Now Steven Slater is a Villian

By Cole

Meredith Vieira fluffed my tail on the Today Show this morning when she reported on a “backlash” against JetBlue flight attendant Steven Slater over his dramatic resignation. If you haven’t heard about it, catch up with my previous post.

Vieira’s slant was that Slater was a loose cannon who might have done the same thing even if a passenger hadn’t given him a head injury and cussed him out TWICE.

She spoke by phone with a female passenger seated near the front of the plane who apparently missed the altercation, but saw Slater with a huge gash in his forehead, which she described as “wet,” so it was still bleeding. She asked him for a wet wipe to clean up coffee spilled on her seat, but he told her to sit down because he had to take care of himself first. The passenger shut up because she could see he was upset, but has also complained in The Wall Street Journal that he was just being rude.

Next, Vieira interviewed Slater’s ex-wife in person, who has been supportive, and tried to get her to concur that Slater was looking for trouble.


So what about this so-called “backlash?” Not surprisingly, managers and “employment experts” are vilifying Slater. They just hate it when abused underlings finally say “Enough’s enough!” and walk (or slide) away to find something better. Sheeple are just impossible when they get assertive.

Robert Hogan, Ph.D., a personality testing expert in Oklahoma, thinks Slater is a publicity hog and told a Washington Post columnist that people in similar situations should…

Shut up and bear it. People who try to stick up for themselves always lose.

Yeah, right. Try telling that to a cat.

Meanwhile, Slater’s Facebook fan page is up to 170,000 “likes.” I’m guessing none of his fans are managers.

And JetBlue has given $100 vouchers to everyone on the plane — including the still-anonymous “World’s Worst Passenger.”

That’s how JetBlue responds to assault and abuse of their employees. Yet they wonder why people (and cats) admire Steven Slater’s reaction.

14 Responses to Now Steven Slater is a Villian

  1. Zappa says:

    Let Meredith Vieira get hit in the head with something really hard.Please

    Zappa’s mom

  2. catsworking says:

    Zappa’s mom, I second that motion. Meredith is our least favorite on Today Show (Ann Curry is our favorite).

    Meredith needs to learn to SHUT UP when she’s interviewing people and let them get a word in. Granted, they usually give her the WORST interview subjects, the yahoos who answer every question in monosyllables so she has to fill in the time. But then when they give her a good person, she hardly lets them speak. Matt Lauer does the same thing, although not quite as bad.

    We think all the morning shows would be greatly improved if they added a feline host to the team.

  3. Tuxi says:

    Hi Cole! If this other passenger ran to the Wall Street Journal, then we can guess what side of the aisle SHE’s on. She runs to a national paper, the publicity hog! We’re surprised the Repubs haven’t gotten their yaps all over this, since those blowhards supposedly don’t swear, etc. You know, family values. More industry bigshots need told to put their jobs where the sun don’t shine!

  4. Tuxi says:

    Personality testing in Oklahoma? Where was this expert before the government building was exploded by McVeigh? I don’t see Steven Slater as a caution, as they should have Timothy McVeigh.

  5. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, I’m pretty upset that Steven Slater is now saying that he’d like to continue being a flight attendant — at JetBlue. That probably gave JetBlue HR a good laugh.

    When you quit like a cat, the one thing you NEVER do is go crawling back with your tail between your legs. He’s really disappointing me.

    And JetBlue is claiming he damaged the chute and replacing it will cost $25,000. Some great chute they installed, that couldn’t withstand ONE person using it. Should make all their other passengers feel real safe.

  6. Zappa says:

    A day or so after the Jet Blue incident ,the name of the obnoxious passenger was revealed in a reply to an article about Steven Slater and now I can’t find it.Apparently,this woman is not unknown to her local police department.

    Zappa’s mom

  7. Zappa says:

    On GAWKER!! I left that part out.Oops.

  8. Tuxi says:

    That little wuss! Let me go see Steven! I’ll motion with my paws, *come closer, come closer* and when he’s close enough *WHAP! HISS! WHAP!* I agree, you don’t come cowering back! You do the cat-ly thing and go do what you always wanted to do!

  9. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, you have me rolling on the floor! I can just picture you “pussy-whipping” Steven Slater, and I think he may have it coming for more than one reason. Now passengers are saying he had that dripping cut on his forehead as they were boarding the empty plane.

    Could the scuffle have happened on his previous flight and he had a delayed reaction?

    Authorities say they’ve talked to 70% of the people on his flight and nobody says they saw him in a scuffle.

  10. Joanaroo says:

    Eww! Tuxi read the NY Post story and told me about that cut Steven had bleeding before the flight. As a passenger and an airline official I would not be happy with him being near anyone with a bleeding cut. Nowadays, with AIDS of course, and because of fans, officials, cameramen, journalists and other players being in close proximity of blood, sports rules require all blood-drawing injuries be treated and matter on floor and ice surfaces be cleaned immediately, (and stadium dirt and grass removed-the tiny area with blood-if bad enough, I believe). Now, with Steven, if he had the cut beforehand, couldn’t the Passenger From Hell sue him for something like slander-or whatever you would call being sworn at, even if she was possibly confrontational? Oh what a tangled web we weave!

  11. catsworking says:

    Joanaroo, there seem to be 2 schools of thought on what’s going on: 1) Slater is a drama queen because he stood there greeting passengers with blood dripping down his face, and 2) JetBlue is offering the passengers incentives to have convenient memories that don’t recall him being hassled by that female passenger and paint him as a ticking time bomb. They’ve already given everyone on the plane a $100 voucher. Who knows what they offered to the ones who agreed to speak to the papers and do talk shows?

    I guess we’ll have to wait and see what Slater does next. If he behaves like a publicity-seeking goofball, we’ll have our answer.

    To answer your question about the woman pressing charges against him, if he just went off on her for no reason and embarrassed her in front of a plane-load of people, why wouldn’t she? Her silence is what makes me think something DID happen to Slater and now JetBlue is trying to smear him as a big liar.

  12. MorganLF says:

    I’ve held off on commenting on this Slater guy but I have to jump in. That goofy Howdy Doody looking dude is a mental patient! He is a publicity seeking nut, just look at the inappropriate grin on the red face. I think the incident was in his head not on it.

    Someone was nasty to him oh boo f’n hoo….like we all haven’t experienced that. His story is not holding up and I think we will find out he is quite unstable.

  13. catsworking says:

    Morgan, you could be right, and then he will have made a mockery of quitting like a cat. He will need to be shredded and, whatever’s left of him after Tuxi is finished with him, sprayed. That’ll teach him.

  14. Tuxi says:

    Hey, I’ll gladly give a nice drizzle of Tuxi’s Mineral Water after I’m done smacking and shredding with my back claws, Jackie Chan-style!

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