems, but when I read your post to Alice, she actually started to cry, and said, “That sounds just like those Nazis we always see on The History Channel.”

    Of the six cats I’ve had, four of them were the kittens of very young mothers, who got out. Even though I believe in spaying and neutering, my life would have been infinitely less rich, without those four, including Alice.

    For the record, Abyssians are not long haired, but I take your point. I’ve known some purebreads (a Persian, a Himalayan, and an Abyssian), and they were all very sweet, but none of them were as healthy or as smart as some of my domestic shorthairs.

    “Poor little Belgium,” indeed. Imagine a world with no tabbies, sleek black cats or adorable calicos.

  7. catsworking says:

    Adele, the article I read mentioned Abyssinians specifically, lumping them in with Himalayans, but of course you are right. They’re not long-haired. I guess they will keep purebred Siamese, too.

    They will miss out on the rich variety that only comes from brief encounters between cats who don’t know who their Momma is. But then, as Belgian cats get increasingly more weak and sickly from inbreeding, maybe a black market for healthy strays will spring up and they will become much-coveted and revered.

  8. Tuxi says:

    Now we know why Belgium is coming up with such screwball ideas! Could it be to avert attention away from the Church Abuse scandal? Geez, they have a major problem with a history of hidden abuse and just a major, big-time history of abuse by priests. So we cats here, and Mom, say hey! Chuck the guilty ones in jail and forget about eliminating kittens! Hell! Just eliminate the Catholic church in Belgium!

  9. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, I’m going to have to get back to you on this because Karen has been away for 4 days, so no newspaper, no TV, no magazines. We have been living in a news vacuum, so if there are new developments in Belgium, we haven’t seen them. We have a lot of catching up to do. Sheesh! You’d think she’d at least leave a radio playing for us.

  10. angie says:

    this is the best bit of news to come out for ages.
    there are too many cats and unless you work in rescue, you do not know what a problem it is.
    I can only hope the rest of Europe follows their lead.

  11. catsworking says:

    Hello, Angie. I’ll divulge to Cats Working readers that you are writing from England and seem to be involved in cat rescue, so your comment makes sense and doesn’t come across as the words of a cat-hater.

  12. Rosemary says:

    I’m more worried about their proposal to introduce a cat licence at the same time – apparently around £100 if the Guardian managed to convert euros to pounds correctly. Unless it’s run on the basis that the owner pays their £100 and gets free spay/neuter/chip/vaccinate I would suspect an awful lot of people may give up their cats – for comparison it’s been proposed that the UK reintroduces a dog licence of £21 which is probably affordable for most people and would go to fund dog welfare services.

  13. catsworking says:

    Welcome, Rosemary! We hadn’t heard about this latest development and fear you are right. People had better get something for their money or cats are going to become extinct in Belgium.

    Where we live (Virginia), cats don’t need licenses, but dogs do. Every so often, our Board of Supervisors floats the ideas of licensing cats or limiting people to 2 or 3 cats, but so far none of them have passed because the cat-lovers go nuts.

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