Bristol & Levi Wedding Off — Again

By Adele

Can’t seem to shake my fascination with that redneck Alaskan douchebag, Levi Johnston. Let’s hope Bristol Palin has let him play her for a fool for the last time, but now he’s free to write the memoir promising to fling more dirt on her family — and he’ll probably add a chapter to have the last word on her.

As soon as their spread in US magazine announcing their re-engagement had safely hit the newsstands, Levi casually mentioned to Bristol that he might have fathered a child with a former girlfriend.

The girlfriend denied it, but I can understand Bristol being upset to learn that Levi STILL has unprotected sex and Tripp may yet have half-siblings.

If that weren’t bad enough, Bristol found out Levi lied about the reason for a trip he took to Hollywood. After semi-apologizing for trash-talking the Palin family, he turned right around and shot a music video mocking Bristol and Sarah.

So Bristol broke off the engagement, and let’s hope she means it this time. Tripp does not need Levi Johnston as a role model.

Bristol is said to be heartbroken, but she should be thrilled she dodged the bullet of becoming legally bound to that loser.

Levi is not in mourning. He’s busy trying to sell himself for a TV reality series.

Hey, he milked Bristol for a few magazine covers and maybe some make-up sex, spent a few minutes with the kid. It was all good, and now he’s moving on. No regrets.

I hope Bristol communicates with Levi in the future only through her lawyer. She can’t be trusted in the same room with him.

Now that Levi has dashed any hope of joining the Palin family, and Sarah is treating the mid-term elections like her personal puppet show, it will be interesting to see if Levi soon ratchets up his attacks to grab some of her limelight.


8 Responses to Bristol & Levi Wedding Off — Again

  1. Imabear says:

    Pregnancy. They know what causes that now. Too bad Levi and his girlfriends weren’t paying attention. He’s clearly out for what he can get – something like his not-mother-in-law Sarah. Perhaps they are more alike than they care to admit (sorry – it’s hard for me to work up sympathy for any of the players here other than the kids who are simply being exploited). But there is no point in the marriage which I’d say has a zero chance of success.

  2. catsworking says:

    Since Levi’s looking for a high-profile gig, he should hook up with the ASPCA and become their spay/neuter poster-boy — and then DO it.

    In the articles I read, Bristol said Levi was very matter-of-fact about cheating on her (OK, not technically cheating since “they were on a break”), and that “his people” thought she was Bridezilla. That was her thanks for standing up to a mama grizzly like Sarah Palin to defend that lowlife scumbag.

    In time, Bristol will realize that she was spared a doomed marriage. Now she has no choice but to move on because, after this, there’s NO WAY Sarah, or any other parent, would let Levi back into the family, kid or no kid.

    Maybe now she will forget the Playgirl centerfold type and meet a nice dumb guy with a dull 9-5 job and no ambition, who would consider himself lucky to have a cute, nice girlfriend and accept her kid like his own (and be willing to punch out the father’s lights if he ever shows up talking about visitation or custody), and they will get married and live happily ever after.

  3. Tuxi says:

    Wow! I must say, Adele, Bristol and Levi are like an ad for what is wrong with America and some right-wingnut thinking (Can you say ‘Abstinence’?). Geez, backstabbing, gossipping, 15-minutes-of-fame, unprotected sex, greed, man, it sounds just like those good-old GOP Christian Family Values we all know and love!

  4. catsworking says:

    Tuxi, Levi may think now that he was real slick to play Bristol for a sucker, but it’s going to blow up in his face. His stock as a ladies’ man just plunged to ZERO. He gets girls pregnant, doesn’t take responsibility, talks trash about their families for money and notoriety, then pretends he’s mended his ways when he thinks he can cash in on them (allegedly, they were paid $100K for that spread in US magazine).

    Not to mention he’s a high school dropout with no talent and no stable means of support. And his mother is a convicted drug pusher.

    If Kathy Griffin has a brain in her head, she’ll pretend she’s not home if he ever knocks on her door.

  5. Zappa says:

    Boofuckinghoo!!These two bottom feeders deserve each other.Bristol Palin will work her baby daddy done me wrong single teen mom vaudeville act for any magazine or news outlet that will cough up a few dollars on a slow news day.She is every bit the publicity whore that he(and mommy)is.

    Zappa’s mom

  6. catsworking says:

    Zappa’s mom, tell us how you REALLY feel! 😉

    I hear what you’re saying about Bristol, but she HAS taken a somewhat higher road than Levi. I think she finished high school. She’s been going around making speeches warning kids about the drawbacks of teen parenthood. Levi has been stripping for Playgirl and sleeping around without a care in the world. It wouldn’t surprise me if it was Levi’s idea to call US magazine. The pair was also trying to get a reality show, but nobody wanted them. Maybe TLC has finally realized they DO have enough trailer trash in their lineup.

    From what I’ve seen of Bristol, she’s the smart Palin in the family. That isn’t saying much, I know. But at least she isn’t afraid to stand up to her mother, which is more than you can say about the whole Republican party.

    Bristol’s been taking it in the chops ever since her mother threw her to the media feeding frenzy during the campaign. Now she’s let Levi make a fool of her AGAIN, after he sweet-talked her into giving him another chance so Tripp could have a “normal” family.

  7. Tuxi says:

    Ahh! I’m glad we cats don’t have to go thru this stuff! We procreate, Mom takes care of the kids and Daddy is off catting with the other ladies until she wants more kids. Oops! Maybe we invented this stuff! But in our defense, when have you seen a male cat in the pharmacy buying condoms? Lesson here? Spay The Women and Neuter Your Johns(t)on!

  8. catsworking says:

    You’ve got a point, Tuxi. Levi may have learned everything he knows about women from tomcats. Now, if someone could just get him into a carrier and take him to the vet’s…

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