Bourdain Mugged by Yogi Bear for Emmy

By Karen

I planned to title this post, “2010 is the Year of Bourdain,” because his book, Medium Raw, continues to occupy bestseller lists, and because he won his first personal Emmy for writing the Prague episode of No Reservations.

But I was only half right.

Bourdain didn’t win the freaking Emmy. It went to PBS’ The National Parks: America’s Best Idea.

Are they KIDDING? Even the title is boring!

With a new movie coming out later this year, 2010 is shaping up to be the Year of Yogi.

I’d have been happier if Tony lost to Buddha.

The Bourdains traveled to Los Angeles for the Emmy ceremony on August 21, and Ottavia was resplendent in a pale gray strapless Marchesa gown with beaded bodice. She tweeted that they skipped the red carpet but, from what I’ve seen, Ottavia would have mopped the rug with most of the women there. Don’t those ladies have mirrors?

Well, back to the day job…

This week on No Reservations Tony returns to Beirut to make the happy foodie show he intended in 2006 when he inadvertently got trapped as war broke out with Israel (and the show earned its first Emmy nom). This time, he stays in the same hotel and catches up with the same people.

Since it’s been a niggling annoyance with me lately, I watched this episode (thanks to Room214) with an eye on how they ate. Finger foods were picked up with bread. During the show’s last meal, one of Bourdain’s hosts even said that Lebanese don’t eat with their hands (except for foods Americans would also pick up) because they like to stay neat.

Last week’s black-and-white episode in Rome sparked a lot of controversy. ChowHound weighed in, and it wasn’t good. Apparently, some of Tony’s fans have no tolerance whatsoever for the absence of color. Their loss. They’ve essentially slammed the door on Hollywood’s heyday and greatest stars.

On the other hand, in Philadelphia loved it.

September 6, Travel Channel plans a No Res marathon, with a new special called “What Were They Thinking” airing right before the Paris episode. (Note: CinemaBlend says No Res has been on for 15 years; it first aired in 2005.)

To further set the record straight, you’ll see all over the Internet that NR is in Season 7 or 8. According to Room214, we’re still in Season 6 (I specifically asked). As always, thank Travel Channel for pulling air dates out of their ass so nobody knows what’s what.

If you happen to be in Edinburgh, Scotland, on August 28, Tony is making an appearance at the International Book Festival.

He’s back on the road in the U.S. with a vengeance in September, with many personal appearances until around Thanksgiving (I’m seeing him myself in Washington, DC, in November).

Tony gave a phone interview to the Sacramento Press before his appearance there on September 17.

How226 published a surprisingly high-quality forbidden video of Bourdain speaking in Santa Cruz about Gordon Ramsay. If you’ve never seen Tony in person, it’s a good sampling of his off-the-cuff speaking style.


13 Responses to Bourdain Mugged by Yogi Bear for Emmy

  1. Zappa says:

    When is AB’s appearance in DC? I can’t miss it!

    Zappa’s mom

  2. catsworking says:

    Zappa’s Mom, Bourdain will be co-hosting the DC Capital Food Fight on November 11. Here’s a link to the site for tickets:

    If you do go, let me know so we can meet up. I know of at least one other Cats Working regular who will definitely be there, and there may be more.

  3. Keri Wormald says:

    How upsetting that I will be leaving Edinburgh only 3 days before Anthony Bourdain’s visit. My office is only 1 block from the tents of the book festival too! But thanks for reminding me that I’ve yet to check the book festival out at all this year. I’m going there right now.

  4. Zappa says:

    I just bought my ticket and I can’t wait to meet you!


  5. catsworking says:

    Yippee, Zappa’s Mom! I look forward to seeing you, too. Too bad it’s a humans-only event.

  6. MorganLF says:

    ZM see you there. I saw the great parks special on PBS , not bad but they have real budgets. Just the same I was pulling for No Res. Thought Tony & Ottavia at prom was a great shot and was disturbed to hear there were Emmy riots in Tony’s home town :)!

  7. catsworking says:

    Morgan, sure that PBS special had lots of great trees, but how was the writing?

    I saw some tweets about that violent post-Emmy riot that erupted in Leonia, NJ. I’m sure nobody is surprised that Tony’s hometown peeps didn’t take his defeat lying down. You didn’t happen to be out on the streets around that time, were you? 😉

  8. Adele says:

    After all the on the scene tweets about the Emmy riots in Leonia, NJ, I’ve been checking out major news outlets, but nothing. It seems like you got a real scoop, Morgan. 🙂

    I’m a big Ken Burns fan, but I didn’t think the writing on the National Parks series was as good as on some of his previous series. I wonder if, like the regular Emmys, a nominee submits just one episode for consideration.

  9. Adele says:

    P.S. Ottavia’s gown was beautiful. I think grey is a big color this year.

  10. catsworking says:

    Adele, if you click the link to the Emmy fashions, you’ll see what a knock-out Ottavia’s gown was, and even climate-appropriate. They said black is the new black, and that’s what most of them were wearing. Heavy and long-sleeved, no less. I was particularly shocked at how hideous Christina Hendricks’ (Mad Men) gown was. Very few women there who looked good to me.

    Wanda Sykes in a skin-tight sequined mini-dress. Yikes!

    I’m wondering what you and Morgan were doing watching some special about the national parks. If you’ve seen one big forest, haven’t you sort of seen them all? And I thought I had no life!

  11. MorganLF says:

    Well it so happened I was dining in the area and was right across the street from Helmut the barber was firebombed, I got there just in time to see the Alpine Mural go up in flames.

    We Jersey folk take our hometown heroes seriously…if I were Ken Burns I’s give Leonia a wide berth!

  12. Adele says:

    I think Morgan has said before that she’s a PBS junkie, and so am I. I love a good documentary, historical drama, etc. I absolutely adored Ken Burns’ Civil War (now that was some great writing), and Baseball was the quintessential American story.

    The various National Parks were gorgeous and very different, and I’m fond of nature, not in a trekking hikings kind of way. But I must say, I got sick of hearing about John Muir, although we owe him a huge debt of gratitude, and you can only write so much about trees and canyons and waterfalls and rock formations.

  13. Zappa says:

    There is a “can’t see the forest for the trees” joke in there somewhere,but it’s too early.

    Zappa’s mom

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