Cats Working Strikes Again

By Yul

Jami Bernard at WalletPop just posted, “Quiznos kittens are giving me nightmares,” and it includes this line…

“One blogger speculated that the ads were aimed at ‘babies.’”

I have no doubt the blogger in question is yours truly. The same feline blogger whose post in April brought Cats Working to the attention of the BBC and almost roped Karen into being my spokesperson on a radio show about Afghanistan.

Bernard believes the Quiznos ads may be aimed at pot smokers, but I wonder if the typical Quiznos’ hours of operation support that. Around here, they seem to be more of a daytime, sub-eating-baby-friendly environment.

Anyway, WalletPop also revealed the perp, uh, I mean, creator of this abominable ad campaign. It’s WangDoody, a Seattle-based ad agency Quiznos hired early this year.

Any company that would give itself a name like WangDoody probably does think cornering the market on nosh-craving pot smokers is a sound business strategy.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know. Out of the mouths of cats…

6 Responses to Cats Working Strikes Again

  1. Tuxi says:

    Congrats, Yul! You are becoming a journalist in the know, just like Abyssinian Cooper! Quotable, knowledgeable and easy on the eyes!

  2. Jami Bernard says:

    Hey! Did I not give you an appropriate shout-out in my Ad Rant today? Sorry! You rule! Wait … I meant … CATS rule. So says Tsuko by my side.


  3. Zappa says:

    You might have just tipped your paw here.Let’s just say that you’ve been in the catnip and Karen walks in with that hot,toasty Quizno’s sub…..duuuude…..puuuurrr…


  4. catsworking says:

    Hey, Jami! Welcome to Cats Working. You just alluded to us in your post about the Quiznos kittens, but I’m feeling pretty confident that I’m the only blogger who theorized their target market is babies. Stoners would have been my second guess.

    Anonymity is a touchy subject around here, since Karen has been blogging about this Bourdain guy for several years and he’s very much aware of it, yet he refuses to let the name “Cats Working” pass his lips in public. One of these days, she hopes some intrepid reporter who has done his homework asks Bourdain point-blank what he thinks of the blogger who has followed him more closely than anyone else on the Internet — even when he’s not shoving food into his maw.

    He may be obliquely referring to us when he talks about the blogosphere being “a big bathroom wall” that anybody can write anything on, but he can do better.

    Give our regards to Tsuko!

  5. Adele says:

    Yul, if she had them, Alice would be busting her buttons with pride that you’re making such a name for yourself.

    If Roger Ebert has a keyboard that reproduces his voice, then maybe you still have a future in talk shows. With Karen’s Massachusetts heritage, maybe you could be given a human voice with a Kennedy-esque quality.

  6. catsworking says:

    Adele, if I spoke people, I feel sure it wouldn’t be with a Southern accent, even though I was born here. Karen doesn’t have one, and she doesn’t let us watch a lot of Southern stuff on TV (not even Paula Deen), so I probably would sound more like her, with a slight Siamese lilt.

    I’m a little concerned about Cole. He’s really sunk his claws into this Steven Slater story as his big break in blogging, and he’s very loyal. But as more comes out, the guy seems like maybe he’s a bit of a psycho.

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