Ever Heard of Simon’s Cat?

By Cole

I just discovered this very cool and funny cat on YouTube known only as “Simon’s Cat.” Simon is an English human named Simon Tofield who works as an illustrator, animator, and director at Tandem Films in London.

Simon's Cat (Drawn by Simon Tofield)

In 2007, he started drawing simple cartoons about this cat. They received tens of millions of hits on YouTube, so he published a book in October 2009 for the cat’s fans that has sold over half a million copies. Now there’s a second book in the works.

The latest YouTube cartoon is called “The Box” (not the “box” you probably think). If you know cats at all, I guarantee it will make you chuckle. Even I purred. This guy has got our number.

The cartoons credit “Shrooty” for sound, which I at first mistook for the starring cat, but Simon himself makes all the cat sounds. Shrooty is a human who combines the sounds with the drawings. No actual cats are involved.

I think Simon’s Cat is probably a composite of the 4 cats who live with Tofield — Hugh, Maisy, Jess, and Teddy. (Notice they all have sensible people names, another clue that Tofield “gets” cats.)

But during this interview, Tofield said he was first inspired when Hugh was a kitten and trying to wake him up to be fed. (Been there, done that with Karen.) The first YouTube cartoon was based on that incident and you may have already seen it. It’s called “Cat Man Do.”

Anyway, I just had to share this. Many of us cats who work the ‘Net dream of achieving fame and fortune, but few succeed. It’s kind of ironic that Simon’s Cat isn’t even real, but we’re all proud of him anyway.


13 Responses to Ever Heard of Simon’s Cat?

  1. Zappa says:

    It’s like I’m looking in a mirror! Seriously.I think there is a hidden camera somewhere in here.That is the ordeal that I have to go through every morning so that I don’t starve to death.What was that device that was used to encourage the Human to wake up? I could really use one!


  2. catsworking says:

    I have to say that Karen is usually pretty good about asking, “How high?” when we say, “Jump!”, but some mornings she gets a little lazy and we have to turn her bed into a trampoline to bounce her out of it.

    Adele favors the sharp-claw-to-the-eye technique. Works like a charm!

    Karen keeps a putter beside the bed for burglars. Yeah, I know. They’d probably forget to rob her they’d be laughing so hard. It’s a different sport than Simon’s Cat chose, but I bet it would work just as well. Zappa, does your mother play golf by any chance?

  3. Imabear says:

    These are great! Thanks so much for letting us know. I’ve shared with several friends already. The cat really reminds me of our female, Princess. She’s a big, long haired fluffy girl and this could be her. It even sounds like her! Terrific!

  4. Gizmo says:

    my humans looooooove Simon’s cat….they have been waiting for this new Simon’s cat video for MONTHS now…and so have my 3 brothers (Kiki, Mojo and Gonzo). When mom and dad get into Simon’s cat, they get so distracted we get a break from all that ridiculous discipline crap (get off the counter! stop scratching the furniture! stay out of the cupboards!). Thank you Simon!

  5. Tuxi says:

    Ah, yes, the ritual of *Get me fed! Or else!* Here at the funny farm we get our breakfast like clockwork at 7 AM, and on the weekend no later than 9 since we let Mom sleep in. Dinner we get usually at 4 or 5. What we love to do is play Mom Trampoline when Mom is in the twilight zone between waking up and actually getting up. After her spay surgery we were good and went nowhere near her surgery and stitch area. Now though since it’s been 5 months, we like to play Find Where Mom Had A Uterus and knead and do little jumps onto her gut. Even though she’ll never have human kittens, she still gets monthly cravings in a pseudo PMS for soft-serve vanilla from DQ (yummy!). When she gets a Mickey D’s Bacon Ranch salad, some of us like the crispy chicken with the breading removed. Personally I like to lick up the Newman’s Own Ranch Dressing left in the bowl afterward!

  6. catsworking says:

    Simon Tofield said he has to draw 25 panels for each SECOND of video, so it’s understandable it would take months for him to produce a new one. And it wasn’t even his day job.

    While I was writing this post, Karen was looking over my shoulder (as always!) and laughing her fool head. We were all looking at her like, “What? You’ve never seen us act exactly like that before? Why is destruction suddenly so cute when a cartoon cat does it?”

    I’m thinking specifically of Simon’s Cat killing the fly. When I arrived here and had my very first encounter with Yul, I launched across the living room, threw myself at the sliding glass door, and shredded the vertical blinds EXACTLY the way Simon’s Cat shredded the drapes. I felt deja vu. I was such a wild and crazy kid back then.

  7. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, I know what you mean about the “twilight zone.” Yul and Adele schooled me in that. It’s their favorite time to step on Karen’s tummy when she’s just beginning to wake up and realizes she needs to pee.

    So far, no accidents, but she’s getting on in years and her bladder can’t hold out forever. We’ve got a “pool” going on who’s going to get her to pee the bed first.

  8. Tuxi says:

    Oh, Cole! That’s so mean!****I love it! Mom sleeps where it’s only about 20 steps from the bed to the bathroom and I always hear her telling the youngest girls Sage and Saffron, *Beep! Beep! Ladies, I need to pee and if you don’t move I’ll have drippy drawers!* Even with the hot weather, Mom turns the AC down to where it’s just right for sleeping but she said she’ll wake up freezing. Then the urge hits and it’s like the F-Troop has left the fort! Sage and Saff will love to read what you wrote, Cole! Once in the bathroom, they like to further complicate matters by jumping on the toilet seat and use precious seconds deciding whether to jump on the adjacent shelf. Since they take turns each time, Mom usually ends up removing selected cat off the seat so she can go. She affectionately calls us her C. A. C.’s – Crazy Ass Cats.

  9. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, it’s the same here. The bathroom is just outside the bedroom, so Adele has always taken on the job of beating Karen to the bathroom and jumping up onto the toilet seat first. She’s very proud that she has never once missed and fallen in!

    While all that’s going on, Yul likes to spread out across the whole bed, while I march up and down the hall to the kitchen so Karen doesn’t forget what’s next on the agenda — BREAKFAST!

  10. Zappa says:

    You guys are the best!! I get alot of very helpful tips in Human Management from this site.I stand on mom’s bladder,but I’ve never done that jump on the toilet seat thing-genius! My Human isn’t a golfer so she doesn’t keep a putter near the bed.I’m thinking if the bedside lamp were to fall a certain way,I might get my breakfast sooner.


  11. catsworking says:

    Funny thing is, Karen isn’t a golfer either. In fact, she HATES golf. Says it’s too boring and pointless to even qualify as a “sport.” But she once vacationed in Palm Springs, so someone gave her a putter and balls. The resident cats immediately confiscated the balls, and Karen never considered the putter anything but a weapon.

  12. Tuxi says:

    Mom has a what-she-calls professional Little League bat (the ones used at Williamsport, PA Little League World Series games) that she’s had for ages. Her dad gave it to her and it was kept for sentiment and also to practice on burglars. Luckily she has never had to use it and hopefully never will. She would never have a gun here because even though a college boyfriend said she’s a good target shooter, being aroused from sleep she said she’d probably shoot her own foot off! And that’s if she wasn’t too tired to load it. We have a watchcat in Bev anyway. She hears a noise and she growls loudly with a long GGGRRRROWWLLLL! So funny! A tiny black cat who sounds like a German shepherd!

  13. catsworking says:

    Karen has asked me not to comment on whether or not we have a gun because she likes to keep burglars guessing. If I were a prowler, I would be afraid, VERY afraid, if Adele ever got a gun into her paws. She’s the type who shoots first, and then maybe asks a few questions after her tail stops fluffing — or not.

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